evil_sarah: Hi.
victimx-6: Hello
evil_sarah: You're pretty good looking.
victimx-6: thanks
evil_sarah: It says that your favorite quote is "Still looking"
evil_sarah: What are you looking for?
victimx-6:: a woman,,,,local,,,,sex,,,friendship
evil_sarah: Well i live in California.
victimx-6: yeah I know lol way to far for me to travel
evil_sarah: I could come there if you want.
victimx-6: do you have a place to stay here or something?
victimx-6: is that really your picture on your look pissed lol
evil_sarah: Pissed? What do you mean?
victimx-6: you just look mad
evil_sarah: Oh. I was smiling in that picture.
evil_sarah: You look like that famous guy.
victimx-6: lol ok,,,so what are you looking for?
evil_sarah: James Carville.
evil_sarah: You know who that is?
victimx-6: nope
evil_sarah: Nevermind then. What am I looking for?
victimx-6: yeah
evil_sarah: Someone who will love me for who I am.
victimx-6: and who are you?
evil_sarah: I am a horny yourng woman. I just want some COCK, ok?
victimx-6: well thats better,,,,so how do you want it?
evil_sarah: I want a man who's not afraid to show his feelings.
victimx-6: really?
evil_sarah: Yeah. Like the kind of guy who will pull my hair and call me a whore.
victimx-6: yeah, we arent as open about our feeling like you women are...
evil_sarah: So what about your wife? Does she know you're looking for other women on the internet?
victimx-6: well my wife doesnt lknow that I have the profile or pictures on here
victimx-6: so she wont be fucking you,,,just me and I'll call you a whore,,slut,,,cocksucking bitch
victimx-6: anything else you like....
evil_sarah: Doesn't she look at your computer?
victimx-6: no she doesnt
evil_sarah: What are you at work or something?
victimx-6: no I am at home
evil_sarah: Is she home too?
victimx-6: no she is gone camping with our youngest daughter
victimx-6: my oldest is here though so I cant fool around till after she has gone to sleep.
evil_sarah: So what are you wearing right now?
victimx-6: shorts,,,t-shirt,,,,u?
evil_sarah: I have on a pair of denimn overalls and work-boots.
victimx-6: do you have any more pictures of yourself?
evil_sarah: Doesn't your wife ever look at yahoo? What if she found your profile?
evil_sarah: I have some more here but not on my computer.
victimx-6: she doesnt use any computer,,doesnt like them
evil_sarah: I can describe myself to you though.
evil_sarah: i see.
victimx-6: ok describe yourself to me
evil_sarah: You describe yourself too ok?
victimx-6: ok
evil_sarah: You go first. How tall are you?
victimx-6: I am 5'10, 175lbs, brown hair, baby blue eyes and fit...
evil_sarah: Really? i'm 6'1, 180 lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes. And fit.
evil_sarah: You're a puny little shit aren't you?
evil_sarah: How much do you bench?
victimx-6: What?
evil_sarah: I bet I could kick your ass if i wanted to.
victimx-6: goodbye.
evil_sarah: I'm just kidding.
evil_sarah: Aww. Come on.
evil_sarah: Don't go.
evil_sarah: ANSWER ME GOD DAMNIT!!

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