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fuglydotcom: Eat me.

pillmonkey: only if your realy tasty
fuglydotcom: Your name is Lance?
pillmonkey: yep
fuglydotcom: only fags are named Lance.
pillmonkey: yep
fuglydotcom: yep
fuglydotcom: God hates fags.
pillmonkey: yes he does...such lovely balloons
fuglydotcom: Balloons? What are you talking about?
pillmonkey: godhatesfags.com
fuglydotcom: Hang on... I'm listening to your song.
pillmonkey: ok...our song STD was song of the week at stileproject.com
fuglydotcom: Whoop dee fucking doo.
fuglydotcom: Stile is a fucking idiot and a closet fag like you. Who cares?
pillmonkey: yeah...but what an acomplishment for a bunch of fags
fuglydotcom: You're going to have to tell this all to Martin.
fuglydotcom: This is Sarah, and I hate this crap.
fuglydotcom: Martin likes this kind of shit, but I don't. Send him email at martin@fugly.com
fuglydotcom: I think all fags should die and that AIDS is a *good* thing.
fuglydotcom: He'll be in around 10. He's a fucking drunk so he doesn't get here any earlier than that.
fuglydotcom: Ok.? You getting all of this?
pillmonkey: ok...yep...but not only fags get aids...
fuglydotcom: Yeah, well they should.
fuglydotcom: Are you really gay?
pillmonkey: no...but my name really is Lance
fuglydotcom: How old are you?
pillmonkey: 22
fuglydotcom: Where are you? Where do you live?
pillmonkey: Indiana
fuglydotcom: What time is it there?
pillmonkey: 7:29
pillmonkey: am
fuglydotcom: What the hell are you doing up so early?
fuglydotcom: Don't you know that if you want to be a musician, you have to sleep late?
pillmonkey: just got off work
fuglydotcom: Just got OFF work?
fuglydotcom: What do you do?
fuglydotcom: Does it involve older men and putting a condom on with your mouth?
pillmonkey: I work in a cheese factory...so I can support the band
pillmonkey: no...I cut the cheese all night
fuglydotcom: Wow. How punk rock.
fuglydotcom: How many people are in your queer band?
pillmonkey: 5
fuglydotcom: It takes five people to make this crap?
fuglydotcom: All guys?
pillmonkey: all guys...
fuglydotcom: You like Melissa Ethridge?
pillmonkey: no
fuglydotcom: She's my favorite.
fuglydotcom: Now THAT's music.
pillmonkey: that's sad
pillmonkey: so this is Christmas..
fuglydotcom: What would you call this stuff?
pillmonkey: ummm...crap queers make
fuglydotcom: I mean, it isn't quite country, and it isn't quite r&b...
fuglydotcom: Let's say you really hit it big, and I went to the music store to buy one of your CDs...
fuglydotcom: What section am I supposed to look in?
pillmonkey: probably under Alternative or Industrial
fuglydotcom: They don't have a "Crap made by a bunch of Faggott wanna be Nine Inch Nails" section?
pillmonkey: probably not
fuglydotcom: That makes sense.
fuglydotcom: So...
fuglydotcom: Five people huh?
fuglydotcom: Are you the singer?
pillmonkey: yep
fuglydotcom: Do you do anything else?
pillmonkey: I write some bass, guitar, keyboards, and I'm learning violin
fuglydotcom: You're learning how to play the violin?
pillmonkey: yes
fuglydotcom: Guys who play the Violin are fucking pussys.
pillmonkey: yep
fuglydotcom: What kind of a panty-waste wants to learn the violin?
pillmonkey: one who wants a challenge in learning a musical intrument...
plus it sounds great going through a Boss VF-1
fuglydotcom: Or one that likes to take it in the ass...
fuglydotcom: What do the other guys do?
fuglydotcom: You got what, two guitars, drums and some sythesizer crap?
pillmonkey: gutarist, bassist, drums, keyboards, vocals
fuglydotcom: All good gay bands have keyboards.
pillmonkey: yes I even have a guitar synth...
fuglydotcom: You like the Dixie Chicks?
pillmonkey: nope...I don't like Country Pop
fuglydotcom: How about Annie DiFranco?
fuglydotcom: She's great.
pillmonkey: she's not bad
fuglydotcom: Why are you wearing those black, elbow high gloves in that picture?
pillmonkey: because I like it
fuglydotcom: You know, my ex boyfriend was like you.
fuglydotcom: Mister fucking cool.
fuglydotcom: Mr. I wanna be Trent fucking Reznor.
fuglydotcom: And you know what?
pillmonkey: more like...I wanna be like ogre...trent reznor ripped off his look
fuglydotcom: Yeah, whatever.
pillmonkey: what?
