rad_rastler: hi
Evil_Sarah: hi
rad_rastler: do you backyard wrestle?
Evil_Sarah: yeah! do you?
rad_rastler: hey. who you wrestle for?
Evil_Sarah: well its really just me and a couple of friends
Evil_Sarah: and some neighborhood kids
Evil_Sarah: why, do you have like a federation?
rad_rastler: don't you guys call yourselfs something?
Evil_Sarah: not really
Evil_Sarah: we've been thinking of getting ourselves a name
Evil_Sarah: but we haven't decided on one yet
Evil_Sarah: we're leaning towards ¢ha0s Wrestlers maybe
rad_rastler: i'm the leader of the D.A.
Evil_Sarah: do you use weapons when you wrestle?
rad_rastler: sometimes if it is a hardcore match
Evil_Sarah: kewl. same here... what kind do you use?
rad_rastler: chairs tables scrap metal baseball bats steel pipes logs tree
branches etc.
rad_rastler: barb wire once or twice
rad_rastler: towing chain

Evil_Sarah: we usually use whatever we find laying around like chairs,
glass bottles, baseball bat's, tables, barbwire, sticks with nails in them
Evil_Sarah: you know, whatever we find
rad_rastler: yeah
Evil_Sarah: one time I cracked my buddy over the head with a baseball
bat and it broke
Evil_Sarah: i hit him pretty hard
Evil_Sarah: he was in the hospital for like a couple of weeks
Evil_Sarah: i think I cracked his skull
Evil_Sarah: i've had so many bones broken
Evil_Sarah: how about you?
rad_rastler: i don't get into too many hardcore matches anymore but some of the other guys do.
rad_rastler: ladder matches are my specialty

Evil_Sarah: thats kewl
Evil_Sarah: i like barbwire and sawed off shotgun matches myself
rad_rastler: i was ladder champion for about 6 months
Evil_Sarah: i took a couple of feet of barbed wire, wrapped it around a
baseball bat and smashed my little brother in the mouth with it.
Evil_Sarah: i call that my IERV move.
Evil_Sarah: Immediate Emergency Room Visit
rad_rastler: yep been there luckily i didn't get hit but i did some hitting
Evil_Sarah: thats kewl
Evil_Sarah: have you ever... umm... really hurt someone?
rad_rastler: http://hisgayasssite.com thats our site. Im in the process of redoing it but it works ok now
Evil_Sarah: that's a kewl site
Evil_Sarah: that's really rad
Evil_Sarah: my site is
rad_rastler: i haven't sent anybody to the hospital yet no but im not really the hardcore member thats phantom
Evil_Sarah: thats kewl
Evil_Sarah: say. you're not a cop or anything, are you?
rad_rastler: hell no why?
Evil_Sarah: is anyone in your family?
rad_rastler: no
Evil_Sarah: oh ok.
Evil_Sarah: kewl
Evil_Sarah: hey
rad_rastler: what?
Evil_Sarah: can you keep a secret?
rad_rastler: sure what is it?
Evil_Sarah: ok so like two days ago my buddy karl challanged me to a
hardcore match right? so i accepted.
rad_rastler: yeah
Evil_Sarah: we decided that there were gona be no rules
rad_rastler: yeah and......
Evil_Sarah: so i brought my brass knuckles
Evil_Sarah: but i didn't tell him
Evil_Sarah: i hid them in my pocket
rad_rastler: ok
Evil_Sarah: they were supposed to be my grand finale
rad_rastler: yeah
Evil_Sarah: so anyway
Evil_Sarah: it was a secret match
Evil_Sarah: so no one knew about it
Evil_Sarah: none of our other wrestling buddies i mean
Evil_Sarah: so anyways
rad_rastler: ok get to the point
Evil_Sarah: hold on. im getting there
Evil_Sarah: damn, calm down
Evil_Sarah: so anyways the fight starts off good and everything is ok
Evil_Sarah: he grabs a chair and i pick up a beer bottle right?
rad_rastler: k
Evil_Sarah: so he hits me with the chair and its one of those metal
lawn ones so it hurts like a bitch right?
rad_rastler: yeah i know those kind
Evil_Sarah: so i try to hit him with the beer bottle but he ducks so i
miss and the bottle slips out of my hand and hit's a little girl riding by on her bike
rad_rastler: for real? was she hurt bad???
Evil_Sarah: well see that's the thing
Evil_Sarah: she was hurt a little too bad, and i couldn't get into trouble
cause i've already been to juvy twice
rad_rastler: What?! dude tell me your bullshitting me!
Evil_Sarah: i wish i was bullshitting you...
rad_rastler: so what did you do?!?
Evil_Sarah: well karl said we should leave here on a doorstep
Evil_Sarah: knock and run, but someone would see us for sure cause where i live, it's kinda like suburbia.
Evil_Sarah: so i said no
rad_rastler: DUDE WHAT DID YOU DO?????????
Evil_Sarah: SHUT up. im getting to it
rad_rastler: man please tell me your bullshitting me
Evil_Sarah: i'm not bullshitting you, now SHUT UP.
rad_rastler: MAN WHAT HAPPENED?
Evil_Sarah: well i said we should drop her off of an overpass where we
Evil_Sarah: i said we could pin a note to her to make it look like suicide
rad_rastler: man why didnt you just tell the cops what happened!
Evil_Sarah: and you BETTER not either. YOU HEAR ME?!!
rad_rastler: man you really should tell the polise
rad_rastler: Police

