Victim-X #10

evil_sarah: Hi. You like the Grateful Dead?
victimx10: indeed. i play bass in a grateful dead tribute band
evil_sarah: Wow. What's going on in that picture, are you in a marathon?
victimx10: i was running in NYC marathon last November
evil_sarah: How far can you run before you have to stop?
victimx10: about 18 miles
evil_sarah: Man. that's far.

victimx10: but a marathon is 26 miles
evil_sarah: I can hold my breath for almost three minutes.
victimx10: that can be a handy talent, if you ask me

evil_sarah: So I guess you didn't finish then huh?
victimx10: oh, no, i finished, i just had to walk some of it
evil_sarah: Pussy.
victimx10: yep
evil_sarah: I'm just kidding.
victimx10: no, i'm a pussy
evil_sarah: Are you married?
victimx10: yes
evil_sarah: How long?
evil_sarah: Why did it take you ten minutes to say 'yes'?
victimx10: it didn't.... i'm sorta multitasking... are you married?
victimx10: i have been married for for 3 years
evil_sarah: No. I'm single.
evil_sarah: 3 years isn't all that long.
evil_sarah: You want to cheat on her with me?
victimx10: well, i was married for 16 years prior to that. i'm an old fart
evil_sarah: Oh.
evil_sarah: I'm 25.
victimx10: that's an interesting question.
evil_sarah: I am almost finished massage-therapy school.
victimx10: why did you ask that question?
evil_sarah: I don't know.
evil_sarah: So do you or not?
victimx10: well, it would depend, i suppose
evil_sarah: How old is your wife?
victimx10: 31
evil_sarah: What would it depend on?
victimx10: a lot of things.
victimx10: like, why you have such an evil looking photo

evil_sarah: What do you mean?
victimx10: jeez... you look like you just got hit in the head with a tire iron
evil_sarah: Fuck you. I am not evil looking.
evil_sarah: You look like a fag.
victimx10: well, at least i don't look evil.
evil_sarah: I bet that's why your first wife divorced you.
victimx10: yes, that's true
evil_sarah: Why are you being so mean to me?
victimx10: not meaning to. you're just not smiling in your photo... that's all
evil_sarah: If I were pretty you wouldn't be so mean I'll bet.
victimx10: who says you're not pretty?
evil_sarah: You did. You said I looked like I got hit in the head with a tire iron.
evil_sarah: You're a skinny little bitch. I bet I could kick your ass.
victimx10: most people can. but few can catch me
evil_sarah: How tall are you?
victimx10: i think i'm 6' but i could be shrinking
evil_sarah: I have really big hands.
victimx10: that's why you are a massage therapist
evil_sarah: Ican crush cans with them, just like a man.
victimx10: are you trying to be a man?
evil_sarah: You like massages?
victimx10: i get one every two weeks
evil_sarah: From a man?
victimx10: actually, i go to the School of Massage Therapy and am treated by a student
I get a discount. so i have had men and women massage me
evil_sarah: You ever go to one of those oriental places where they give you a hand-job at the end?
victimx10: uh. no, i give myself the hand job at home later
evil_sarah: What do you like better, the men or the women?
victimx10: i like the women
evil_sarah: What are you doing giving yourself hand jobs? Why don't you fuck your new wife?
victimx10: sometimes i do. why can't i get myself off too?
victimx10: i'm terribly oversexed

evil_sarah: Do you have to take viagra?
victimx10: not yet
evil_sarah: Have you ever had a girl with really big hands give you a massage?
victimx10: i don't know what qualifies as 'big hands' but it probably doesn't matter to me
evil_sarah: My hands are so big, I have hair on my knuckles.
victimx10: i see
evil_sarah: I could smash you if I wanted to.
victimx10: nice
evil_sarah: Squeeze your old man nuts until you scream.
victimx10: sounds very inviting

evil_sarah: You'd love it.
victimx10: i'm sure
evil_sarah: What does your wife look like?
victimx10: a beautiful redhead. look at my web site.
victimx10: look for the photo of The Wicked Witch of The West and that's her.
evil_sarah: ok. Hold on.
evil_sarah: She doesn't have red hair. it's brown.
victimx10: whatever
evil_sarah: You don't even know what color her hair is?
victimx10: tell you what.... this has been fun.
evil_sarah: So does the carpet match the drapes?
evil_sarah: She looks kind of fat. How much does she weigh?
victimx10: bye
evil_sarah: Why is she making that face?
evil_sarah: Does she have epilepsy or something?
evil_sarah: Is she having a seizure in that photo?
evil_sarah: ANSWER ME!
victimx10: **has logged out**
evil_sarah: fuckhead.

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