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Who says Fugly.com doesn't give a C.R.A.P.™?

Hell yes we do. As a matter of fact, we give a C.R.A.P.™ every single week, and you don't have to do a damn thing to get it!

Every week, we'll be giving away Completely Random Amazing Prize™ to one lucky viewer who happens to click on the Completely Random Amazing Prize™ link of the day. How does this work, you ask? Here are some answers to some commonly asked C.R.A.P.™ questions:

Is this some kind of a joke?
NO!. And frankly we're offended that you would even ask that.

Where do these prizes come from?
We're glad you asked. We're pretty broke here at Fugly.com so we're doing what any other red-blooded American would do. We're stealing stuff from our very own Mother. We're specifically stealing stuff from Harlan and Martin's mother, Mrs Felcher.

How long will this go on?
We don't know. As long as we can do it, or until she runs out of stuff to steal. We'll than start auctioning off pieces of her anatomy. Kidneys, livers, eyeballs. You know.

So you're really giving away prizes every single week at Fugly.com?
Yes!. C.R.A.P.™ will be given away on Wednesdays. Saturday and Sunday we'll steal more C.R.A.P.™ from Harlan's mom's house.

So what are the rules?

Fugly.com C.R.A.P.™ Official Rules.

We'll replace one of our usual links with a link to a Completely Random Amazing Prize™ winner page. Absolutely ANY clickable part of Fugly.com is a potential link to the winner page.

If you click on the link, instead of your usual destination, you'll be taken to a Completely Random Amazing Prize™ winner confirmation page.

On that page will be the Completely Random Amazing Prize™ winning number of the day for that day's C.R.A.P.™

If you find yourself on the Completely Random Amazing Prize™ winner confirmation page, you must immediately contact us and send the confirmation number via email to claim your prize. The C.R.A.P.™ for that day will only be awarded to the sender of the first email we receive with the correct confirmation number for that day.

Winners of Fugly.com C.R.A.P.™ must agree that, upon receipt of their prize, they will supply Fugly.com with a photograph of themselves with the prize to be included in the Fugly.com C.R.A.P.™ Winners! section. (We'd really like this, but we can't hold you to it.)

It may be required that some winners of a Fugly.com Completely Random Amazing Prize™ sign a release form before we ship their prize to them, since we might be giving away some pretty dangerous C.R.A.P.™

Employees and affiliates of Fugly.com are not eligible for C.R.A.P.™

Click here for today's C.R.A.P.™

That's it! What are you waiting for? Click around Fugly.com and get your C.R.A.P™ today!
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