SugarBayBeME: Hey!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Do I know you?
SugarBayBeME: No, i was just looking for someone to Chat with.
SugarBayBeME: Care to chat with me?
Fugly_Dot_Com: Sure. Do you know who this is?
Fugly_Dot_Com: I don't think you want to chat with me.

SugarBayBeME: You? no i don't i just looked you up
Fugly_Dot_Com: What did you look up?
SugarBayBeME: fugly. i was just typing in stupid names and you pop up..
Fugly_Dot_Com: Oh. Ok.
Fugly_Dot_Com: How old are you?

SugarBayBeME: I'm a 22, Female. Brown hair blue eyes and around 5'9'.... You?
Fugly_Dot_Com: No way! I'm a 22, Female Brown hair blue eyes and about 5'9" too!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Wow!
Fugly_Dot_Com: What the fuck do you know about that?
Fugly_Dot_Com: Tell me more about yourself.

SugarBayBeME: are you serious!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Shyahhh!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Seriously!

SugarBayBeME: wow. That's odd
Fugly_Dot_Com: Wow.
Fugly_Dot_Com: Where are you from?

SugarBayBeME: Okay.. tell me about your self..
Fugly_Dot_Com: No. You go first.
Fugly_Dot_Com: Where are you from?

SugarBayBeME: im from Maine.. i am here visiting my mom for the march break..
Fugly_Dot_Com: Wait a minute. I'M from maine too!
Fugly_Dot_Com: What part?
Fugly_Dot_Com: March break from what? College?

SugarBayBeME: barharbour main.. what part are you form
SugarBayBeME: yeah college break.. for once... i get a break
Fugly_Dot_Com: No fucking way. I'm in Barharbour Maine too!
Fugly_Dot_Com: What college do you go to?

SugarBayBeME: well i came to visit my mom and father..
SugarBayBeME: i came down from Georgian.. Do you really live in bar harbour?
Fugly_Dot_Com: Georgian College? In Ontario?
SugarBayBeME: yes, how the hell do you know?
Fugly_Dot_Com: You're not going to beleive this.
SugarBayBeME: What! tell me! what!
Fugly_Dot_Com: This has to be the strangest thing that's ever happened to me.
Fugly_Dot_Com: Will you send me a picture of yourself?

SugarBayBeME: WHAT! what is it
Fugly_Dot_Com: I go to Georgian university TOO!
Fugly_Dot_Com: In Ontario!
Fugly_Dot_Com: I swear to god!

SugarBayBeME: OMG! what are you taking!
Fugly_Dot_Com: I have to be honest with you. This is just too strange.
SugarBayBeME: i know! send me a picture of yourslef.. i might know you! OMG!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Are you messing with me?
SugarBayBeME: NO! im dead serious! go to georgian! Iam visiting my mom and dad!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Come on. My heart is beating like a million miles an hour.
Fugly_Dot_Com: This better not be some kind of a joke.

SugarBayBeME: no seriously! are you really from georgian!
Fugly_Dot_Com: I am I swear!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Come on. Send me a pic and I'll send you one too. k?

SugarBayBeME: send me a pic of your self i might know you!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Ok. But you go first. Ok?
SugarBayBeME: How old are you?
Fugly_Dot_Com: I'm 22.
Fugly_Dot_Com: How old are you?

SugarBayBeME: okay one sec! this pic i have is from awhile ago
SugarBayBeME: because im on my moms computer and not mine
SugarBayBeME: mine is back on campus so this one is a bit old.. ready?
SugarBayBeME: i'm 22 going to be 23 in about 9 days
Fugly_Dot_Com: Ok. I'm ready.
Fugly_Dot_Com: 9 days?
Fugly_Dot_Com: Are you joking?

SugarBayBeME: yeah in 9 days my b-day!
Fugly_Dot_Com: On the 17th?
SugarBayBeME: nopre, mines on the 18th of march
Fugly_Dot_Com: Ok. Come on.
SugarBayBeME: what!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Who is this? For real?
SugarBayBeME: i'm kristen..
Fugly_Dot_Com: I was trying to trick you! MY birthday is on the 18th of March TOO!. My name is Krissy.
Fugly_Dot_Com: And that picture you sent was of a stuffed animal.

SugarBayBeME: no my name is kristen.. people call me krissy.. your lieing.. this all cant be true
SugarBayBeME: ooops! i sent you mr.penguin!
Fugly_Dot_Com: This isn't funny. If this is some kind of a joke, i don't think it's a funny one.
Fugly_Dot_Com: I'm starting to get scared.

SugarBayBeME: no your scaring me.. i think you fucking around with me or somthing..
SugarBayBeME: brb!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Ok. Are you going to send me your picture or not?
SugarBayBeME: i just sent you my pic..
SugarBayBeME: nopw send me yours!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Ok. I got it.
SugarBayBeME: what do you think? send me your pic!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Oh. My GOD!!
SugarBayBeME: What? What is it?!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Oh my fucking GOD!!!!!!
SugarBayBeME: What!! Tell me!!!
Fugly_Dot_Com: You are NOT going to beleive this.
SugarBayBeME: What?
SugarBayBeME: What do you know me!?
Fugly_Dot_Com: This is just too weird.
Fugly_Dot_Com: First, we're both named Krissy. And we're both 22, right?

SugarBayBeME: What is it. pleeeease tell me!
Fugly_Dot_Com: And we both go to Georgian and are from Bar Harbour, Maine!
SugarBayBeME: And do you recognize me from school????
Fugly_Dot_Com: No, but do you know what?
SugarBayBeME: What!!
Fugly_Dot_Com: I'm a big, fat, stupid looking goth-chick too!!!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Just like you!!!

SugarBayBeME: what
Fugly_Dot_Com: OMG!!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Can you just not beleive it!?
Fugly_Dot_Com: I wear TONS of black eye makeup just like you, and I have zits allover my face!!
Fugly_Dot_Com: And I'm a big, fat-ass, disgusting pig, just like YOU!!!!
Fugly_Dot_Com: And I dress like that so that people will pay attention to me!
Fugly_Dot_Com: because I have really low self esteem and a really shitty personality!!!
Fugly_Dot_Com: JUST LIKE YOU!!!!

SugarBayBeME: fuck you whore bitch
Fugly_Dot_Com: WOW! I say, "Fuck you whore bitch" ALL the time too!!
SugarBayBeME: you dont go to georgian either do you?
Fugly_Dot_Com: OMG! I'M STUPID TOO!!
Fugly_Dot_Com: It takes me a REALLY long time to figure out when someone is fucking with me too!!
Fugly_Dot_Com: Isn't that weird?
Fugly_Dot_Com: Don't you think so?
Fugly_Dot_Com: Do you think we're related?
Fugly_Dot_Com: Hello?
Fugly_Dot_Com: How much do you weigh?

SugarBayBeME: <<has logged out>>

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