evil_sarah: So you like bbws?
VictimX4: Nope...I Luv BBW"S...;o)))

evil_sarah: You're sort of cute.
VictimX4: ThanXXX...;o)))
VictimX4: Am Truly Honored...
evil_sarah: You look like you really know how to handle a woman like me.
VictimX4: 24/7...........;o)))
evil_sarah: So what would you do to me if I was there right now?
VictimX4: cover you in cane syrup and start licking you from your toes up to your ears...
evil_sarah: Mmmmm. That sounds good. Then what?
VictimX4: rub you down with baby oil and make HOT SLIPPERY LOVE to You For Hours...
evil_sarah: I only have 5 toes.
evil_sarah: Is that a problem for you?
VictimX4: is ok with me...
evil_sarah: Ok.
evil_sarah: I lost one of my legs in Desert Storm.
evil_sarah: They didn't show any of it on CNN, but it was hell over there.
evil_sarah: I was really in the shit.
VictimX4: am a vet also...
evil_sarah: yeah. From what war?
VictimX4: Nam Era...
evil_sarah: Really?
evil_sarah: You kill a lot of gooks over there?
VictimX4: some...was in Armor...a Tanker...
evil_sarah: You kill any women and children?
VictimX4: not that I Know of...
evil_sarah: I did.
evil_sarah: I hit them with the flame thrower.
evil_sarah: They tried to tell me they were civilians but I knew better.
evil_sarah: So I torched them.
evil_sarah: One of them threw a grenade and blew off one of my legs.
VictimX4: was pretty lucky...came back "Almost" like I left...
evil_sarah: What do you mean "Almost"?
VictimX4: still think about tymes...there...but ok Physically...
evil_sarah: Yeah? Did you ever make a neclace out of ears?
VictimX4: you never really forget...
evil_sarah: I did.
VictimX4: no...tried very hard to keep my Sanity...
evil_sarah: I still have a finger neclace that I wear every day.
evil_sarah: It stunk for a while but now it's just like a bunch of beef jerky.
VictimX4: did not get to bring anything back...
evil_sarah: They didn't want to let me keep it on the transport back so I had to hide it in my ass.
evil_sarah: It hurt. The fingernails kept scratching me.
evil_sarah: Let's not talk about those times.
evil_sarah: You were just about to oil up my stump.
VictimX4: ok...
evil_sarah: Keep going. Tell me what you would do next.
VictimX4: completely lost the mode...sorry...
VictimX4: mood...
evil_sarah: Come on. Pretend I'm one of those Saigon whores.
VictimX4: mind kinda wonders off to those tymes...
VictimX4: they were not really all that hot...alll skin and bones...
VictimX4: not cuddly at all...
evil_sarah: Tell me I'm a slut and pull my hair.
VictimX4: I like to do that...;o)))
evil_sarah: What's up with that link on your profile? You have herpes?
VictimX4: thing I did get to bring back...
evil_sarah: I got it too from Kuwait.
evil_sarah: No big deal. I can deal with it.
VictimX4: me also...
evil_sarah: Does yours itch?
VictimX4: am pretty lucky...only a few tymes a yr...
evil_sarah: Sometimes i can't tell if it's the herpes or the vaginosis. But it itches like crazy.
evil_sarah: It smells horrible too. Like a burning tire.
evil_sarah: So come on. You were in the middle of oiling me up.
evil_sarah: Let's get it on.
VictimX4: Sorry ...maybe some other tyme...maybe???
evil_sarah: No. Come on. You got me all excited now.
evil_sarah: Don't you want to have cyber sex with me?
VictimX4: can not concentrate right now...
evil_sarah: Why not?
evil_sarah: You're not having flashbacks to the Nam are you?
VictimX4: not really flashbacks...just bad memeories
evil_sarah: Like what?
evil_sarah: You hearing voices?
evil_sarah: You got gooks in the peremiter?
VictimX4: you always hear their voices and see their faces...but worst yet is when the faces
VictimX4: you see is their Death Face...not when they were alive...
evil_sarah: Oh yeah. Now your're getting me hot. Keep going.
evil_sarah: I'm sucking on one of the fingers from my neclace right now. Hello?
VictimX4: have to hit the showers. Got to get up for work tomorrow.
evil_sarah: No don't go!
evil_sarah: I'm almost finished.
evil_sarah: I'm fingering my self with one of the bigger ones from my neclace.
VictimX4: don't have tyme
evil_sarah: This fuckign vaginosois. Makes it look like it's covered with cottage cheese.
VictimX4: sounds nice. Bye.
evil_sarah: You pussy!
evil_sarah: A real man would at least finish a woman off.
evil_sarah: You have no backbone.
VictimX4: But I love you! You are a bbw!!
evil_sarah: That's why you couldn't bring yourself to torch those women and kids In the Nam.
evil_sarah: I once burned a kid to death with a pack of matched
evil_sarah: because my flamethrower was out of gas.
VictimX4: Bye.
evil_sarah: I smuggled one guy's brains back in a mayonnaise jar.
evil_sarah: I put it on crackers and eat it at special occasions.
VictimX4: You're sick. Goodbye.
evil_sarah: Mostly on Holidays. I don't have much left.
evil_sarah: Are you still there?
evil_sarah: ANSWER ME!

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