Victim-X #11

evil_sarah: Hi there.
victimx11: hello
evil_sarah: My name is Sarah.
victimx11: ok, nice to meet you
evil_sarah: Nice to meet you too.
evil_sarah: You look sort of like Kenny Rogers.
victimx11: and where are you calling from
evil_sarah: I'm in San Diego.
evil_sarah: You?
victimx11: Texas
evil_sarah: Are you wearing a cowboy hat right now?
victimx11: no, but I have one..and boots also
evil_sarah: Do you have a rope anywhere near you?
victimx11: no
evil_sarah: How about spurs?
victimx11: no
evil_sarah: I do.
victimx11: where did you see my ID?

evil_sarah: I wear spurs all the time.
victimx11: what
victimx11: where did you see my id
evil_sarah: What do you mean?
victimx11: where did you see my online name
evil_sarah: I was just searching for people and it came up.
evil_sarah: You're a cameraman?
victimx11: yes
evil_sarah: For what, the News?
victimx11: sometimes
victimx11: and why so sad a picture
evil_sarah: What do you mean?
victimx11: your picture..your not smiling
evil_sarah: I am too.
evil_sarah: Are you making fun of me?
victimx11: the picture on your profile page
victimx11: no

evil_sarah: Good. You better not.
victimx11: and why call yourself....evil sarah bitch
evil_sarah: I'll come out there and whip your ass.
evil_sarah: Because just 'evil_sarah' was already taken.
victimx11: are you not a happy person
evil_sarah: I'm happy.
victimx11: ok
evil_sarah: As long as nobody makes fun of me.
victimx11: well
evil_sarah: Then I get mad.
victimx11: ok. im sorry.
evil_sarah: And people start dyin'
victimx11: like dead
evil_sarah: You heard me
evil_sarah: What does it mean in your profile, 'no BBW'?
victimx11: you like killing people
victimx11: big beauitful woman

evil_sarah: Why would you say 'No Big Beautiful Women'?
victimx11: dont want them writing to me
evil_sarah: You don't like big girls?
victimx11: not the very large type..
evil_sarah: Oh. I see. What do you consider to be big?
evil_sarah: How tall are you?
victimx11: well, when a ladies gut hangs out more than her tits
evil_sarah: I don't have very big tits.
victimx11: how big
evil_sarah: Mine are more like pecs.
evil_sarah: What do you mean how big?
victimx11: 32,33,34,35.....c,d,e,
evil_sarah: I don't know. I never wear a bra.
evil_sarah: My chest is 57 inches.
evil_sarah: How much do you bench?
victimx11: 300lbs
victimx11: the last time i did it.
evil_sarah: Shit. You're weak.
victimx11: so, you have big tits
evil_sarah: No, I have PECS. No tits.
evil_sarah: I bench 375.
evil_sarah: How tall are you?
victimx11: got to go..later
evil_sarah: How much do you squat?
evil_sarah: I bet I shit bigger than you.
evil_sarah: Hello?
victimx11: bye
evil_sarah: Come on. Talk to me.
evil_sarah: Don't go.
evil_sarah: Hello?
evil_sarah: TALK YOU PUSSY!

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