Victim-X #14

VictimX14: Hi
VictimX14: I figured I would PM you so we could talk in private.
Evil_Sarah: Who are you?
VictimX14: I'm in the chat area with you right now too.
Evil_Sarah: Support/Recovery?
VictimX14: Yes.
VictimX14: I'm sending you a private message so we can talk in private.
Evil_Sarah: Oh. I see.
Evil_Sarah: I didn't know that you could do that.
VictimX14: I know how badly you must feel
VictimX14: but trust me, suicide is not the answer.
Evil_Sarah: How can you possibly know how I feel?
VictimX14: I am also a survivor of rape, Sarah.
VictimX14: I feel the pain of that memory every day of my life.
VictimX14: Are you in counseling right now?
Evil_Sarah: No.
VictimX14: Well the first thing you need to do is to enter counceling.
Evil_Sarah: Really?
VictimX14: Yes
Evil_Sarah: Do you think that will help?
VictimX14: Absolutely. You can not go through this alone.
Evil_Sarah: I know.
Evil_Sarah: That's why I'm here trying to talk to others about it.
VictimX14: I'm here for you.
Evil_Sarah: You're so sweet. Thank you for talking to me.
Evil_Sarah: Ever since it happened, nothing has been the same.
Evil_Sarah: I'm all grown up now and I always feel empty inside.
Evil_Sarah: Like there's just something missing.
Evil_Sarah: It has been the same since that day.
VictimX14: It never really leaves you.
Evil_Sarah: It's like that day changed me forever. You know?
VictimX14: I know.
VictimX14: It did.
Evil_Sarah: Yeah. I don't think It will ever feel the same again. No matter how hard I try
VictimX14: It has taken me years to try to put that awful memory behind me.
Evil_Sarah: Sometimes I feel like I'll never have those feelings again.
VictimX14: Well you just have to move ahead and try to help others.
VictimX14: That is what I have found to be the most therepudic
Evil_Sarah: Have you been able to help anyone?
VictimX14: I hope so.
Evil_Sarah: How is that possible?
VictimX14: Am I helping you? I just try to be there for support.
Evil_Sarah: Support?
Evil_Sarah: Wait a second. You don't understand.
Evil_Sarah: This was my father that did this to me.
VictimX14: I know. You told me that.
VictimX14: It's going to be ok.
Evil_Sarah: No. It's not going to be OK.
Evil_Sarah: I was 12 years old. Do you understand?
VictimX14: I do. I was 23 at the time of the rape.
Evil_Sarah: No. Listen to me.
Evil_Sarah: I was 12.
Evil_Sarah: I had just reached puberty and my body was still developing.
Evil_Sarah: I was still a little girl!
Evil_Sarah: And he was a grown man!
VictimX14: I'm so sorry honey.
Evil_Sarah: Don't be sorry.
VictimX14: Sarah. Try not to get too upset
Evil_Sarah: I'm not upset, and I don't' think you understand my problem.
Evil_Sarah: And I don't think that there's any way you can help me either.
VictimX14: What do you mean?
Evil_Sarah: Do you have any idea how huge a grown man's penis looks to a 12 year old girl?
Evil_Sarah: When I was 12, I probably weighed 60 pounds at the most.
Evil_Sarah: Now that I'm an adult, I weigh 240.
VictimX14: I don't understand
VictimX14: Do you think your weight is a result of the incest?
Evil_Sarah: No. I lift weights.
Evil_Sarah: Look. If my dad's penis was let's say 6 inches long…
Evil_Sarah: I'm 4 times the size I was back then.
Evil_Sarah: In order for me to get that same kind of sensation
Evil_Sarah: I'm going to have to find a guy with a 24 inch dick.
Evil_Sarah: There just aren't any guys with 2 food dicks around here.
VictimX14: That's not funny, Sarah.
Evil_Sarah: Yeah. No kidding.
Evil_Sarah: So you said you can help me?
VictimX14: Well I was trying
Evil_Sarah: What, do you know a guy that has a huge cock for me?
Evil_Sarah: Does he play basketball?
VictimX14: I don't think that this is funny Sarah.
VictimX14: If this is your way of dealing with your rape, then it's not a very healthy one
Evil_Sarah: Come on.
Evil_Sarah: You mean to tell me you never saw your dad's junk when he got out of the shower?
Evil_Sarah: Admit it. Didn't it turn you on a little bit?
Evil_Sarah: Don't you wish he would have forced it on you?
VictimX14: You're disgusting.
VictimX14: Are you insane?
Evil_Sarah: I think you might just be a little jealous of me, that's all.
VictimX14: Did you plan this? Did you come into this room to play jokes?
Evil_Sarah: Haven't you ever been fisted?
Evil_Sarah: Don't you know how good that feels?
VictimX14: You must be crazy. How can you even say these things?
Evil_Sarah: Do you know what a Donkey Punch is?
VictimX14: I'm reporting you. Goodbye.
Evil_Sarah: I'm sorry. Don't go
VictimX14: your sick and disturbed and youre probably not even a woman.
Evil_Sarah: Hey! Now that's not a joke.
Evil_Sarah: I'm ALL woman, honey.
Evil_Sarah: What's black and blue and hates sex?
VictimX14: What?
Evil_Sarah: A rape victim.
Evil_Sarah: Get it?
Evil_Sarah: Now that's a joke.
Evil_Sarah: So you want to meet for lunch sometime?
VictimX14: <<has logged out>>

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