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Jumper : "Aren't you gonna try to grab me?"
Harry : "A friend of mine was up about 20 floors with a jumper a few years ago, and the jumper grabbed him, they went off, 20 floors down, just mashed 'em all over the pavement. Couldn't tell which legs were with which, which arms were with which, and it was a terrible mess. I'll tell ya I almost threw up myself. I'd just like your name and address that's all."
Jumper : "Why?"
Harry : "Well like I said, it's such a mess down there afterwards and it makes identification impossible. Even if they find your drivers license, all that blood and everything..."
Jumper : "I think...I think I'm gonna puke!"
Harry : "Ah - now don't do that son. I mean all those people down there looking up. Firechief looking up - his face (laughs)."