cheesedog: Hey there ma black soul sista
VictimX_18: Hey dawg
VictimX_18: you wanna chat a lil
cheesedog: Ain't no skin off ma back jellyroll
VictimX_18: hey now i aint fat
cheesedog: I din say that
VictimX_18: you called me jellyroll
cheesedog: cause you sweet and soft
VictimX_18: You come to AA chat often?
cheesedog: aa?
VictimX_18: African American
cheesedog: Yeah baby. I gots ta be wit ma peoples
VictimX_18: where do you live?
cheesedog: In da projects babe
cheesedog: imma jive soul bro knowutimsayin?
VictimX_18: no
VictimX_18: i mean what city and state
cheesedog: Ohhhh right ma nubian princess
cheesedog: I live in Salisbury, MD
VictimX_18: I'm in CA
cheesedog: Whats a sista like you doin in a cracker ass place like CA
VictimX_18: it aint so bad
cheesedog: It's fulla white boyz
cheesedog: I aint down with dat shit
VictimX_18: I'm not in Beverly Hills. I'm in LA
cheesedog: What do you do out there?
VictimX_18: I'm a hairstylist
cheesedog: dats what i mean
VictimX_18: ??
cheesedog: Just another case of the man trying to keep a sista down
VictimX_18: I like my job
cheesedog: Fuck dat. We need more Black Doctors and Lawyers
cheesedog: Not another hairdresser
VictimX_18: I dont have that kinda money
VictimX_18: What do you do?
cheesedog: I pick turnips
VictimX_18: and you critizing me on my job
cheesedog: Its the man holding me back
cheesedog: Neva givin a brotha a break
VictimX_18: You can do whatever you want to do
cheesedog: I dun live in LA
cheesedog: My boy Ice Pick used to live out there
VictimX_18: you mean Ice Cube?
cheesedog: Whateva his name is
cheesedog: dats ma nigga there
VictimX_18: HEY
VictimX_18: Dont say that
cheesedog: say what?
VictimX_18: Nigger
cheesedog: I didn't say nigger
cheesedog: I said nigga
VictimX_18: thats why we cant get nowhere today
VictimX_18: you keep using that kinda talk
cheesedog: Kill the white man
VictimX_18: dun say that
cheesedog: BLACK POWER
VictimX_18: Are you a militant?
cheesedog: Yeah ma black african queen
cheesedog: Kill Whitey!!!!
VictimX_18: Do you have a picture of yourself?
cheesedog: For you baby... of course
VictimX_18: thank you
cheesedog: Here ya go. *PIC*
cheesedog: I be the one on da right my lucious chocolate queen
VictimX_18: Is this a joke?
cheesedog: no
VictimX_18: You're a white guy!
cheesedog: No. Imma black soul brother.
VictimX_18: The picture you sent me was of a skinny white man
cheesedog: Ma mom always told me its not the color of your skin on the outside that counts.
cheesedog: It's what color you are on the inside
VictimX_18: You whiter than Casper!
cheesedog: its all skin slappin on the downside you dig?
VictimX_18: What?
cheesedog: I gotz da skillz ta do what dat jive turkey needs rubbin babycakes
VictimX_18: What the hell are you talking about?
cheesedog: I'm gettin Jiggy wit it you dig soul sista?
VictimX_18: I dun understand a damn thing you just said
cheesedog: But you is a knee-grow isn't you?
VictimX_18: HEY!!!
cheesedog: I be eatin some bomb ass watermellins right nowzz beeothch
cheesedog: You want some
cheesedog: I know you does
cheesedog: Let me take you to dinner.
cheesedog: You ma Nubian Princess.
cheesedog: Ma Brown shuga
cheesedog: We can go to KFC
cheesedog: oh mabe we can go to da Popeyes
cheesedog: you dig?
cheesedog: You there?
cheesedog: Answer me sista souljahh.
VictimX_18: <User Has Logged Out>

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