VictimX_24: Good morning
cheesedog: hi
VictimX_24: how r u my love.
cheesedog: quite nice. How are you?
VictimX_24: doing good,, just got home from work.
cheesedog: long night?
VictimX_24: kind of.
cheesedog: I got the house to myself
VictimX_24: cool can you pic me up at airport I am flying up right now.......
VictimX_24: :]

cheesedog: Actually I am very horny right now
VictimX_24: ok well lets chat some and then lets talk on phone ok?
cheesedog: On the phone? I'm at my sister's house though
VictimX_24: so ? I can call there...
cheesedog: ok
cheesedog: do you have the number?
VictimX_24: well? no???
cheesedog: let me give it to you
cheesedog: ***-***-****
VictimX_24: cool. so talk to me Loree..
cheesedog: sure! What would you like to talk about?
VictimX_24: about why you are so horny?
cheesedog: I woke up this morning and there was this movie on HBO.
cheesedog: It got me REAL hot!!!
VictimX_24: Really? which one?
cheesedog: Ghost Dad
VictimX_24: never heard of that?
cheesedog: with Bill Cosby.
VictimX_24: um ok?? and he got u hot?
cheesedog: Oh hell yeah.
cheesedog: He's got a big cock. In this one scene, you can catch a glimpse of it.
VictimX_24: whatever? I know you are kidding now huh?
cheesedog: Oh no I'm not.
cheesedog: He really does have a big one.
VictimX_24: ok and that phone no.. you gave me ,, is that for real?
cheesedog: Yes
cheesedog: Look.... I don't appreciate you calling me a liar.
cheesedog: You are just like all the rest.
cheesedog: Everytime I try to share something about myself, no one beleives me.
cheesedog: They just think I'm crazy.
VictimX_24: well I believe you.. ok
VictimX_24: hard to believe a goddess like you could even get horny

cheesedog: a goddess?
cheesedog: thank you *smooches*
cheesedog: I get horny all the time
VictimX_24: horny enough to be with me?
cheesedog: *blush*
cheesedog: Do you look like Bill Cosby?
VictimX_24: I do down stairs.
VictimX_24: I have pics.

cheesedog: You mean you have a big cock like him?
VictimX_24: yes.
cheesedog: OMG!!
cheesedog: Show me!!
VictimX_24: can you take some pics of yourself also?
cheesedog: My sister doesn't have her webcam working
cheesedog: But I do have one at my house
VictimX_24: well get it working please.
cheesedog: You don't understand. She broke it.
VictimX_24: oh ok.
cheesedog: Do you have a working cam?
VictimX_24: yes
cheesedog: Ooohh. Yes. Send me your pics.
VictimX_24: your ages?
cheesedog: huh?
cheesedog: You know how old I am.
VictimX_24: her?
cheesedog: You mean my sister?
cheesedog: She's not home
VictimX_24: yes
cheesedog: But she's 25
VictimX_24: why are you alone at her house?
cheesedog: She had to go to work.
cheesedog: I like it here better than home.
VictimX_24: ok hold on. it's on the way.
cheesedog: Oh goody!
cheesedog: This is gonna get me so excited.
VictimX_24: did you get it?
cheesedog: I'm checking now. PIC
cheesedog: Wow! You are so hooked up!!
VictimX_24: hopefully hooked up with u.
cheesedog: Put it in me now!
cheesedog: Will you put it in my ass?
cheesedog: I like that ALOT.
VictimX_24: of course..
cheesedog: Oh god yeah.
VictimX_24: where is your man?
cheesedog: Plunge it in me!
cheesedog: He lives far away
cheesedog: He'll never know anything about this.
VictimX_24: well if I fly up tommorow morning could you meet me at BWI?
cheesedog: How long will it take you to get here?
VictimX_24: well first flight tommorow I would be there at about 830 am.
cheesedog: you are in FL right?
VictimX_24: no georgia
cheesedog: Close enough. What part of GA?
VictimX_24: north ,,, dahlonega,georgia,,
cheesedog: near Augusta?
VictimX_24: no way north of there,,, hour north of atlanta...
cheesedog: on 87?
VictimX_24: no I live just off of ga 400,, but your probably thinking of 85
cheesedog: 85! thats right!
cheesedog: I drove to Atlanta last year.
VictimX_24: ok
cheesedog: Did you know that "The Dukes Of Hazzard" were from GA?
VictimX_24: no.
cheesedog: That was a good show.
cheesedog: That guy Roscoe P. Cotrane. He used to be HOT!
cheesedog: I used to have a crush on him when I was little.
cheesedog: Please don't tell anyone that though.
VictimX_24: I saw all of them in january,, at the atlanta nascar race.
cheesedog: You like Nascar too??
VictimX_24: well that is so cool
VictimX_24: no I don't like nascar

