evil_sarah_bitch: hiya sexy
shehe_marcus: hi
shehe_marcus: asl?
evil_sarah_bitch: 25, F, California
shehe_marcus: ohhhhhh
evil_sarah_bitch: You?
shehe_marcus: 32/shemale/canada
shehe_marcus: picture?
evil_sarah_bitch: No, sorry. I don't.
evil_sarah_bitch: Canada's nice. I go up there once in a while.
shehe_marcus: mmmmmm
shehe_marcus: tell me more about yr body
evil_sarah_bitch: Well, I'm very voluptuous.
evil_sarah_bitch: I would say my hands are my greatest asset
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmmmm
evil_sarah_bitch: Short blonde hair and blue eyes.
shehe_marcus: ahhhhhhhhhh
evil_sarah_bitch: I guess you like that, huh?
shehe_marcus: and??????
shehe_marcus: yessssssss
evil_sarah_bitch: I just checked out your picture.
shehe_marcus: and??????
shehe_marcus: please continue
evil_sarah_bitch: You're very pretty. I like your breasts.
shehe_marcus: u like me????
evil_sarah_bitch: And I have to say, you have a very nice cock.
evil_sarah_bitch: What would you like to do to me with it.
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
shehe_marcus: ohhhhhh
shehe_marcus: my queen
shehe_marcus: i kiss yr shoes
evil_sarah_bitch: I just went and looked at your pic again. I can't help myself.
shehe_marcus: what about ur tits?
shehe_marcus: and pussy?
shehe_marcus: and legs?
evil_sarah_bitch: My pecs are very big.
evil_sarah_bitch: But they're proportionate to the rest of me because I'm so large.
shehe_marcus: what about ur tits?
shehe_marcus: and legs?
shehe_marcus: and pussy?
shehe_marcus: please
evil_sarah_bitch: Before we go any further, I have to ask you something.
shehe_marcus: ohhh
evil_sarah_bitch: Yeah. I'm an old fashioned girl.
shehe_marcus: ohhhhhhhh
shehe_marcus: i love't
evil_sarah_bitch: And if we were to do anything together...
evil_sarah_bitch: I mean, you DO have a cock, so when we we're done...
shehe_marcus: ask dear
evil_sarah_bitch: Will you cuddle with me?
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmm
evil_sarah_bitch: Or are you going to ignore me and watch football?
shehe_marcus: ok what about yr legs?
evil_sarah_bitch: Or change the oil in your car or something like that?
shehe_marcus: and feet?
evil_sarah_bitch: Because I require a lot of attention.
shehe_marcus: ok what about yr legs?
shehe_marcus: and feet?
evil_sarah_bitch: You know, I thought you were nice, but I just asked you a question and you didnt even answer me.
evil_sarah_bitch: Are you ignoring me already?!
shehe_marcus: no honney
shehe_marcus: my real queen of love
evil_sarah_bitch: You're a prick.
evil_sarah_bitch: You're no lady.
evil_sarah_bitch: You're just another fucking guy with nice tits.
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
evil_sarah_bitch: I can't handle this kind of rejection from another man.
shehe_marcus: u make me hard
shehe_marcus: my queen
shehe_marcus: i lick ur feet
evil_sarah_bitch: See what I mean?
evil_sarah_bitch: I trying to talk about my feelings and all you're worried about is your dick.
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmm
evil_sarah_bitch: I suppose you'll forget all about me once football season starts again, right?
shehe_marcus: really u like't?
evil_sarah_bitch: I JUST WANT TO BE HELD!
shehe_marcus: no u are my lovely queen 25 f california
evil_sarah_bitch: You know? I bet if I had an 8 inch strap-on-dildo the fuck you in the ass with... evil_sarah_bitch: Then you'd like me more, wouldn't you?
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmmm
shehe_marcus: nooooooo
shehe_marcus: i need yr pussy juices
evil_sarah_bitch: Yes you would.
evil_sarah_bitch: DON'T LIE TO ME! I can't stand it when you lie to me.
shehe_marcus: i like u
evil_sarah_bitch: Well. You know what?
shehe_marcus: what?
evil_sarah_bitch: I guess it would be kinda nice to have a guy around the house.
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmm
evil_sarah_bitch: Well, almost a guy.
shehe_marcus: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
: Then I'd have some one to open jars and take out the garbage.
shehe_marcus: fuck me please
evil_sarah_bitch: Do you have strong hands?
shehe_marcus: i'm yr servant my queen
evil_sarah_bitch: Good. I need you to open a jar of pickles and then you can take out the garbage.
evil_sarah_bitch: Oh, and by the way, if you leave the toilet seat up, I'll fucking flip out.
evil_sarah_bitch: You understand me, mister?!
shehe_marcus: ohhhhhhhh
shehe_marcus: what are u wearing now?
evil_sarah_bitch: Did you hear what I said?
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm wearing my flannel pajamas and my fuzzy bunny slippers
evil_sarah_bitch: Does that turn you on?
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmm
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm sorry. I'm not really in the mood to have sex now.
