pigfarmer_usa_1: Hi
victimx5: hi
pigfarmer_usa_1: How are you?
victimx5: doing well, and u?
pigfarmer_usa_1: I'm ok.
victimx5: where ya from, I be in AZ
pigfarmer_usa_1: I'm in Wyoming.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Berkes County.
victimx5: That's kewl
pigfarmer_usa_1: Wheres AZ?
victimx5: Arizona, Phoenix area
pigfarmer_usa_1: Oh. I thought you ment OZ. Like in that movie.
victimx5: noppers
pigfarmer_usa_1: So what do you do out thee in Arizonia?
victimx5: I am a systems admin/computer network specialist.
pigfarmer_usa_1: I tend to a herd of pigs. We got a farm out here.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Pigs mostly, but we got some cows too.
victimx5: that's kewl, I used to live in Iowa, lots of hogs there.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Cows are for milking, not for beef.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Iowas not too far from here, I don't think.
pigfarmer_usa_1: I aint never been out of Wyoming. Except I went to Kentucky once.
victimx5: about a 16 hr drive I think.
pigfarmer_usa_1: How far do you think Arizonea is of a drive?
victimx5: probably 12 hours, not sure.
pigfarmer_usa_1: they call you ***?
pigfarmer_usa_1: How come?
victimx5: It's my initials
pigfarmer_usa_1: you like guys I guess huh?
victimx5: yeppers, that would be right.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Want to hear what I do sometimes?
victimx5: what's that?
pigfarmer_usa_1: Sometimes when I'm out. Tendin to them pigs. I get a little crazy.
victimx5: okies.
pigfarmer_usa_1: I get myself a little one, so I don't get hurt and I get it going with him.
victimx5: okies
pigfarmer_usa_1: You ever done that before?
victimx5: noppers, can't say that I have.
pigfarmer_usa_1: You aint never fucked any pigs before? Not even in Iowa?
victimx5: noppers.
pigfarmer_usa_1: It's weird. They scream like crazy but I think they really like it.
victimx5: I guess I wouldn't know
pigfarmer_usa_1: What's the craziest thing you ever did before?
victimx5: I've led a sheltered life, can't say I have ever done anything crazy before.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Not even a litle bit?
victimx5: not lest you count being married 3 times.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Married to guys or to girls?
victimx5: women
pigfarmer_usa_1: I thought you were gay.
victimx5: I am, that's why it's so crazy.
pigfarmer_usa_1: You got kids?
victimx5: 5 boys
pigfarmer_usa_1: How old are they?
victimx5: 24 - 13 - 9 - 8 - 4
pigfarmer_usa_1: Are they good looking?
victimx5: Kids always look good to their fathers and mothers.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Are any of them gay to?
victimx5: Not that I am aware of.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Are any of them aware that their father is now a receptacle for another man's penis?
victimx5: you mean do they know I am gay. The oldest 2 do. And do you think that
sex is all there is to a relationship?
pigfarmer_usa_1: How did you break it to them?
victimx5: I just told them outright.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Have you ever kissed them on the mouth?
victimx5: I kiss them on the cheek, I feel that is more appropriate.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Which cheek? Butt cheek?
pigfarmer_usa_1: Have you ever sniffed their dirty underwear?
victimx5: Neither of those ?'s warrants a response.
pigfarmer_usa_1: I'm sorry.
pigfarmer_usa_1: I was just playin.
victimx5: okies
pigfarmer_usa_1: Do any of them live in Wyoming?
victimx5: nope
pigfarmer_usa_1: Shucks. I'd like to get it on with some of your kids.
pigfarmer_usa_1: I'd tell you how they were in the sack too. But only if you really wanted to know.
victimx5: only one of them is old enough, and he is straight and married.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Yeah, well that's what someone would have said about you too at 24.
pigfarmer_usa_1: I bet he's secretly a turd burgler just like you were.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Does he have any aversion to pork products?
victimx5: I was 23 when I got married the first time, and my first love was a male. I don't think he does.
pigfarmer_usa_1: So you got married to a man at age 23?
victimx5: no, my first love was at 13, I got married to a woman at 23
pigfarmer_usa_1: Who was your first love?
victimx5: a guy
pigfarmer_usa_1: Was it a priest?
victimx5: no, a boy my age.
pigfarmer_usa_1: What all did you guys do to each-other?
victimx5: basically the same things any boy and girl of that age would do, without much of the sex. It ..............was love for us, not lust.
pigfarmer_usa_1: I understand.
pigfarmer_usa_1: A lot of times, I get a good felling about one of my pigs.
pigfarmer_usa_1: I don't fuck them in their ass right away.
pigfarmer_usa_1: I like to wait until we've built a good relationship first.
pigfarmer_usa_1: You and me are a lot alike, you know that?
victimx5: I don't think so
pigfarmer_usa_1: Did you and this kid ever get it on?
victimx5: We explored each other in various ways. But mainly it was just hanging out together and ..............sharing our lives with each other.
pigfarmer_usa_1: What do you mean 'explored eachother' tell me.
victimx5: I am not much into the show and tell stuff.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Come on, tell me.
victimx5: sorry, no juicy details from me.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Be honest.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Did you ever see his dick?
victimx5: I won't elaborate on anything.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Maybe it was really a girl.
victimx5: :)
pigfarmer_usa_1: Maybe this whole gay thing is just a case of mistaken identity for you.
victimx5: I don't think so.
pigfarmer_usa_1: How much you want to bet your 13 year old is doing the same thing right now?
pigfarmer_usa_1: I bet he likes to go camping with his friends. Right?
victimx5: If he does, then that is up to him.
pigfarmer_usa_1: And I bet he just waits for his opportunity to get some gay stuff going on with them.
victimx5: That would be up to him also.
pigfarmer_usa_1: You think he's ever had it in the ass yet?
victimx5: I think that is up to him too, and not necessary for me to know.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Wouldn't you want to know if your 13 year old son was having
......................... gay sex with the neighborhood boys?
pigfarmer_usa_1: I bet my Mom and Dad wouldn't be happy if they knew about me and those pigs.
victimx5: by that age, children pretty much know what they want.
pigfarmer_usa_1: I'm wearing my Mom's garter belt and stockings under my overalls right now.
pigfarmer_usa_1: And I got my Mom's micro-mite vibrator up my butt while I'm writing to you.
pigfarmer_usa_1: You ever sneak a look at your kids while they're changing for bed?
victimx5: whatever trips your trigger.
victimx5: I must go now, I have to update a server at 5:30
pigfarmer_usa_1: You ever linger a little bit on their buttocks while you were changing their diapers?
victimx5: noppers, never thought about it.
pigfarmer_usa_1: You're no fun.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Want me to put you on my buddy list?
victimx5: sure...
pigfarmer_usa_1: Can I have your 24 year old son's phone number?
victimx5: lol, not unless he tells me he wants u to have it.
pigfarmer_usa_1: Ok.
pigfarmer_usa_1: See you later.
victimx5: okies bye
pigfarmer_usa_1: Fag.
victimx5: What?
pigfarmer_usa_1: Nothing. Bye
victimx5: bye

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