daddysgrrl69: Hi there.
rajkahamma: hi
daddysgrrl69: how are you tonight?
rajkahamma: am fine . who r u have we ever chatted?
daddysgrrl69: no..I just thought you sounded interesting
daddysgrrl69: would you like to chat?
daddysgrrl69: do you like big girls?
rajkahamma: i do like big girls yes
rajkahamma: very much
daddysgrrl69: what do you like about us?
rajkahamma: r u one?
daddysgrrl69: absolutely
rajkahamma: wud luv to but not straight away
rajkahamma: maybe after some time
daddysgrrl69: wow..I guess you're old fashioned huh?
daddysgrrl69: Is that why you listed electrostimulation as one of your interests?
daddysgrrl69: do you like to shock your big women?
rajkahamma: I wnt to tell u something
daddysgrrl69: what's that?
rajkahamma: i like u because you have a lot of flesh to work on
daddysgrrl69: You have no idea.
rajkahamma: and also i want to tell u
daddysgrrl69: Tell me what?
rajkahamma: i can become very dirty n extremely horny in my chats
daddysgrrl69: That's ok. I'm a little bit naieve, but I'm a fast learner.
rajkahamma: i don know if u will like that
daddysgrrl69: I'm still reading your profile.
daddysgrrl69: What's fisting?
rajkahamma: big girls do like it that way generally
daddysgrrl69: Yeah. That's because most of us are pretty insecure
daddysgrrl69: That's why we go for Mexicans
rajkahamma: i m sending a message take me as friend we ll definitely have a gr8 time chatting
rajkahamma: yeh fisting u said it
daddysgrrl69: Are you Mexican?
rajkahamma: nopes i m from n.delhi india n u?
daddysgrrl69: So explain fisting to me? Can you really fit your whole fist up there?
daddysgrrl69: hello?
daddysgrrl69: Are you still there?
rajkahamma: wow u sound luvly. listen honey pls permit me to leave jus now.
rajkahamma: some people r waiting for me.
rajkahamma: i promise i ll give u such a time that u ll cum like never before
daddysgrrl69: No.
daddysgrrl69: Stay here, god dammit
rajkahamma: can i go?
daddysgrrl69: NO
daddysgrrl69: Look at my picture... do you think I'm pretty?
rajkahamma: hey cool down sweets
daddysgrrl69: You don't really like big girls, do you?
daddysgrrl69: Nobody does.
daddysgrrl69: Everyone just teases me.
rajkahamma: brb
daddysgrrl69: Hurry up.

rajkahamma: r uthere?
daddysgrrl69: Yeah. I'm here.
daddysgrrl69: That's sweet. You came back for me?
rajkahamma: u cross with me?
daddysgrrl69: Hang on. I need a have a donut.
rajkahamma: yeh i did, any probs ok have your snack have one for me2
daddysgrrl69: Ok. I'm back.
daddysgrrl69: I feel much better.
daddysgrrl69: My Daddy always calls me his little wart-hog.
daddysgrrl69: hello?
daddysgrrl69: did you leave me again?
rajkahamma: Hi r u back. sorry my connection fell
daddysgrrl69: I'm here
rajkahamma: yeh i m here my
rajkahamma: line fell
daddysgrrl69: Ok. So tell me more about fisting.
rajkahamma: had snacks for me2 or not
daddysgrrl69: Yeah. I had 7 of them.
daddysgrrl69: You sure do know how to keep a girl waiting.
rajkahamma: hey hey hey its the other wat roun
rajkahamma: i ve ditched my boss for u
rajkahamma: omg u r fast
rajkahamma: do u wan to be fisted
daddysgrrl69: of course I do. I'm easy.
daddysgrrl69: How else is a fat chick going to get any?
rajkahamma: ok baby here u go
rajkahamma: just lie down propped up on your elbows
rajkahamma: spread those lushh cremy thighs of yours
daddysgrrl69: Is this going to hurt? Is it like getting my ears pierced?
rajkahamma: yeh come now don feel shy
rajkahamma: do it
daddysgrrl69: Ok. Here goes.