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm bloated and kinda you dont like me anyway.
evil_sarah_bitch: You think im fat, dont you?
shehe_marcus: nooo never my queen
shehe_marcus: really i like u
evil_sarah_bitch: Can I come and visit you?
evil_sarah_bitch: I need a hug.
shehe_marcus: ohhhhhhhh
evil_sarah_bitch: See? You dont want me.
evil_sarah_bitch: Am I really that bad?
shehe_marcus: ohhhhhhhh
shehe_marcus: soooo hot hug
evil_sarah_bitch: My last boyfriend rejected me too.
evil_sarah_bitch: I loved him soooo much.
evil_sarah_bitch: He looked just like my father.
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
evil_sarah_bitch: Where do you live?
shehe_marcus: montreal
evil_sarah_bitch: That's not too far.
evil_sarah_bitch: I could pack up the kids and the cats and be there by tomorrow evening
evil_sarah_bitch: Oh, but I'm sure you and the guys will be watching the game tonight, right?
evil_sarah_bitch: And I'll have to fetch you beers and stuff and listen to you fart and burp and put up with all your friends grabbing my ass right?
shehe_marcus: please stop all that
shehe_marcus: and be in my hug
evil_sarah_bitch: Let me tell you something.
evil_sarah_bitch: The last sorry mother fucker that grabbed my ass lost an eye, ok?
evil_sarah_bitch: I got 30 days in the county jail for that.
evil_sarah_bitch: But I'm telling you, it was worth every minute of it and I'll do it again.
evil_sarah_bitch: YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!
evil_sarah_bitch: So should I start packing?
shehe_marcus: my queen
shehe_marcus: i kiss yr shoes
evil_sarah_bitch: Boy, you just don't give up do you?
evil_sarah_bitch: You must be really horney.
shehe_marcus: ohhhhhh
shehe_marcus: i'm sooooo horny
shehe_marcus: i need u
shehe_marcus: please
shehe_marcus: ohhhhhhhhhhh
evil_sarah_bitch: Ok. But hurry up.
shehe_marcus: please
shehe_marcus: i want lick and kiss all urs
shehe_marcus: starting from yr feet
evil_sarah_bitch: C'mon. Get on with it.
evil_sarah_bitch: I have to get up early to get the kids ready for school.
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmmm
shehe_marcus: i want put all my dick inside uuuuuuuu
evil_sarah_bitch: Ok, but you'd better not cum inside me cause I dont want anymore kids.
shehe_marcus: aohhh
evil_sarah_bitch: My last baby's daddy beat me up and know he's in prison and I aint going through that shit again it mister?
shehe_marcus: i want put all my dick inside uuuuuuuu
shehe_marcus: ur spicy pussy
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmmmm
evil_sarah_bitch: Spicy, yeah. Sorry about that. My period just stopped on Thursday and I haven't had time to shower yet.
shehe_marcus: i want cut yr pussy skins with my big dick
shehe_marcus: ohhhhh
shehe_marcus: let me lick it
shehe_marcus: please
evil_sarah_bitch: Ouch! You're on my hair.
shehe_marcus: u are soooooooo sexy
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmmmmm
evil_sarah_bitch: You're hurting me. Get your hand off of my hair.
evil_sarah_bitch: Hold on a minute. I still have a maxi-pad on. Let me take it off.
shehe_marcus: mmmmm
shehe_marcus: me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
shehe_marcus: u feel my dick?
evil_sarah_bitch: No, actually I don't.
evil_sarah_bitch: I think it's too small
shehe_marcus: ohh why you say
evil_sarah_bitch: After pushing out 4 kids, I practically need a giant redwood to get me off.
shehe_marcus: suck it please
shehe_marcus: ohhhhh
evil_sarah_bitch: Do you like kids?
shehe_marcus: It's about 8.5 inches
shehe_marcus: yes
evil_sarah_bitch: I have a sister.
evil_sarah_bitch: She's 14 and she only has 1 kid so she might like you
evil_sarah_bitch: Do you want to talk to her?
shehe_marcus: no
shehe_marcus: i want u
shehe_marcus: please
evil_sarah_bitch: why not?
shehe_marcus: let's fuck
evil_sarah_bitch: Is that all you think about?
shehe_marcus: in this moment yea
shehe_marcus: because i'm soo hard
shehe_marcus: my dick is erected
evil_sarah_bitch: Hard-up is more like it.
shehe_marcus: mmmmmmmm
evil_sarah_bitch: You're boring me.
shehe_marcus: in the sex channel what can we do else then fuck???????
evil_sarah_bitch: Well, you lied to me so I don't want to fuck you anymore.
shehe_marcus: why u tell i lied?
evil_sarah_bitch: you said you had an 8.5 inch dick, but I saw your pic and that is not 8.5 inches.
evil_sarah_bitch: You're a liar.
evil_sarah_bitch: You should be ashamed of yourself, calling yourself a she-male.
evil_sarah_bitch: 8.5 inches. Yeah right. C'mon
shehe_marcus: fuck u big lier
shehe_marcus: u are a men
shehe_marcus: fuck urself
evil_sarah_bitch: Ooooh. Big talker.
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm not coming to visit you now.
evil_sarah_bitch: You're just like all the other men I've dated.
evil_sarah_bitch: I want a divorce.
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm going to my Mother's house and I'm taking the kids.
evil_sarah_bitch: I bet you'd like to hit me too.
evil_sarah_bitch: Wouldn't you?
evil_sarah_bitch: Wouldn't you?!!
evil_sarah_bitch: Answer me!!
shehe_marcus: <<has logged out>>


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