Victim-X #8

mikewilliams27: Hi
victim-X-#8: hiya
mikewilliams27: My name is Mike.
victim-X-#8: lol really, mine is...
mikewilliams27: Your profile says that you want to be a doctor.
victim-X-#8: yep
mikewilliams27: have you taken any classes yet?
mikewilliams27: Like pre-med classes?
victim-X-#8: I took a basic Bio class but I haven't taken any pre med courses yet.
mikewilliams27: Oh. Well do you think you can help me?
mikewilliams27: I have a problem.
victim-X-#8: um, ok, I'll try...
victim-X-#8: but that doesn't mean I can.
mikewilliams27: It's not really medical but I might need a doctor.
victim-X-#8: um....ok...I'm not a doctor yet though.
mikewilliams27: I'm kind of embarassed to even tell anyone but I can't get to the phone.
victim-X-#8: um...ok.
mikewilliams27: Do you promise that you won't make fun of me?
victim-X-#8: yeah ok. remember I'm not a doctor yet...or even really close. to one.
mikewilliams27: Ok. I know.
mikewilliams27: Do you know anything about glue?
mikewilliams27: Did you take woodshop in High School?
victim-X-#8: yeah
mikewilliams27: Have you ever eaten Cheese Wiz?
victim-X-#8: um....sure.
mikewilliams27: Well... i really like Cheeze Wizz.
victim-X-#8: um...ok.
mikewilliams27: I mean, I REALLY like it.
mikewilliams27: I like it so much that sometimes...
mikewilliams27: I like to cover myself with it.
victim-X-#8: what?.
mikewilliams27: Please don't laugh!
victim-X-#8: why are you telling me this?
mikewilliams27: I'm getting to that.
victim-X-#8: um...ok.
mikewilliams27: Last night I covered my whole body with Cheeze and fell asleep in
....................... front of my computer.
mikewilliams27: Now I can't get up.
mikewilliams27: It dried and I'm stuck to this wooden kitchen chair.
mikewilliams27: Hello?
victim-X-#8: I think you're talking to the wrong person.
mikewilliams27: Yeah, but I can't get to the phone and nobody beleives me.
mikewilliams27: I don't even know who to call.
mikewilliams27: What do you think I shoud do?
victim-X-#8: cut down on cheese whizz?
mikewilliams27: Very funny.
mikewilliams27: I'm serious.
victim-X-#8: get to some water?
mikewilliams27: I can't. The kitchen is upstairs.
victim-X-#8: I don't know what to tell you then.
mikewilliams27: I peed all over myself and it didn't help.
mikewilliams27: I'm afraid if I call 911 and if they come and see me like this, they'll lock me up.
mikewilliams27: The Cheese is only the tip of the iceburg, really.
mikewilliams27: I'm totally naked and I have one of those red ball-gags in my mouth.
mikewilliams27: ...and the empty Cheeze Wiz jar is in my ass.
victim-X-#8: you're sick. leave me alone.
mikewilliams27: My head is glued to the back of the chair with cheese wiz.
mikewilliams27: I can't move it.
mikewilliams27: The only thing I can move is my arms.
mikewilliams27: You have to help me!
mikewilliams27: Hello!?
mikewilliams27: Are you still there?
mikewilliams27: HELP ME!!!

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