Laura Larouche CPA

mikewilliams27: Hi
mikewilliams27: My name is Mike
mikewilliams27: Whats your name?
lauralarouchecpa: Hi.
lauralarouchecpa: Do I know you?

mikewilliams27: What?
lauralarouchecpa: Do I know you? Why are you writing to me?
mikewilliams27: my name is Mike.
lauralarouchecpa: yeah. Hi Mike.
lauralarouchecpa: How did you get my address?

mikewilliams27: I got it off of the internet.
mikewilliams27: Do you want to talk to me?
lauralarouchecpa: About what
mikewilliams27: I don't know.
mikewilliams27:What do you want to talk about.
mikewilliams27: How old are you?
lauralarouchecpa: Don't you know you're not supposed to ask a lady her age?
mikewilliams27: Oh. I'm sorry.
mikewilliams27: I'm 27.
lauralarouchecpa: You're a little young for me, honey.
mikewilliams27: Don't you like younger guys?
lauralarouchecpa: lol. Not that young!
mikewilliams27: Come on. You look like you're 35 at the most.
lauralarouchecpa: Why thank you darlin.
mikewilliams27: You're welcome.
mikewilliams27: I think you're really pretty.
mikewilliams27: I would love to take you out on a date.
lauralarouchecpa: Really? Where would you take me?
mikewilliams27: We could go over my friend Harlan's house and watch XFL
lauralarouchecpa: gross
mikewilliams27: No. I'm just kidding.
mikewilliams27: I don't know. I'd have to get to know you better to find out what you like.
mikewilliams27: Is your last name Larouchecpa?
mikewilliams27: Is that French?
lauralarouchecpa: No, it's Larouche. CPA means I'm a CPA.
mikewilliams27: What's a CPA?
lauralarouchecpa: Certified public Accountant.
mikewilliams27: My dad is an accountant too.
lauralarouchecpa: really?
mikewilliams27: Uh huh.
mikewilliams27: Can you help me with my taxes?
lauralarouchecpa: why don't you get your dad to help you?
mikewilliams27: we don't get along very well.
lauralarouchecpa: I'm sorry to hear that.
lauralarouchecpa: Well it's pretty late. I'm going to be going to bed soon
mikewilliams27: let's talk about that.
lauralarouchecpa: I don't think so.
mikewilliams27: No. I don't want to have cyber sex or anything
mikewilliams27: But it's something to break the ice.
mikewilliams27: You can learn a lot about a person by just talking about normal stuff.
mikewilliams27: Know what I mean?
lauralarouchecpa: lol. Ok.
lauralarouchecpa: You want to talk about me going to bed?

mikewilliams27: Yeah
mikewilliams27: What do you normally do to get ready?
lauralarouchecpa: lol. you're silly
mikewilliams27: Come on. I'll tell you too.
lauralarouchecpa: Well, I get undressed and wash my face and brush my teeth and get into my bed.
mikewilliams27: How often do you brush your teeth?
lauralarouchecpa: What?
lauralarouchecpa: Every night, silly lol

mikewilliams27: Do you use cold water?
lauralarouchecpa: yes don't' you?
mikewilliams27: No. The cold water makes my tooth hurt so bad I can't stand it.
lauralarouchecpa: Maybe you have a cavity.
mikewilliams27: What?
lauralarouchecpa: A cavity. When was the last time you saw a dentist?
mikewilliams27: I've never seen a dentist.
lauralarouchecpa: You're 27 years old and you've never seen a dentist?
mikewilliams27: No. I don't' want to talk about that ok?
lauralarouchecpa: ok
mikewilliams27: My Dad was a dentist and he used to beat me up.
lauralarouchecpa: I'm sorry.
lauralarouchecpa: I thought you said your father was an accountant.

mikewilliams27: I told you I didn't want to talk about it, allright?
lauralarouchecpa: ok.
mikewilliams27: he used to tell me the same thing about the cold water.
mikewilliams27: he told me that the water wasn't hurting my tooth, it was the cavity.
mikewilliams27: And that's why my breath stinks so bad too.
lauralarouchecpa: hmmmm right.
mikewilliams27: What do you usually wear?
lauralarouchecpa: what?
mikewilliams27: To bed. What do you usually wear to bed?
lauralarouchecpa: Sweatpants and a t-shirt.
mikewilliams27: I sleep in the nude.
lauralarouchecpa: I knew you were going to say that.
lauralarouchecpa: We're not going to have cyber sex, Mike.

mikewilliams27: No. I don't do it because I want to. I have a medical condition.
lauralarouchecpa: Oh?
mikewilliams27: yeah. I can't wear anything to bed.
mikewilliams27: Otherwise when I wake up..
lauralarouchecpa: yeah?
mikewilliams27: The clothes won't come off.
mikewilliams27: cause they'll be stuck to me.
mikewilliams27: Well. Not to me really but to the sores.
lauralarouchecpa: The sores.
mikewilliams27: yeah. It's only temporary. It will be gone soon I think.
lauralarouchecpa: Were you in an accident?
mikewilliams27: No. Why?
lauralarouchecpa: How did you get the sores?
mikewilliams27: They just come and go.
mikewilliams27: They're here now.
mikewilliams27: They've been here for about 6 months now.
lauralarouchecpa: Nice.
mikewilliams27: Umm hmmm.
mikewilliams27: Hello?
mikewilliams27: Are you still there?
lauralarouchecpa: Maybe you should see a doctor.
mikewilliams27: No thanks.
mikewilliams27: My dad was a doctor.
mikewilliams27: Hello?
mikewilliams27: Are you still there?
lauralarouchecpa: yah
mikewilliams27: I'm starting to get horney.
mikewilliams27: What about you?
lauralarouchecpa: not really.
mikewilliams27: Want me to come get in bed with you?
lauralarouchecpa: no.
mikewilliams27: What kind of sheets do you have?
mikewilliams27: Because I can only sleep on plastic sheets.
mikewilliams27: And we'll have to rub butter on them or spray them with Pam so I don't stick.
mikewilliams27: It feels funny at first but you'll get used to it.
lauralarouchecpa: I don't think so.
lauralarouchecpa: Good bye. I mean it. Leave me alone.

mikewilliams27: You're saying no, but I know you really mean yes.
mikewilliams27: You like to play hard to get don't you.
mikewilliams27: Come on me. Let's cuddle.
mikewilliams27: Want me to spoon you?
mikewilliams27: That way you won't smell my tooth.
mikewilliams27: Cause I'll just breathe into the pillow or into your hair.
lauralarouchecpa: <<has logged out>>

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