fuglydotcom: He dumped me for some skinny bleach blonde cunt with big tits.
pillmonkey: but fashion doesn't really matter...
fuglydotcom: You know what you should listen to?
pillmonkey: what?
fuglydotcom: KD Lang and Tracy Chapman.
fuglydotcom: Now THAT's good music.
fuglydotcom: None of this heavy metal, I wanna be cool and leave my fucking girlfriend shit.
fuglydotcom: Understand?
pillmonkey: don't care much for them...
pillmonkey: I don't write about leaving gf
fuglydotcom: Yeah, right.
fuglydotcom: Sure you don't.
fuglydotcom: Do you even have a girlfriend?
pillmonkey: read the lyrics..
pillmonkey: yes, we've been together for 3 years
fuglydotcom: I bet she's some little band groupie right?
fuglydotcom: I bet she rips the knees out of her jeans and wears a lot of silver jewelry, right?
fuglydotcom: With tons of fuckign makeup and black eyeliner.
fuglydotcom: What's her name?
pillmonkey: no...she's been with me since before the band...
pillmonkey: my band has only been together for a year and a half...
pillmonkey: she's more into techno funk electronic stuff...she doesn't care for heavy music either.
fuglydotcom: Uh huh... Does she like to go to raves too?
fuglydotcom: Does she take a lot of X?
pillmonkey: No she's got good taste in clothing...has her own little thing going on.
pillmonkey: No she doesn't care for raves...she doesn't do any drugs
fuglydotcom: You know all those raves are are drug orgys, right?
fuglydotcom: Why can't men just be happy with one woman.?
fuglydotcom: I don't get it.
pillmonkey: I'm happy
fuglydotcom: I'm sorry.
fuglydotcom: I'm really emotional because I'm supposed to get my period soon.
pillmonkey: that happens...
fuglydotcom: It's early and I haven't had anything to eat and I have cramps.
pillmonkey: sorry
fuglydotcom: I'm a mess.
pillmonkey: does not eating make it worse
fuglydotcom: You think I'm ugly don't you?
pillmonkey: I don't know what you look like...
fuglydotcom: This is Sarah.
fuglydotcom: http://www.fugly.com/staph/
fuglydotcom: I'm really a very nice person.
pillmonkey: do you work for this site?
fuglydotcom: Yeah.
fuglydotcom: I am the only perosn here who gets here on time too.
fuglydotcom: Nobody appreciates all the hard work I do for this place though.
pillmonkey: what do you do?
fuglydotcom: Just whatever. You know.
fuglydotcom: Mostly babysit Martin's fucking halfwit brother all day.
fuglydotcom: And clean up after him.
pillmonkey: fun
fuglydotcom: They'll be here in about an a half hour.
fuglydotcom: Then ALL hell will break loose.
pillmonkey: we design our site ourselves
fuglydotcom: He'll be screaming and running around like somekind of spoiled two year old.
fuglydotcom: The other day, he shit his pants.
pillmonkey: does he work there to?
fuglydotcom: No, he doesn't work.
fuglydotcom: He owns the place.
fuglydotcom: Can you beleive that?
pillmonkey: nope
pillmonkey: shit his pants?
fuglydotcom: He is supposedly the "founder".
fuglydotcom: What a fucking joke.
fuglydotcom: Yeah, he's got downs syndrome or something.
fuglydotcom: I can't stand him.
pillmonkey: kind of like a monkey
fuglydotcom: I think Martin tells everyone that His retard brother is the owner so none of the bill collectors will bother him.
pillmonkey: hehe...works
fuglydotcom: Martin gets here whenever he fucking feels like it, and he's DRUNK half the time.
fuglydotcom: I hate it here.
pillmonkey: then why do you do it
fuglydotcom: I might quit soon.
fuglydotcom: But I'm really not good with people and it took me a long time to find a job.
fuglydotcom: God. I'm crying. My cramps hurt soooooo bad.
fuglydotcom: It feels like someone is poking around n my ovaries with a screwdriver.
pillmonkey: not good
fuglydotcom: Did you look at my picture?
pillmonkey: yep
fuglydotcom: Well I guess that answers my question then.
pillmonkey: do you ever read johnen vasquez comix
fuglydotcom: No, why?
pillmonkey: have you ever read filler bunny?
fuglydotcom: No.
fuglydotcom: You think I'm fat, don't you?
fuglydotcom: Well I'm not.
pillmonkey: oh...well you remind of one of the people on the back of his filler bunny comix
saying...buy this book.
fuglydotcom: I'm very muscular.
pillmonkey: I don't think your fat...you didn't have a fat head or anything...
it's just think the pic was a little to close up
fuglydotcom: I'm a great cook.
fuglydotcom: You'd be lucky to find a girl like me.
