Cheesedog: Well hello there
VictimX_21: Hey
VictimX_21: : _
VictimX_21: oops
VictimX_21: : }
Cheesedog: You're a drama major huh?
VictimX_21: Yep. I like acting and the theater.
Cheesedog: Me too. I act like a jackass all the time.
VictimX_21: lol
VictimX_21: what are you doing??
Cheesedog: Nothing.... just sittin around
Cheesedog: Are you alone?
VictimX_21: yes
Cheesedog: hehehe
Cheesedog: cool
VictimX_21: why you got a plan??
Cheesedog: well, I didn't have one but I could make one.
VictimX_21: Hummmmmm
Cheesedog: Do YOU have a plan?
VictimX_21: nope
VictimX_21: but im sure I could come up with one
Cheesedog: Whatta you say we make one?
VictimX_21: we can do that
Cheesedog: What did you have in mind?
VictimX_21: hummmmm
Cheesedog: A hummer?
VictimX_21: lol no silly
VictimX_21: don't mind me
VictimX_21: where are you from if i may ask
Cheesedog: I'm from Maryland
VictimX_21: same here
VictimX_21: im in southern illinois
Cheesedog: No way!
Cheesedog: what part?
VictimX_21: near Carbondale
VictimX_21: why??
Cheesedog: I am near Salisbury, MD.
VictimX_21: where is that
Cheesedog: It's on the Eastern Shore, near the Ocean.
VictimX_21: ok
Cheesedog: You're into acting right?
VictimX_21: Mmmmm hmmmm
Cheesedog: Do you want to practice with me?
VictimX_21: Sure
VictimX_21: ever hear of a town called jonesboro illinois?
Cheesedog: No, I sure havent
Cheesedog: Is it anything like Mayberry?
VictimX_21: lmfaooooooooo
Cheesedog: I can do a mean Barney Fife
Cheesedog: check this out
Cheesedog: "Hey Andy.... I'm gonna run up to Mt. Pilot and get me some Dillsnitch!"
VictimX_21: LOL
VictimX_21: your cute
Cheesedog: Thank you.
Cheesedog: and Andy says "Now Barney.... you know Aunt Bee is gonna have yer hide!"
VictimX_21: yvvw hun
Cheesedog: Wanna have some fun?
VictimX_21: sure
Cheesedog: Ok. I'll dress up like Barney.
Cheesedog: And we'll make our own Andy Griffith Show
Cheesedog: It would be good practice for you.
VictimX_21: lol ok
Cheesedog: ok here we go
Cheesedog: Ok, I'll be Barney Fife and you can be my girlfriend, Thelma Lou.
VictimX_21: ok lmao.
Cheesedog: **Walks up the wodden stars to you rporch and knocks on the front door**
Cheesedog: Knock Knock Knock!
VictimX_21: Wh's there?
Cheesedog: "Well, it's me, Thelma Lou. Are you ready to go to the dance?"
VictimX_21: lol this is too strange
Cheesedog: "Huh? What do you mean, darlin?"
Cheesedog: Are you gonna open the door?
VictimX_21: Ok. Sorry.
VictimX_21: One second Barney.
Cheesedog: **paces back and forth on the porch**
Cheesedog: **whistles to himself**
VictimX_21: **opens the front door**
Cheesedog: "Well, gollee, Thelma Lou. Don't you look pritty."
VictimX_21: Thank you Barney.
Cheesedog: Aww, shucks. You're welcome.
Cheesedog: "We got a little while before the dance. Why don't we have a seat on the porch swing?"
VictimX_21: Ok.
Cheesedog: **we both sit on the porch swing**
Cheesedog: Offer me some lemonade, whore.
VictimX_21: EXCUSE ME?
Cheesedog: Oops. I meant, "Hey Thelma, I could sure go for some Lemonade."
VictimX_21: You called me a whore asshole
Cheesedog: "Aww, shucks Thelma. I'm sorry."
VictimX_21: I dont want to play this anymore. Quit calling me Thelma.
Cheesedog: I didn't mean to type that. I hit the wrong key.
