mikewilliams: hey good lookin
VictimX_3: hi
mikewilliams: hi
mikewilliams: I'm Mike
VictimX_3: I'm C-----.
mikewilliams: youre one pretty lady
VictimX_3: thanks
mikewilliams: you like younger guys?
VictimX_3: no not really
mikewilliams: Why not?
VictimX_3: prefer them my age or just a few years younger, how old are you?
mikewilliams: I'm 27.
mikewilliams: I'll be 28 soon.
VictimX_3: well that's over 13 years difference
mikewilliams: uh huh.
mikewilliams: You like cats?
VictimX_3: yes
mikewilliams: Good. I have a few.
VictimX_3: how many?
mikewilliams: 23
VictimX_3: 23!!!!
mikewilliams: Well. 29 now.
mikewilliams: one had kittens
VictimX_3: how do you manage to take care of so many? 1 had kittens?
mikewilliams: Uh huh. 6 of them.
mikewilliams: That makes 29.
VictimX_3: oh geez! missed that final count
mikewilliams: Unless a couple of them die.
mikewilliams: I like to let em climb all over me.
VictimX_3: don't say that, but you should get them fixed
mikewilliams: i fix the boy ones.
VictimX_3: well that's only 1/2 the problem
mikewilliams: My Mom says i have to get rid of them soon.
mikewilliams: that's why i'm looking for a woman.
VictimX_3: you live at home with them all? you should start a shelter
mikewilliams: Yeah. You have your own place?
VictimX_3: where are you from?
mikewilliams: Baltimore.
mikewilliams: Where are you from?
VictimX_3: no where near where I am
VictimX_3: Boston
mikewilliams: I have a real bad rash.
mikewilliams: I think it's from the cats.
VictimX_3: might be
mikewilliams: They climb all over me and scratch me up. then i get these welts.
mikewilliams: Sometimes they don't go away.
mikewilliams: Why aint you saying anything?
VictimX_3: sorry
mikewilliams: You sure are pretty.
VictimX_3: and I'm a lot older than you too\
mikewilliams: Want me to come visit you in Boston?
VictimX_3: no
mikewilliams: Why not?
VictimX_3: I'm not interested
mikewilliams: Cause i'm so young?
VictimX_3: one reason
mikewilliams: What else?
VictimX_3: too far away
mikewilliams: Yeah, but I want to move out so i could move to boston too.
VictimX_3: no thanks
mikewilliams: Young guys are more virile than old guys.
mikewilliams: And their old balls.
VictimX_3: yeah, so I've heard but not as experienced; besides around 40 isn't that old
mikewilliams: You want to see my picture? You might like me more.
VictimX_3: I saw the one in your profile
mikewilliams: I look more older than that now.
mikewilliams: My Mom is 43.
VictimX_3: oh, geez
VictimX_3: that's how old I am actually
mikewilliams: She's really smart.
mikewilliams: Why do you say 40 then.
VictimX_3: cause I can get away with it
mikewilliams: Hey, when we're doing it, can i call you Mom?
VictimX_3: NO
mikewilliams: come on.
VictimX_3: on both counts!!!!!!!!!!!!
VictimX_3: I have to go now
mikewilliams: i can touch my nose with my toungue too.
mikewilliams: don't go.
VictimX_3: I'm at work and am done with my break
mikewilliams: want me to send you a picture of me touching my nose with my tongue?
VictimX_3: no thanks
mikewilliams: Where do you work?
VictimX_3: never mind
mikewilliams: you're so mean.
mikewilliams: Pretty girls are always mean to me.
VictimX_3: well you're being anyoying
VictimX_3: gotta go
mikewilliams: How so?
VictimX_3: bye
mikewilliams: want me to put yuon my buddy list?
mikewilliams: hello?
mikewilliams: are you still there?

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