pillmonkey: my gf is a great cook
fuglydotcom: Do you think I'm pretty?
pillmonkey: I don't find you attractive but you're not ugly
fuglydotcom: What?
fuglydotcom: Fuck you.
fuglydotcom: You faggott.
fuglydotcom: I AM pretty and guys find me VERY attractive.
fuglydotcom: When I go out, I could fuck ANY guy I want.
pillmonkey: Just being honest...but the pic was taken so close up...it stretches out your face...
pillmonkey: I don't know if that was meant to be like that or not
fuglydotcom: Just because I choose not to have sex doesn't mean that I'm ugly OR a Lesbian.
fuglydotcom: Got it?
fuglydotcom: If you saw me in person, you'd be telling me how bad you want to fuck me.
fuglydotcom: Unless you really ARE a fag.
pillmonkey: I don't care...I didn't mean anything bad about...you just don't look my type
fuglydotcom: I hate you.
fuglydotcom: I bet you'd really cheat on your little skinny groupie bitch girlfriend with me if you could.
fuglydotcom: Wouldn't you?
pillmonkey: nope
fuglydotcom: Yes you would.
pillmonkey: i'm not like that
fuglydotcom: Say it.
pillmonkey: nope
fuglydotcom: SAY IT!
fuglydotcom: I'm sorry.
fuglydotcom: I didn't mean to shout.
fuglydotcom: I just really like you, that's all.
fuglydotcom: Do you want me to talk dirty to you?
fuglydotcom: Come on, I'm not going to tell your girlfriend.
pillmonkey: I don't care if you were the hottest chick around...I still wouldn't cheat on my gf
fuglydotcom: Don't fucking patronize me, you ASSHOLE.
fuglydotcom: If you think I'm fat and ugly then just SAY IT!
fuglydotcom: Don't sit there and tell me that there is nothing wrong with me but that you just personally aren't attracted to me.
fuglydotcom: You're a phoney little bitch!!
fuglydotcom: I HATE YOU!!
pillmonkey: I'm not...I don't think your fat and ugly...
pillmonkey: you don't look like a freak of nature or anything...
pillmonkey: just not some one I would like twice at...
fuglydotcom: I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE!!
pillmonkey: I will...sometime...
pillmonkey: you seem pretty insecure
fuglydotcom: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fuglydotcom: DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pillmonkey: not much of a chance of that happening...unless it's my own
fuglydotcom: HKGBH HHJJH HKLU)( "
pillmonkey: hmmmm
fuglydotcom: I'm sorry.
fuglydotcom: I'm sorry.
fuglydotcom: Are you mad at me?
pillmonkey: have you ever been to psychoexgirlfriends.com
fuglydotcom: No.
pillmonkey: no you don't bother me
pillmonkey: check it out...
fuglydotcom: I'm just really emotional because I'm going to get my period soon.
fuglydotcom: You're a nice boy.
fuglydotcom: You're really sweet.
pillmonkey: hehe...you sound like this chic on there...
pillmonkey: she kept threatening this guy...
pillmonkey: and then she would call back later and say how sorry she was
fuglydotcom: I wish I was in my bed right now.
fuglydotcom: I need you to come over and spoon me.
fuglydotcom: Hey, can I add you to my buddy list?
pillmonkey: if you want
fuglydotcom: I get in here every morning hours before anyone else does.
fuglydotcom: We can talk EVERY morning.
pillmonkey: om
fuglydotcom: I'd really like that.
pillmonkey: ok
fuglydotcom: Ok?
fuglydotcom: What time do you get home from work?
pillmonkey: 6:30
fuglydotcom: ok, so you can be home by 6:45,
fuglydotcom: and we can talk from 6:45 until 10 am when Martin get here.
fuglydotcom: My desk backs up to the wall so no one can see me so we can talk ALL day too.
fuglydotcom: Yippeee!!
fuglydotcom: I'm so happy now!
fuglydotcom: I'm so glad we met.
pillmonkey: ok
fuglydotcom: You're my new boyfriend.
fuglydotcom: We can talk *EVERY* morning, right?
pillmonkey: sure
fuglydotcom: Say it.
fuglydotcom: Promise me you'll talk to me EVERY DAY!
pillmonkey: if I'm here...and online
fuglydotcom: ANSWER ME!
fuglydotcom: I AHTE YOU!
fuglydotcom: Hello?
fuglydotcom: Are you there?
fuglydotcom: I'm sorry.
fuglydotcom: I still reeeeallly like you, ok?
fuglydotcom: I have to go to work now. I'll talk to you tomorrow, ok?
fuglydotcom: bright and early.
fuglydotcom: Hello?
fuglydotcom: Are you still there?
pillmonkey: <<user pillmonkey has logged out>>

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