cheezedog: Hey, do you know about computers and stuff.
Victimx_23: Yes i do
Victimx_23: why?
cheezedog: I got this problem with mine and I need help.
Victimx_23: whats it doing?
cheezedog: It keeps typing nasty messages at all different times.
Victimx_23: LOL
cheezedog: This isn't funny. It happens every fucking time I try to do something
Victimx_23: I'm sorry
cheezedog: Go fuck yourself.
Victimx_23: HEY!
cheezedog: It wasn't me!
cheezedog: Its this damn computer!
Victimx_23: good lord
Victimx_23: hmmmmmm
cheezedog: It does this every few minutes.
Victimx_23: sounds like you have a virus
Victimx_23: have you ran a scan check yet?
cheezedog: No you fucking rump-bandit.
Victimx_23: QUIT IT!
cheezedog: Its not me! It's the computer!
cheezedog: Stupid shitstick.
Victimx_23: Computers don't do this
Victimx_23: you have to hit the enter key to send
cheezedog: I am hitting the enter key! It won't let me erase it!
cheezedog: Its like it's frozen. please help me
Victimx_23: Run a virus scan
cheezedog: Idid that already
Victimx_23: are you DAT files updated?
Victimx_23: Cheeze?
cheezedog: Screw you fuckwad.
Victimx_23: Listen, I'm getting tired of this shit
cheezedog: What are DAT files, shitlip?
cheezedog: Sorry, it keeps doing it.
Victimx_23: What kind of virus scan do you have?
cheezedog: McAfee...
cheezedog: ...You ass-licking, ape-face son of a bitch
Victimx_23: FOR FUCK SAKE!
cheezedog: Calm down!
Victimx_23: I'm gettin pissed here
cheezedog: Imagine how I feel! I've had to put up with this all day!
Victimx_23: I'm losing my patience fast.
Victimx_23: Go to and update your DAT files
Victimx_23: Then run on online scan.
Victimx_23: Tell me if you find a virus.
cheezedog: What do I do if I find one?
Victimx_23: Message me when you get done with that.
cheezedog: I'm downloading them now. DAT files right?
Victimx_23: Yes.
Victimx_23: For whatever scan program and version you are using.
cheezedog: Pussy.
cheezedog: My bad.
cheezedog: Ok I got them downloaded.
Victimx_23: Now run the scan.
cheezedog: I fucked your mom.
Victimx_23: LOOK! I'm about to get hostile in a second!
Victimx_23: I've had enough of this shit already!
cheezedog: Please don't be mad at me.
cheezedog: Dickhead.
Victimx_23: Let me find someone else to help you
cheezedog: PLEASE DON'T LEAVE! I really need your help!
Victimx_23: I'm getting tired of being called a shithead.
cheezedog: Not shithead, DICKHEAD! Get it right you cockhole!
Victimx_23: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS????
Victimx_23: Do you come online and just fuck with people?
Victimx_23: I know it's not your computer.
cheezedog: Yes it is, assnugget.
Victimx_23: FUCK YOU!
cheezedog: FUCK YOU TOO!
cheezedog: Gosh I'm so sorry.
Victimx_23: PISS OFF!
cheezedog: OMG!
cheezedog: ?ou think this is still me?!?
cheezedog: Its not my fault!
cheezedog: Please help me.
cheezedog: Fart eater.
cheezedog: That wasn't me either
Victimx_23: <User Has Logged Out>

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