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Started on Sat Sep 22 02:59:47 2001
VictimX 9/17/200 10:16 AM:
Would you like to be your own boss? start an internet store from the comfort of your own home, and become rich?
--2 days later--
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:04 AM:
Yes I would love to open my own on-line store!! I have products and everything!
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:07 AM:
I have a great Idea for a web business.
VictimX 9/22/200 2:12 AM:
lets here it
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:13 AM:
Hi. Well first, are you offering a shopping cart, CGI, and a virtual terminal to accept credit cards?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:15 AM:
My Idea is HUGE!! I will make a ton of cash. Im afraid if I tell you about it, you might steal it.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:16 AM:
You still there?
VictimX 9/22/200 2:17 AM:
no, im offering you a job so to speak. You will be given your own website after completeing a form that is used to get
information needed to send you your commissions checks. Your job will be to get as many other people signed up with their own website as i amgetting you signed with your own website.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:18 AM:
Ohhh I see... But we will make MUCH more money with my idea. Trust me, Tex... can I call you Tex? You can call me Dwaine.
VictimX 9/22/200 2:18 AM:
yes i am, we will all make huge amounts of money with the marketing strategy we're gonna use.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:19 AM:
I understand that, but Im talking MILLIONS here my man.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:20 AM:
You seem really cool, Tex, so I will let you in on it, but I want your word that you wont steal my idea... fair?
VictimX 9/22/200 2:20 AM:
tell me about it, but give me the bottom line. Dont bullshit me and make me figure out how the profit comes in.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:21 AM:
Okay, first we set up a website...
VictimX 9/22/200 2:21 AM:
how am i suppose to make money without useing your idea.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:21 AM:
Then we go to a local convince store... Im getting to that part Cowboy.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:21 AM:
We will be partners...
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:22 AM:
So we get a digi-cam, and we goto a local 7-11, ok?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:22 AM:
Then we hire some "day laborors" and we put turbans and robes and fake beards and shit like that on them... you follow me so far?
VictimX 9/22/200 2:24 AM:
you have already said to much. I can get you started in minutes. You will recieve checks monthly on your commission from SFI marketing. It wont cost you anything for the website. It is a free online website for you to promote.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:24 AM:
Hang on a second, cowboy. Then we teach them phrases like "Ali akbar!", "praisie alah", "Talabon Jihad" ect. etc...
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:24 AM:
You with me?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:24 AM:
Then we take their pictures, and put them on the net. People can then rent one of them for a small fee. We deliver that bastard to their house so they can beat the hell out of them!
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:24 AM:
Good idea, huh? What do you say?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:24 AM:
I mean the little fuckers don't have a green card, so do you think they'll call the police? Fuck no.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:25 AM:
Ok. You're down with this, right? You're my kinda guy! A real take charge kinda man who likes to slap Mexicans around while they're dressed like Afghanis.
VictimX 9/22/200 2:25 AM:
The internet is saturated with porno. Your gonna work to hard for your money, and spend to much money.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:26 AM:
Yeah I know... porn is great, but lets talk about slapping around Mexican illegals for a minute, ok?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:27 AM:
How much would you pay for your choice from a wide selection of "mock" Taliban worshipers, then have him delivered to your front door? What do you think, Not-so-pale Rider?
VictimX 9/22/200 2:27 AM:
no how about saudi arabian illegals, mexicans dont steal planes.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:28 AM:
Saudi's? Mexicans? They both look the same...
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:28 AM:
Besides, I already have a trunkload of Mexicans in my Buick. Make me an offer my man.
VictimX 9/22/200 2:28 AM:
i have nothing against mexicans
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:28 AM:
Me eaither, Cookie, but they can make us rich! Think of the profit potential here!
VictimX 9/22/200 2:28 AM:
im getting checks every month form SFI, if you would like to join our marketing powerline let me know. I have nothing against Mexicans or Afganistans, or people of other ethnic
diversities. But i do have someting against criminals, and countries that will not put their criminals behind bars.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:28 AM:
Hey, I agree. America should put illegal Mexicans behind bars. ...But for now, while they're all still hanging around the Quick-E-Mart, why shouldn't we make a few dollars? We have to strike while the iron is hot, Geronimo! What do you say?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:33 AM:
Hello? Are you still there?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:34 AM:
Hey, can I ask you a question?
