VictimX_19: Hello
cheesedog: Hi.
VictimX_19: Do you feel like chatting with a 25 year old girl?
cheesedog: Sure! Where is she?
VictimX_19: me silly
cheesedog: are you sure you want to talk to me?
VictimX_19: why not
cheesedog: kool. what did you want to talk about?
VictimX_19: anything
cheesedog: can we talk about naked people?
VictimX_19: lol if thats what you want
cheesedog: Awesome!
cheesedog: Do you like being naked?
VictimX_19: of course
cheesedog: Are you naked now?
VictimX_19: no
cheesedog: Will you get naked?
VictimX_19: if you're nice
cheesedog: I'm nice
VictimX_19: Do you have a picture?
cheesedog: I do have one somewhere.
cheesedog: But I lost it.
VictimX_19: Then tell me what you look like.
cheesedog: I'm skinny. I got brown hair. And brown eyes
cheesedog: What do you look like?
VictimX_19: How tall are you?
VictimX_19: I'm kinda short. I'm just over four feet tall.
cheesedog: I'm short too still.
cheesedog: I'm over four feet tall too.
VictimX_19: I kind of chunky but have beautiful long blonde hair and blue eyes.
cheesedog: Wow. You sound pretty.
VictimX_19: Would you like to see a picture of me?
cheesedog: Sure.
VictimX_19: Here it is. *PIC*
cheesedog: I can see your boobies!
VictimX_19: I know you can silly. lol
cheesedog: I love your picture!
VictimX_19: I'm glad you approve.
cheesedog: Do you have any more?
VictimX_19: Sorry hun. Thats all I have for you now.
cheesedog: Awww man.
VictimX_19: If you're good maybe I'll send you some more.
cheesedog: I'll be good for you!
VictimX_19: Will you suck on my tits for me?
cheesedog: Tee Hee
cheesedog: That's dirty.
VictimX_19: Well?
cheesedog: You're funny.
cheesedog: Okay I will.
VictimX_19: Well suck them Cheezy!
cheesedog: Where do you live?
VictimX_19: Are you gonna ask questions or suck my tits?
cheesedog: I jut want to know where you live.
VictimX_19: Houston, TX.
cheesedog: That's weird!
cheesedog: My dad used to live there!
VictimX_19: Oh cool what part?
cheesedog: Let me ask him. He's in the other room.
VictimX_19: You live at home?
cheesedog: Uh huh.
cheesedog: I'm asking my dad to come here so you can give him directions.
VictimX_19: Directions?
cheesedog: To your house.
cheesedog: So he can drive me there.
VictimX_19: What the hell ?
VictimX_19: Are you still there baby?
VictimX_19: what are you doing?
cheesedog: Hello?
cheesedog: Who is this?
cheesedog: What the hell do you think you're doing?
cheesedog: asking my 10 year old son to suck your tits?
VictimX_19: OMG
cheesedog: Well?
cheesedog: Do you get off molesting little boys?
cheesedog: ANSWER me.
VictimX_19: I didn't know he was 10. I'm sooo sorry.
cheesedog: You sent him a nude picture?
cheesedog: Are you fucking sick?
VictimX_19: Listen Mr. I didn't know he was 10.
VictimX_19: The Profile said he was 26!
cheesedog: This is MY account. NOT his.
cheesedog: He was supposed to be researching his social studies project in here!
VictimX_19: I'm sorry. I'll leave now.
cheesedog: No!
cheesedog: Wait a second.
cheesedog: now that I look at you...
cheesedog: This picture looks kinda nice.
cheesedog: I'll make a deal with you.
VictimX_19: huh?
cheesedog: I won't report you to the police if you have cyber sex with me.
cheesedog: Do we have a deal?
VictimX_19: Are you fucking crazy?
cheesedog: I can still let my son join in.
cheesedog: If thats what you're into.
cheesedog: He's gotta learn about sex somewhere.
cheesedog: Come on. It will be fun.
cheesedog: His name is Billy.
cheesedog: Do you still want him to suck your tits?
VictimX_19: No. go away you sick fuck
cheesedog: I'll just sit over here in this chair and take Polaroid pictures of the two of you.
cheesedog: With this blanket on my lap.
cheesedog: Mmmm. Yeah.
VictimX_19: Fuck off you sick freak.
cheesedog: Here, I'll turn out the light...
cheesedog: all you can see is the glow from my cigarette.
cheesedog: and the ocassional flash from my camera.
cheesedog: Come on. Tell me how you want my son to suck your tits again.
cheesedog: Hello?
cheesedog: Are you there?
cheesedog: Why won't you answer me?

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