Evil_Sarah: i told you. no cops.
rad_rastler: dude! so what did you do with the girl??
Evil_Sarah: well like i was saying i was gonna throw her off the
overpass with a note but my buddy karl started flippin out saying we should go to the cop's
Evil_Sarah: just like you were doing just now
rad_rastler: he must be smart you should listen to him
Evil_Sarah: well. now i'm stuck with this little bitch's body here in my basement.
Evil_Sarah: i have it in some of those lawn and leaf bags so it won't stink
Evil_Sarah: hello?
Evil_Sarah: dude are you there
rad_rastler: i dont know what to say to you
Evil_Sarah: MOTHER FUCKER! hang on.
rad_rastler: what happened?
Evil_Sarah: I have to get this guy to calm down.
rad_rastler: who are you talking about.
Evil_Sarah: karl
Evil_Sarah: he keeps trying to scream but I have him gagged
Evil_Sarah: I'm going to have to hit him over the head again with this big rubber mallet so he doesn't scream for help
rad_rastler: What the fuck are you talking about you have your own buddy gagged
Evil_Sarah: and bound with electrical tape so he wont try to run away and tell the cops
rad_rastler: dude you are a sick fuck
Evil_Sarah: hold on i'll brb i need to hit him again.
Evil_Sarah: I wish I had some ether or something so i didn't have to do this.
Evil_Sarah: I keep hitting him in the same spot and it's getting all mushy there.
Evil_Sarah: It's like hitting a wet sponge now.
Evil_Sarah: Know what I'm talking about?
rad_rastler: fuck this im outta here
Evil_Sarah: HEY.
rad_rastler: I'll let you and your buddy work things out
Evil_Sarah: No man. You're in too deep.
Evil_Sarah: You know too much now.
Evil_Sarah: I have to make sure you dont try to tell the cops anything like my buddy karl here
Evil_Sarah: Here. Say hi to him.
Evil_Sarah: Oh wait. I forgot.
Evil_Sarah: I smashed his fingertips with the hammer so he can't dial 911 when im out digging his hole.
rad_rastler: you got problems man i gotta go
Evil_Sarah: Oh no. You can't go. Not yet the party's just starting
Evil_Sarah: hey how's about i let karl voice chat with you for a little while, while i go out back and dig a third hole for you, tough guy?
Evil_Sarah: Come on what do ya say?
Evil_Sarah: A little one-on-one with you and Karl?
Evil_Sarah: You can keep an eye on him make sure he doesn't call for help.
Evil_Sarah: And maybe umm... if you get a chance...
Evil_Sarah: wipe some of this blood spatter off of my Mom's new curio cabinet.
rad_rastler: fuck that im out
rad_rastler: <user has logged off>

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