VictimX 9/22/200 2:34 AM:
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:34 AM:
What is it like being a black man in a country music industry? I kind of feel your pain in a way... Im a musician too.
VictimX 9/22/200 2:34 AM:
Instead of fleeing to america, how bout makeing your country a better place to live.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:34 AM:
What? Yeah I gree, but please answer my question. I am a muscian too, and I am discriminated aganst.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:38 AM:
Hello? Tex?
VictimX 9/22/200 2:38 AM:
I go to work every day, and i make country music. I dont have a record deal, but who knows what could happen in the future. I not in control of my success, i only do what the lord will alow me to. He makes all the final decisions.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:38 AM:
Well I'm kinda like that too except I'm Jewish. I'm trying to start a Nazi rock band... Sort of like a "Skrewdriver" meets "Angry Aryans" kinda thing...
VictimX 9/22/200 2:38 AM:
music is a tough industry, your gonna be disliked until someone in a position to make you, decides they like you.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:39 AM:
Yeah the other Jews pretty much just spit on me. I have a younger brother who's retarded too. People are so mean. They kick him in the nuts and call him Mini-Hitler... he dosent understand it.
VictimX 9/22/200 2:40 AM:
Good luck it is very tough industry to be in, but if you make it, it can be very rewarding.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:40 AM:
Yeah I hope so... I gues I'll just keep working at the pre-school until I get the noteriaty that I deserve.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:42 AM:
Hey, have you ever had someone rub a hot tamale in your mouth for being a fucking wiseguy?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:42 AM:
I have... I didn't enjoy it very much, as you can imagine.
VictimX 9/22/200 2:42 AM:
Im sorry to here that. There are a lot of mean people in america. We as a people deserve what we get. However in the wake of thousands of death, im sure theyre are a few who are pure at heart and didnt deserve to die, maybe.
VictimX 9/22/200 2:43 AM:
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:43 AM:
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:43 AM:
Is english your first languge, Crazy Horse? ...or have you had a few colt 45's tonight? I've heard stories about you black cowboys and your malt liquor.
VictimX 9/22/200 2:44 AM:
i dont drink malt liquor, i drink miller lite.
VictimX 9/22/200 2:44 AM:
my suggestion to you is to get signed up for the six figure marketing that im doing. I can get you started in minutes.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:45 AM:
Six figures? I could have all the hot tamales and forty-O-Zees that I want with that.
VictimX 9/22/200 2:46 AM:
absolutely, if you work hard enough with your promotions. That is getting other people signed to their own SFI website.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:46 AM:
VictimX 9/22/200 2:47 AM:
why dont you let me walk you through the sign up process.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:47 AM:
Well, I already have a web page, Hoss. Would you like to see it?
VictimX 9/22/200 2:48 AM:
sure, but you need to get signed up for SFI marketing soon.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:49 AM:
Ok. We can do that tommrow when my brother Martin is awake. Here look at my page, its not very good, but its my first try at HTML
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:51 AM:
what do you think, my nigga?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:53 AM:
my niggas...
some nigga's that you don't want to try...
My niggas...
nigga's that will do or die...
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:53 AM:
you know.... DMX
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:53 AM:
You like that song?
VictimX 9/22/200 2:53 AM:
i cant see the pictures clear
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:53 AM:
So what do you think?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:54 AM:
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:54 AM:
You still there?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:57 AM:
Ok. So are you ready to get started with my idea?
VictimX 9/22/200 2:57 AM:
I don't think so.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:57 AM:
Ok, well I got some real ghetto-D shit to do there Tonto, so I have to get going.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:57 AM:
You know, drinkin forties, hanging out on the porch, and putting the phone bill in my babies momma's name.
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:57 AM:
True ghetto-d shit. Knowwhatimsayin?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:57 AM:
Kick them whities in the nuts, aiight my nigga?
Dwaine 9/22/200 2:57 AM:
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Dwaine 9/22/200 2:57 AM:
Alright. Peace out.

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