Victim-X #12

VictimX12: Hi can I please ask a question ?
Evil_Sarah: Sure.
VictimX12: thank you
VictimX12: do you work in Vegas
Evil_Sarah: What do you mean, "Work"?
VictimX12: I mean as a masseuse .......can you arrange in-call ?
VictimX12: I hope that is not too forward
Evil_Sarah: I am an entertainer/masseuse I do house calls with a special suprise.
VictimX12: special surprise ??
Evil_Sarah: You heard me. A special suprise.
VictimX12: are you a TS ?
Evil_Sarah:Am I a tease?
VictimX12: no I meant transexual
Evil_Sarah: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
VictimX12: I appoligize
Evil_Sarah: You think I look like a man?
VictimX12: no no
Evil_Sarah: You think that's funny? You asshole.
VictimX12: no im sorry
VictimX12: i thought you meant the surprise part
VictimX12: can you please explain
VictimX12: or give me a clue
Evil_Sarah: Are you into that kind of thing?
VictimX12: no way
VictimX12: not me
VictimX12: I am sooo conservative
Evil_Sarah: I have to tell you, that really hurt my feelings.
VictimX12: again I appoligize
Evil_Sarah: Try saying some shit like that while I'm massaging you and see what happens.
Evil_Sarah: You'll lose a fucking eye. Understand?
VictimX12: calm down. I said i was sorry
Evil_Sarah: I can probably bench more than you can, but I am ALL female.
Evil_Sarah: With a beautiful veluptuous figure and a friendly fucking personality, you little piece of crap.
VictimX12: I am just confused about the surprise
Evil_Sarah: I've got to go. I don't think I want to talk to you anymore.
VictimX12: I'm sorry. It was just a misunderstanding.
VictimX12: what is your special suprise
Evil_Sarah: Yeah. I dont' know if I want to tell you about it.
VictimX12: please.
Evil_Sarah: Have you now, or have you ever been, associated with any law enforcement agency?
VictimX12: what?
Evil_Sarah: Answer the question, little man!
Evil_Sarah: Have you now, or have you ever been, associated with any law enforcement agency?
VictimX12: are you kidding. is this the suprise?
Evil_Sarah: ANSWER ME!
VictimX12: ok. no
VictimX12: hello?
VictimX12: no no i'm not or haven't
Evil_Sarah: Ok.
Evil_Sarah: Sorry about that.
Evil_Sarah: But a girl can't bee too careful these days.
VictimX12: so now will you tell me?
Evil_Sarah: God, i'm so embarrassed. I just started doing it a few weeks ago.
VictimX12: please tell me. I can't stand the waiting
Evil_Sarah: Ok. But you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok?
VictimX12: ok. i promise
Evil_Sarah: The special suprise is that after the massage...
VictimX12: yes
Evil_Sarah: I masturbate my clients with my feet.
VictimX12: oh cool
VictimX12: now I see
VictimX12: love it
Evil_Sarah: Yeah, then they pull my hair and tell me I'm a dirty little farm goat.
VictimX12: I like that.
Evil_Sarah: I have to use my feet because my hands are just too hard now.
VictimX12: what?
Evil_Sarah: My hands. They're kind of rough and calloused.
Evil_Sarah: From my bricklaying job.
VictimX12: do you wear stockings
VictimX12: your bricklaying job?
Evil_Sarah: No. I wear sweat socks. I like to work out first. Most guys like that.
VictimX12: no way
Evil_Sarah: Yeah. Way.
Evil_Sarah: Do you like strap-on's?
VictimX12: no . I don';t think so.
Evil_Sarah: I like to do that too. I'm pretty good at it, actually.
Evil_Sarah: I can get a grown man all balled up in the corner, crying.
VictimX12: wow
VictimX12: that is wild
Evil_Sarah: Yeah, then I slap them in the forehead with my purple-monster, and yell, "Who's your mommy!"
VictimX12: wow
Evil_Sarah: Yeah... Wow.
Evil_Sarah: So, are you coming to Las Vegas?
VictimX12: killer
VictimX12: yes
Evil_Sarah: Are those the only words you know? 'cool', 'no way', and 'yes'?
VictimX12: yup
Evil_Sarah: Do pregnant girls excite you?
VictimX12: silly
Evil_Sarah: Have you ever had a girl stick a popcicle in your ass while giving you head before?
VictimX12: no way
Evil_Sarah: 'No way', as in , 'No way, i'm not interested in that'; or 'No way' as in, 'No way! That sounds like a lot of fun!'.
VictimX12: not interested
Evil_Sarah: I like to see my men in diapers too. have you ever worn a diaper before?
VictimX12: nope
Evil_Sarah: Did you see my picture?
Evil_Sarah: I have nudes ones too. How about you?
Evil_Sarah: Hello?
Evil_Sarah: Is it ok for me to put you on my buddy list?
VictimX12: why
Evil_Sarah: I thought that since we were hitting it off so well you'd want me to.
VictimX12: silly
Evil_Sarah: You mean 'silly' as in, "it was silly of me to think that", or as in "God damn. I sure am one silly fucking monosylabic idiot".
Evil_Sarah: Cause I'm thinking more along the lines of the second one.
Evil_Sarah: Hello? You still there?
Evil_Sarah: You know it's hard to have a conversation with someone who only replies with one word answers every time.
Evil_Sarah: How about showing just a tiny bit of effort? Ok, jackass?
VictimX12: bye
Evil_Sarah: Is english your first language...cause I have to be honest...
Evil_Sarah: I'm having a hard fucking time feeling comfortable about giving you a massage.
Evil_Sarah: I'm going to need a little more conversation before I can jack you off with my size 13 feet.
Evil_Sarah: Hello?
Evil_Sarah: That's a MEN's size 13 too, honey.
VictimX12: <<has logged out>>
Evil_Sarah: Jerk.

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