VictimX27 -

DIVERSITY. If there's just one word that describes what we stand for here at Fugly it would have to be, "Diversity"

If there were two words, they would almost definitely be "Diversity" and "Fuck You"
No wait...

That would be three words so, if there absolutely had to be two, they would be "Diversity" and "Malt Liquor...". God dammit !...

Ok. Forget all that diversity crap. I don't even know what the hell I'm talking about. I was only trying to make a point that we make fun of everyone here. We don't limit it to just rednecks and fat girls. If you look around, you'll see us making fun of hipsters, Irish people, white-trash, midgets, identity-theft victims, people named Kelly, people with bad tattoos and most often times, ourselves. Nothing is sacred here, especially not this poor girl's pittiful little affliction.

Johnny Cheezedawg is are actually one of us here at Fugly.

The innocent victim in all of this is VictimX27

Here's what happened.

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*not really