Cheesedog: I'm sorry.
Cheesedog: Hello?
VictimX_21: ok
Cheesedog: Ok. I'm sorry.
Cheesedog: Are you ready to start again?
VictimX_21: yeah ok
Cheesedog: Alright, here we go.
Cheesedog: "Aww, nevermind about that lemonade Thelma. We don't have much time."
VictimX_21: Ok Barney. Don't act like a jackass.
Cheesedog: "Yaaawwwnn. Boy, this fresh air sure makes me tired."
Cheesedog: **I stretch real big and put my arm around your sholder.**
VictimX_21: **I look at you suspiciously**
Cheesedog: "Thelma, you're so pretty. Can I have a kiss?"
VictimX_21: Lol. ok barney.
VictimX_21: but just one. we're not married yet.
Cheesedog: **blushes**
VictimX_21: *closes her eyes and puckers up waiting for a kiss
Cheesedog: **Leans over to kiss you**
VictimX_21: *turns her head so that you only get a kiss on the cheek
Cheesedog: What the hell?
VictimX_21: LMFAO!! Hahaha
Cheesedog: "Listen Thelma. I'm getting a little tired of your games"
Cheesedog: "Just because I'm not a tough guy like Andy doesn't mean I'm not a man."
Cheesedog: "A man with NEEDS"
VictimX_21: what?
Cheesedog: **Grips the back of your head and forces your face into my lap**
Cheesedog: "Suck it bitch!"
VictimX_21: thats it bye.
Cheesedog: **Slaps you in the face**
Cheesedog: You're not going anywhere, you cock tease!
Cheesedog: I'm tired of you prancin' around, gettin' me all juiced up all the time, Thelma!
VictimX_21: I'm not playing anymore you're an asshole.
Cheesedog: SHUT UP!
Cheesedog: **Rips your dress down, exposing one of your breasts**
Cheesedog: **Stands up real fast!**
Cheesedog: **Trying to get gun belt off**
Cheesedog: **Fumbles with gun trying to get it off the holster**
Cheesedog: **Gun falls on the ground and goes off**
Cheesedog: **Bullet goes through your head**

VictimX_21: What in the hell is the matter with you?
Cheesedog: "NOW I'VE DONE IT!"
Cheesedog: Don't talk.
Cheesedog: Your dead.
Cheesedog: **Well, since nobody's here, I might as well get some of...**
Cheesedog: **of Thelma's dead pussy**
Cheesedog: mmmgGMMPMMPHHHHhhhhh
Cheesedog: **Tastes like formaldahide already...**
Cheesedog: **Tugs at zipper trying to get pants off**
Cheesedog: Shhhh! SHUT the fuck UP!
Cheesedog: Your still dead, ok?
VictimX_21: You're a fucking sicko!
Cheesedog: **Whips out a huge black dildo**
Cheesedog: **Fumbles with dildo trying to rub lubrication on it...**
Cheesedog: **Dildo falls on the porch**
Cheesedog: **Cornchips and lint are stuck all over it**
Cheesedog: **puts it inside you**
Cheesedog: What's the matter? Does it hurt?
Cheesedog: Well maybe if you'd sweep off your fucking porch once in a while..
Cheesedog: wouldn't be getting scratched with fucking corchips right now, you filthy whore!
Cheesedog: **Takes out the dildo and moves it to your mouth**
Cheesedog: **Cracks a few teeth trying to get the dildo to go in smoothly**
VictimX_21: Leave me alone you fucking pyscho!
Cheesedog: **Then you wake up!**
Cheesedog: It didn't kill you afterall
Cheesedog: I just winged you. And took off an ear.
Cheesedog: Ok. Now you take over.
VictimX_21: Fuck you
Cheesedog: Awww. Come on.
Cheesedog: Let's get the strap-on out of my squad car.
Cheesedog: And you can punish my ass for chipping your teeth.
Cheesedog: Are you there?
Cheesedog: Thelma?
Cheesedog: Hello?
Cheesedog: You're not going to tall Andy about this, are you?
VictimX_21: <User not found>

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