XDUSTY24: hey
MartinFelcher: Hey what
MartinFelcher: What.
MartinFelcher: WHAT!?
MartinFelcher: WHAT DO YOU WANT!?
XDUSTY24: nothing
MartinFelcher: Then why are you writing to me?
MartinFelcher: Why?
MartinFelcher: ANSWER ME!!
XDUSTY24: it just said martin@fugly.com under my mail contacts thing & said i could im martin@fugly.com & i wanted to see who that was
XDUSTY24: settle down
MartinFelcher: Are you under the impression that you're speaking to someone at Fugly.com?
XDUSTY24: i dont know
XDUSTY24: thats what it said though
MartinFelcher: That site sucks ass.
XDUSTY24: it said i could im that person so i tried it
MartinFelcher: I think that site is a big piece of crap.
XDUSTY24: that site kicks ass
MartinFelcher: That site should be taken off the fucking internet. It's disgusting.
MartinFelcher: How old are you?
XDUSTY24: i know
XDUSTY24: its great
XDUSTY24: im 18
MartinFelcher: It's NOT great. It's evil, meanspirited, racist, sexist filth.
MartinFelcher: Don't ever look at it again.
XDUSTY24: your not my mom
MartinFelcher: How do you know? I might be.
XDUSTY24: well i dont know maybe you are my dad though
XDUSTY24: but anyway dont tell me what to do
XDUSTY24: i dont know I just know
MartinFelcher: What, is she dead or something?
XDUSTY24: my mom stuffed me in a storm drain when i was a baby so maybe you are
MartinFelcher: Are you kidding?
XDUSTY24: no
MartinFelcher: What, was she a crack-whore or something?
XDUSTY24: i dont know
MartinFelcher: Your mom actually stuffed you in a storm drain?
MartinFelcher: Get the fuck outta here.
XDUSTY24: no one knows anything
XDUSTY24: she did
MartinFelcher: So who found you?
XDUSTY24: i dont want to talk about it
MartinFelcher: Well then why'd you bring it up?
MartinFelcher: Come on. Tell me.
XDUSTY24: no
XDUSTY24: fuck you
MartinFelcher: How old were you at the time.
XDUSTY24: i dont talk about it
MartinFelcher: 17?
XDUSTY24: no i was like a little baby
XDUSTY24: so shut the fuck up its not funny
MartinFelcher: What do you care? It's not like you remember it.
MartinFelcher: Yes it is. It's really funny.
XDUSTY24: you think thats funny
MartinFelcher: Yeah, Ido.
MartinFelcher: I wish I could have seen her do it.
XDUSTY24: & you think te shit on fugly is messed up
XDUSTY24: your sick
MartinFelcher: Yeah, tell me about it.
MartinFelcher: So who found you and pulled you out?
XDUSTY24: i think thats more fucked up than anything on fugly
XDUSTY24: fucl you dont fucking talk to me
MartinFelcher: No it isn't. That's weak compared to what's on Fugly.com.
MartinFelcher: Hey, you wrote to me first, asshole.
XDUSTY24: tell me why the hell the fugly shit is linked to you then
MartinFelcher: How the fuck am I supposed to know?
MartinFelcher: Are you some kind of a skinhead or something?
XDUSTY24: dude you have to be with them
MartinFelcher: No i'm not. Now tell me.
XDUSTY24: no
MartinFelcher: TELL ME GOD DAMMIT!!
MartinFelcher: When they pulled you out were you all covered with sewage and stuff?
XDUSTY24: no
XDUSTY24: fuck you don't talk to me
MartinFelcher: Did she have to squeeze you through that grate that they have over the top of the sewer or did she open it first?
MartinFelcher: Come on, man. Tell me.
XDUSTY24: your a fucking asshole
MartinFelcher: Do you get all pissed off when you walk by a sewer now?
MartinFelcher: Did you swallow any of the water?
MartinFelcher: Whaddit tase like?
MartinFelcher: Hello?
MartinFelcher: Are you there?
MartinFelcher: Can I put you on my Buddies list?
XDUSTY24: <<has logged out>>

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