cheesedog: I know a guy that used to drive Shimmy Shank Morgan's car.
VictimX_24: ok
cheesedog: He got fired though
VictimX_24: oh.
cheesedog: He was really stupid.
VictimX_24: well must not have been really stupid to at least have an opportunity to drive the car.
cheesedog: You know who Shimmy Shank is?
VictimX_24: yeah
cheesedog: He's probably my favorite.
cheesedog: Some of the drivers are hot... but I think Roscoe would really turn me on more.
VictimX_24: so your really into older men?
cheesedog: How old do you mean?
VictimX_24: well he is old,, and when they were on,, I would say he resembled a 35 year old.
cheesedog: I mean. The oldest guy I've ever been with was 62
VictimX_24: what?
cheesedog: It was a one time thing
cheesedog: He was all wrinkly
cheesedog: His skin hung all over me
cheesedog: It was pretty gross
VictimX_24: are you serious? really?
cheesedog: He didn't have a firm dick like you do.
cheesedog: And it wasn't that big either.
VictimX_24: not sure how a guy couldn't get his cock hard with a girl as hot as you
cheesedog: It was hard.... it just didnt look like it.
VictimX_24: oh ok
cheesedog: It was all flappy and loose.
VictimX_24: well you did it
cheesedog: I know. Don't remind me.
cheesedog: I just needed the money really bad.
VictimX_24: whatever now? so if I call you will answer right?
cheesedog: Of course I will!
VictimX_24: ok well I am feeling a huge bluff here. but I will call
cheesedog: Talk to me while I finish downloading this program.
cheesedog: What's a bluff?
VictimX_24: another name for bullshit,, but I will call and if it is you that answered,, I will apologize to you of course.. I need u
cheesedog: Will you stroke yourself for me?
VictimX_24: it is kind of what cops do to lure someone
cheesedog: Cops can't keep you from calling someone.
cheesedog: Its a free country
VictimX_24: ok.
cheesedog: I want you to stroke yourself for me.
VictimX_24: and you can drive right?
cheesedog: Yes I can
cheesedog: I'm running my fingers over my ass right now thinking about you
cheesedog: I'm looking at your picture
cheesedog: GOD this is making me hot!
cheesedog: Do me a favor. Say, "GOOD NEWS LITTLE FAT BUDDY!"
cheesedog: ...just like Roscoe...mmmmmm
VictimX_24: uhhhhh ok
VictimX_24: good news little fat buddy *like Roscoe*

cheesedog: Say something else, sexy baby.
VictimX_24: I will on the phone I am logging off now,, you better answer.
cheesedog: let me download this first
VictimX_24: download what?
cheesedog: Flash
VictimX_24: what?
cheesedog: Its a program
cheesedog: It helps me to animate things.
VictimX_24: ok
cheesedog: God. This talk about FLASH is turning me off though.
cheesedog: I wanna hear something sexy
cheesedog: Hello?
cheesedog: Great.... I'm being ignored now.
cheesedog: ok fine. Dont talk to me then!
VictimX_24: ok
VictimX_24: sorry,, your last couple messages never came thru?

cheesedog: FUCKER! You build me up with pictures of your dick...then you ignore me?!!
VictimX_24: what?
VictimX_24: sorry:(

cheesedog: I thought you were ignoring me. Its ok
VictimX_24: ok well you done downloading yet?
cheesedog: Only got 2 megs left
VictimX_24: ok
cheesedog: Its times like this I wish I had DSL
VictimX_24: you have huge tits don't u?
cheesedog: average
cheesedog: 36C
VictimX_24: nice.
cheesedog: Yeah, they are very nice, but one of them has a lump in it.
cheesedog: Damn it to hell!!
cheesedog: Download crashed. Call me now.
VictimX_24: I'm calling you.. Please answer.

Click here to downlaod the phone call - Phone call...low-fi
Click here to download the phone call - Phone call...hi-fi

*3 minutes later...

VictimX_24: What the fuck was that!?!
cheesedog: What do you mean?
VictimX_24: Who is this?
cheesedog: It's me, silly.
VictimX_24: No I'm mean on the phone!
cheesedog: I don't know what you're talking about.
VictimX_24: I called that number you gave me and some DUDE tried to get me to have phone sex with him!!
cheesedog: Really?
VictimX_24: Wanted me to talk like Bill cosby and shit
cheesedog: Well...did you do it?
VictimX_24: this shit isn't funny Loree!
cheesedog: I told you, Loree isn't home. This is her brother, Bill.
VictimX_24: Who the fuck is this? Bill who.
cheesedog: I'll give you a clue.
cheesedog: "You'll have some fun now...?"
cheesedog: "...with me and all the gang?.."
cheesedog: Come on. You know the words.
cheesedog: "learnin' from eachother... while we do our thannng."
cheesedog: "Shaa nahh nahh gonna have a good time.. HEY HEY HEY!"
VictimX_24: FUCK YOU!
VictimX_24: You faggot piece of dogshit!

cheesedog: You still wanna call me?
cheesedog: I'm still horny.
cheesedog: Call me "Little Fat Buddy" again, big guy.
VictimX_24: I'm deleting you
cheesedog: Ok. But can we cyber first?
VictimX_24: Fuck off
cheesedog: I just wanna be held
cheesedog: Please don't leave me
VictimX_24: <User ----------- is not available>

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