Victim-X #9

evil_sarah: What's up big guy?

victimx-9: not much, and u?
evil_sarah:Not much. Just sitting here.
evil_sarah: What are you doing?
victimx-9: lol, i`m doing that too
evil_sarah: I bet you're not doing what I'm doing.
victimx-9: hehe, now depends what ur doing???
victimx-9: lol
evil_sarah: I'm sitting on the toilet.
victimx-9: nice smiling pic you have there
evil_sarah: Eating a bucket of fried chicken.
evil_sarah: Thanks.
victimx-9: with a computer on your lap?
evil_sarah: yeah. A lap top.
victimx-9: novell i suppose
evil_sarah: The keyboard is all greasy.
victimx-9: i`ll bet
victimx-9: so why you doing that?

evil_sarah: And there's gravy all over the screen.
evil_sarah: I don't know. I like chicken and I had to take a shit.
evil_sarah: So... one thing led to another.
victimx-9: ok
evil_sarah: You at work?
victimx-9: no, at home
evil_sarah: Me too.
evil_sarah: I work at home.
evil_sarah: I do this all the time.
evil_sarah: Yesterday I took a shit while I ate lunch too. It was nice so I decided to do it again.
victimx-9: right
evil_sarah: I had fajitas yesterday.
evil_sarah: ...and I burnt my thighs.
victimx-9: what do you do then?
evil_sarah: Have you ever seen those ads that say Work at home? Make $1000 a day?
victimx-9: yep
evil_sarah: That's what I do.
victimx-9: ok
evil_sarah: Except without the $1000.
evil_sarah: Hang on. I have to dump some of these bones...
victimx-9: k
evil_sarah: Allright. I'm back.
victimx-9: k
evil_sarah: Whooo. Man. I'm so full.
evil_sarah: This is great.
victimx-9: i`ll bet
evil_sarah: I'm just eating drumsticks so I can flush the bones.
victimx-9: you one crasy bitch
evil_sarah: Hey, do you want some advice?
victimx-9: ok
evil_sarah: Don't ever try to eat chinese food on the toilet.
evil_sarah: It's fucking impossible.
victimx-9: right, i`l l remember that
evil_sarah: GOD DAMMIT!
evil_sarah: Hang on.
evil_sarah: The toilet is backing up!
victimx-9: What happened?
evil_sarah: I have too many bones in there!
evil_sarah: Son of a BITCH!
evil_sarah: It's overflowing allover the motherfucking bathroom!
evil_sarah: Hold on!
evil_sarah: There's shit and chicken bones and toilet water
................and pieces of corn all over the place.
evil_sarah: You there?
victimx-9: nasty, best leave you to clean it up
evil_sarah: No! wait!

evil_sarah: It'll only take me a minute.
evil_sarah: Then we'll have cyber sex, ok?
victimx-9: oh well that`s a bit forward
victimx-9: who says i want cyber??
victimx-9: do you have a nother pic?

evil_sarah: Come on. I think we both know that you're attracted to me.
victimx-9: how do you get to that conclusion?
evil_sarah: Hang on a minute while I wipe my ass.
victimx-9:: k
evil_sarah: Ok. I'm back.
victimx-9: k
evil_sarah: Ok. you ready?
victimx-9: go for it then
evil_sarah: Ok, you start.
evil_sarah: I'm kind of shy.
victimx-9: no no, please after you
evil_sarah: Come on. Don't be such a wimp.
evil_sarah: Squeeze my tits.
victimx-9: well i don`t know you
victimx-9: how big r they?

evil_sarah: Wait. Maybe I better spray some air freshner in here.
evil_sarah: It kind of stinks.
victimx-9: might be a good idea
evil_sarah: My tits? They're enormous.
evil_sarah: One of them is a lot bigger than the other one though.
evil_sarah: Mostly because of the tumors.
evil_sarah: Hello?
victimx-9: will you change the subject please
evil_sarah: Come on. Don't be shy. Spank my ass and pull my hair.
victimx-9: what tumors?
evil_sarah: Oh, it's nothing. They stopped bleeding already.
evil_sarah: Hello? You there?
victimx-9: no
evil_sarah: What's the matter?
victimx-9: not interested
evil_sarah: Why not?
evil_sarah: You think you're better than me or something?
victimx-9: your a bit too crude for me
evil_sarah: I'm sorry. I can be nice if you want.
victimx-9: oh right
evil_sarah: Don't leave me hanging like this. I'm all juiced up and ready to go.
victimx-9: lucky you
victimx-9: send us a pic then

