rebecca_east: Are you planning on keeping the child?
EvilSarahBitch: I don't have a choice.
rebecca_east: Yes you do!
EvilSarahBitch: You don't understand. I don't want this child!
rebecca_east: There are other options you know.
EvilSarahBitch: Like what?
rebecca_east: Abortion. Adoption. Even letting a family member adopt the child might work.
EvilSarahBitch: I can't abort the child. People wouldn't like it if I did that.
rebecca_east: It's your body and your choice.
EvilSarahBitch: I thought about giving the child up for adoption but no one wanted it.
rebecca_east: Someone would want it I'm sure.
EvilSarahBitch: It's not my body. It's the child's body.
rebecca_east: No Sweety. Its YOUR body. No one can tell you what to do with YOUR own body!
EvilSarahBitch: So.... even though its the child's body, because it came from me...makes it mine?
rebecca_east: Exactly.
EvilSarahBitch: Have you ever had one done before?
rebecca_east: Yes.
EvilSarahBitch: Was the father upset?
rebecca_east: It's a bad subject.
rebecca_east: :(
EvilSarahBitch: Are you upset that you had it done?
rebecca_east: No not at all.
EvilSarahBitch: Then why is it bad?
EvilSarahBitch: Rebecca?
rebecca_east: Don't worry about it.
EvilSarahBitch: Please tell me.
EvilSarahBitch: I need your help.
EvilSarahBitch: I want to know about your experience.
rebecca_east: no
EvilSarahBitch: I figured as much. You're a feminist aren't you?
EvilSarahBitch: I guess a weak girl like me isn't worth your time.
rebecca_east: Yes I am a feminist but that has nothing to do with it.
EvilSarahBitch: Then what are you hiding?
EvilSarahBitch: I won't say anything.
EvilSarahBitch: Tell me.
rebecca_east: I was raped. Thats why I had mine done.
EvilSarahBitch: Did your husband do it?
rebecca_east: No. The man went to prison and is set to be released in Septemeber.
rebecca_east: :(
rebecca_east: Grrrrrr
EvilSarahBitch: I'm sorry. Don't get upset now.
rebecca_east: My family is very religious and didn't want me to abort.
rebecca_east: But its my body and my choice.
rebecca_east: I would have grown to hate the child.
EvilSarahBitch: Like I hate mine?
rebecca_east: I imagine so.
rebecca_east: We're off subject
rebecca_east: This started off with a discussion about your baby.
EvilSarahBitch: It's not a baby.
rebecca_east: Right. I didn't mean to use that word.
EvilSarahBitch: So what should I do?
rebecca_east: It's your choice. Just make sure no one trys to influence your decision.
EvilSarahBitch: If you were in my situation what would you do?
rebecca_east: I don't know. Is the father a decent man?
EvilSarahBitch: He's dead.
rebecca_east: OMG I'm sorry
EvilSarahBitch: It's ok. I've learned to get by without him.
EvilSarahBitch: He got hit by a garbage truck.
EvilSarahBitch: He was an asshole anyways.
rebecca_east: LOL
rebecca_east: Well. The choice is yours.
rebecca_east: Just remember that its YOUR body.
rebecca_east: No one else's.
EvilSarahBitch: Ok.
rebecca_east: :)
EvilSarahBitch: I'm gonna do it.
EvilSarahBitch: Thank you Rebecca.
rebecca_east: You're welcome. I'm always here if you need me afterwards.
EvilSarahBitch: Afterwards?
rebecca_east: Yes. Some women find it difficult to cope after the incident.
EvilSarahBitch: I'll remember that. Thanks again.

----15 minutes later----

EvilSarahBitch: Alright! Rebecca I did it!
rebecca_east: Did what?
EvilSarahBitch: Aborted the child.
rebecca_east: LOL
rebecca_east: In the last ten minutes??
EvilSarahBitch: Yes. I did it.
rebecca_east: You mean at home??!!?
EvilSarahBitch: Yes.
rebecca_east: OMGGGG did you use a clotheshanger or something?
rebecca_east: OMGGGGGG
EvilSarahBitch: No I used a knife.
rebecca_east: A KNIFE?!?!?
EvilSarahBitch: Yes I cut it's throat.
rebecca_east: JESUS!!!
rebecca_east: GO TO THE HOSPITAL!
EvilSarahBitch: I'm not hurt
rebecca_east: What trimester are you in?
EvilSarahBitch: Huh?
EvilSarahBitch: What trimester?
rebecca_east: Yes. How many months have you been pregnant?
rebecca_east: A trimester is three months, so if you're over 3 months, you're in your second trimester.
EvilSarahBitch: I guess then technically I was in my 17th trimester.
rebecca_east: huh?
EvilSarahBitch: Yes
rebecca_east: You mean you already had this child?
EvilSarahBitch: Yeah, about 4 years ago. And I just aborted it.
EvilSarahBitch: The little fucker wouldn't stop wearing my shoes.
rebecca_east: WHAT?!?!?
EvilSarahBitch: I want to thank you for being so supportive.
rebecca_east: YOU KILLED A CHILD?!?!?
EvilSarahBitch: No. Like you said. Its MY body. Not the childs.
rebecca_east: I DIDNT KNOW HE WAS ALIVE!!!!!!
rebecca_east: OMGGGGGGG
rebecca_east: CALL 911!!!
EvilSarahBitch: No I can handle it from here.
EvilSarahBitch: Thank you again for all your help.
EvilSarahBitch: I don't think I could have done it without you.
EvilSarahBitch: Rebecca?
EvilSarahBitch: Are you there?
EvilSarahBitch: Rebecca?
rebecca_east: <User has logged out>

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