USMC4EVER32: wanna chat
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: are you?
USMC4EVER32: great an u
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'm ok.
USMC4EVER32: lookin for a little hot conversation
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: You mean cyber sex?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Good. Let's get it on.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: What's USMC?
USMC4EVER32: uncle sams misguided children
USMC4EVER32: united states marine corps
USMC4EVER32: oh an yes u into it
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Oh. You're a Marine?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I like Marines.
USMC4EVER32: really
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Yeah.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Do you like to wrestle?
USMC4EVER32: ys that
USMC4EVER32: is that a trick ?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'm a massage therapist, and I like to wrestle too.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: My Dad taught me.
USMC4EVER32: massage that sounds good right about now
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: He used to make me practice with him every day and we'd be naked.

USMC4EVER32: u got pics
USMC4EVER32: what. naked?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Yeah. On a shower curtain with some motor-oil.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I have strong hands like my Daddy
USMC4EVER32: tell me more
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: They're big and meaty.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: And caloused...
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I bet I could probably beat the shit out of you, Private.
USMC4EVER32: im a lance corporal not a pvt.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Like Klinger, from M.A.S.H.?
USMC4EVER32: not like that
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Whatever. Same thing.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: You like to dress up like a woman, too?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Hello?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: You still there?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Allright. I got pictures. What do you want, nude or clothed?
USMC4EVER32: nude if u got them
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'm just an old fashioned girl and I'm a little shy.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'm looking for a guy that will be nice to me.
USMC4EVER32: illbe nice to u
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: ... and to pull my hair and treat me like a farm animal.
USMC4EVER32: if u think they can get my dick hard
USMC4EVER32: ill ride u like a hors an use your hair for reins
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: How big is your dick there, Sergant?
USMC4EVER32: im lance corporal
USMC4EVER32: u mean my cock 9.5
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: 9.5 what? Is that centimeters? You guys use the metric system, don't you?
USMC4EVER32: inches
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Is that soft or hard?
USMC4EVER32: thats hard
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Would you pee on me afterwards?
USMC4EVER32: if thats what u like
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Well, 9.5 inches isn't all that big, but I guess it'll do.
USMC4EVER32: age honey
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: What?
USMC4EVER32: your age
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Hey, how about trying to speak in complete sentences, General?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: You sound like a fuckign mongoloid.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'm 25
USMC4EVER32: what u need a hors dick
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Well I'm a lot of woman there, Gunny.
USMC4EVER32: did u send then m pics
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Yeah. I just sent you two of them. PIC1 PIC2
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Don't show them to anyone, ok?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Just keep them for yourself.
USMC4EVER32: your viberater must be kick started like a harley
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: That's not very nice.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Come on. Let's get busy with the sex. I don't have a lot of time.
USMC4EVER32: y not i need to see more snatch for my dick to get hard
USMC4EVER32: u got some monster for tits i like that
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: A little bit of Chlamydia doesn't bother you, does it?
USMC4EVER32: what
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I've got a few open sores down there but you're a Marine.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: You're probably used to that sort of thing, right?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Hello?
USMC4EVER32: sorry yes it does
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Well, You can use a rubber like when you travel from port to port.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Fucking all of those Saigon whores...
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Right, sailor?
USMC4EVER32: your sick bye
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Where do you live? I can fly there.
USMC4EVER32: nope sorry
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Aww. Come on. Give me a phone number and I'll call you.
USMC4EVER32: nope
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Come back here and talk to me.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: What are you, some kind of a fag?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Wait.. Don't ask, don't tell?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: You dick. You get me all juiced up and then you stop talking to me?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: ANSWER ME!
USMC4EVER32: not intrested sorry
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Want me to send you some of my underwear then?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: You know. For next time you're at sea?
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'll put them in a zip-lock bag so they'll stay wet.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Or I could send some of my Dad's, if that's what you're into.
Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Hello?

USMC4EVER32: <<has logged out>>


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