evil_sarah: You got your pants down yet?
evil_sarah: Us? How many of you are there.
evil_sarah: Ok. I'll send you a more recent one.
victimx-9: no
evil_sarah: You ready?
evil_sarah: Here it comes.
victimx-9: just me, and the wife
evil_sarah: You're married?!
victimx-9: yes
evil_sarah: You motherfucker.
victimx-9: why
evil_sarah: What the fuck do you think you're doing having cyber sex with me then?
victimx-9: i`m not
evil_sarah: Does your wife know that you try to fuck girls on the internet?
evil_sarah: You're a no good lousy cheater.
victimx-9: piss off
evil_sarah: Put your wife on the line.
victimx-9: i never did
evil_sarah: Let me talk to her.
victimx-9: yes
evil_sarah: Is this the wife?
victimx-9: yes
evil_sarah: What's your name honey? This is Sarah.
victimx-9: Pamela
evil_sarah: Hi Pamela.
victimx-9: hi Sarah
evil_sarah: Who would you say is the celebrity that you most resemble?
victimx-9: Pamela Anderson
evil_sarah: Yeah right.
evil_sarah: For real.
evil_sarah: Tel me.
victimx-9: not anyone really
victimx-9: and u?

evil_sarah: Your husband's profile says he likes BBWs so you must be a fatass like me.
evil_sarah: My picture is on line sweetheart. Go take a look at it.
evil_sarah: I'm fucking beautiful.
victimx-9: no, i`m not
victimx-9: i`m average

evil_sarah: How much do you weigh?
victimx-9: i have seen it
victimx-9: 9 st

evil_sarah: 9 st. What the hell is that?
evil_sarah: Pounds baby POUNDS!
victimx-9: 9 stone
evil_sarah: Give it to me in LBS!
victimx-9: don`t ask me in pounds
victimx-9: 14 pounds to stone i think

evil_sarah: Why not. What is that? 220? 230?
evil_sarah: 14 times 9 is only 126.
victimx-9: 126
evil_sarah: What are you? 3 feet tall?
victimx-9: 5 2
evil_sarah: Wow. How tall is that husband of yours?
victimx-9: how big r u?
victimx-9: 5 8

evil_sarah: Why? Are you scared of me?
evil_sarah: I'm 6'1"
evil_sarah: 230.
victimx-9: no
victimx-9: send us a full pic then?

evil_sarah: That's 16.5 stones missy.
evil_sarah: Ok.
evil_sarah: I will.
evil_sarah: You ready?
evil_sarah: Here it comes.
victimx-9: yep
victimx-9: sending you mine

evil_sarah: Ok.
evil_sarah: I can't wait.
victimx-9: sent it
evil_sarah: Yeah. here it comes.
victimx-9: k
victimx-9: got it yet?

evil_sarah: Not yet. Hang on.
evil_sarah: Ok. I got it.
evil_sarah: Wow. You're a dog.
victimx-9: well thanxs
evil_sarah: No. I'm just kidding.
evil_sarah: You got nice tits.
victimx-9: ok
evil_sarah: If I was a lezbo, i'd do you.
victimx-9: you bi
evil_sarah: Are you?
victimx-9: no, i`m not
evil_sarah: Yeah. Me either.

evil_sarah: Put your husband back on.
victimx-9: you got a pair of hooters on you as well
victimx-9: k
victimx-9: why?

evil_sarah: Yeah. Mine are all fucked up now with tumors and scabs.
victimx-9: why?
evil_sarah: I want to have some cyber sex with him. Go get him.
evil_sarah: You can watch.
victimx-9: i don`t think so
evil_sarah: Why not.
victimx-9: no need for that, he`s got me
evil_sarah: He got me all hormy earlier and then he told me he was married.
victimx-9: why would he do that?
evil_sarah: This isn't the first time either.
evil_sarah: He's a big tease.
victimx-9: i was here, and you started it
evil_sarah: He always does this to me.

evil_sarah: He tells me that if i want any of that Limey cock of his,
................ I have to put my ass on a plane and come and get it.
evil_sarah: Isn't that how he and you met?
victimx-9: no
evil_sarah: That's what he told me.
evil_sarah: He says you gave him crabs too.
victimx-9: you a real evil bitch aren`t you
evil_sarah: Oh. Wait. That wasn't you.
victimx-9: haha
evil_sarah: No I'm not.
victimx-9: bye bye
evil_sarah: No. Dont' go.
victimx-9: why?
evil_sarah: I want to talk to you some more.
evil_sarah: Send me some more pictures.
evil_sarah: Send me some nude ones.
victimx-9: sure, mister whatever your name is
evil_sarah: Mister?
victimx-9: go fuck yourself
evil_sarah: What?!
evil_sarah: Watch your mouth woman.
victimx-9: if you not bi why do you want nude ones
evil_sarah: Is this the husband again?
victimx-9: we r both here
evil_sarah: You look more like a man.
evil_sarah: I'll cover up the face with my thumb.
evil_sarah: Otherwise it won't work for me.
evil_sarah: Have you two ever been to the states?
victimx-9: no
evil_sarah: What part of England do you live in?
evil_sarah: Wouldn't you rather live in the USA?
evil_sarah: instead of that depressing, shit-bag country you live in?
evil_sarah: I bet you two have Mad Cow disease already.
evil_sarah: Hello?
evil_sarah: Are you there?
evil_sarah: ANSWER ME!!!
victimx-9: <<has logged out>>

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