rajkahamma: try it yourself. i never hurt women
rajkahamma: come open up
rajkahamma: i hope u r buff naked?
daddysgrrl69: FUCK!. I broke a nail inside myself.
daddysgrrl69: Now what do I do, Einstein?
daddysgrrl69: Ithink it's still up there.
rajkahamma: how you are fisting
daddysgrrl69: I got it caught on something and it just ripped off.
daddysgrrl69: I heard something up there snap.
rajkahamma: what?
daddysgrrl69: Shit. This really hurts.
rajkahamma: how did u break a nail
daddysgrrl69: Hang on. I think I cut a vein..
rajkahamma: u trying to fist it yourself
rajkahamma: wow u r gr8
rajkahamma: tell me what else he calls u
daddysgrrl69: Hang on. I have to stop this bleeding first.
rajkahamma: how do u please daddy tell me please
daddysgrrl69: Shit. This is never going to come out of the carpet.
rajkahamma: ok go take care!
daddysgrrl69: wait
daddysgrrl69: I got it
daddysgrrl69: I put in a tampon in for now.
rajkahamma: hey whats happenig? what r u upto?
rajkahamma: ??
daddysgrrl69: I bet you like it up the ass don't you?
rajkahamma: so how r u gonna cum with a tampon on?
daddysgrrl69: I can't find the fingernail. What the hell am I gonna do?
daddysgrrl69: Ahh. This really stings.
daddysgrrl69: fucking Lee Press-On, piece of shit nails.
rajkahamma: hey u sat on a nail on the carpet
daddysgrrl69: NO. I broke one off inside myself, you idiot!
rajkahamma: but what was the nail doing in yoour pussy in the fist place?
daddysgrrl69: I was trying that fisting thing you are so into.
rajkahamma: he he he heh, hey listen u got to be careful
rajkahamma: i wud only be doing it to u on cyber
daddysgrrl69: What the fuck? You told me to try it myself!
rajkahamma: actually out there u got to be careful to rub n squirt urself
daddysgrrl69: Out where?
rajkahamma: how can i do it real time to u swets i m at least 10000 miles away from u. i m in n, delhi, india
daddysgrrl69: Uhhh. I'm in a lot of pain here.
daddysgrrl69: India? You like hamburgers?
rajkahamma: yeah i luv why/
daddysgrrl69: I thought they didn't eat cows in India.
rajkahamma: no
daddysgrrl69: You do know that hamburgers are made from cows, right?
rajkahamma: no they r not
daddysgrrl69: Would you fist a cow if you were desperate enough?
rajkahamma: no
daddysgrrl69: Adog?
daddysgrrl69: How about a dog?
daddysgrrl69: hello?
rajkahamma: hey ma'am
rajkahamma: tht is not funny
daddysgrrl69: Scardey cat.
rajkahamma: cool down lady cool down
rajkahamma: i m here jus for u
daddysgrrl69: Fuck. I should go to the hospital.
daddysgrrl69: I can't find my nail.
rajkahamma: don be cross with me we will def. chat
daddysgrrl69: I'm not cross. I have a fucking FINGERNAIL lodged in my vagina somewhere because of you!
daddysgrrl69: You stupid mother fucker.
rajkahamma: hey someone is calling me baby girl i must go.
daddysgrrl69: If you leave me like this, I'll never talk to you again.
rajkahamma: please
daddysgrrl69: Whatever, you liar.
rajkahamma: please i m in office some one called me
daddysgrrl69: You just don't like fat chicks.
daddysgrrl69: I can't beleive you're going to leave me like this.
rajkahamma: sorry u r not sexy goodbye
daddysgrrl69: ..all naked and sweaty.
daddysgrrl69: ...on a blood soaked carpet.
daddysgrrl69: ...with one fist in my twat and the other covered with powdered sugar.
daddysgrrl69: Hello?
daddysgrrl69: Come back here and talk to me like a real man!
rajkahamma: <<has logged out>>
daddysgrrl69: Asshole.

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