Jenniferuk: hi there
cheesedog: hello
Jenniferuk: asl?
cheesedog: 24/male/MD
Jenniferuk: whats md?
cheesedog: Maryland
cheesedog: USA
Jenniferuk: oh ok
Jenniferuk: so you wanna chat with me?
cheesedog: sure. whats on your mind?
Jenniferuk: your cock
cheesedog: Allright!! Now your talking!!!
cheesedog: Do you like the way it feels inside you?
cheesedog: Wanna taste my cum?
cheesedog: ooooo that feels good...
Jenniferuk: slow down
cheesedog: Why?
Jenniferuk: I dont even know what you look like
cheesedog: well, I'm 6'3" about 220 pounds of solid muscle. I have long dark flowing hair.
Jenniferuk: vn
cheesedog: vn?
Jenniferuk: very nice
cheesedog: oh yes I am. Oh shit, I looked at my body again. I'm starting to get horny.
Jenniferuk: o0o0o0o0o show me how horny you are
cheesedog: I wanna grip your sides and take you from behind
cheesedog: then i want to slowly eeeeeeeze my manhood inside you
Jenniferuk: oh yesssss
cheesedog: I start pumping slowly then faster. Slow then fast...uh oh
cheesedog: I'm Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggg
Jenniferuk: what?
Jenniferuk: already?
Jenniferuk: are you there?
cheesedog: oh that was great babe
Jenniferuk: dont tell me your finished this soon
cheesedog: hold on a second
cheesedog: i'm ready
cheesedog: I slowly move my mouth towards your goo box
cheesedog: I gently place my finger inside of you.
Jenniferuk: o0o i like that
cheesedog: I slowly move it back and forth until I feel you get really wet.
cheesedog: I move it to my mouth so I can taste you... hold it
cheesedog: cummmmmmmmmmmmminnnnnggggggg
Jenniferuk: Christ!!!! Again????
Jenniferuk: are you serious?
Jenniferuk: is this some kind of joke
cheesedog: awwww that was great babe
Jenniferuk: I think i'm going to leave now
cheesedog: WAIT! I'm not finished!
Jenniferuk: yes i think you are
cheesedog: please Jennifer, let me make you feel good
cheesedog: please?
Jenniferuk: ok go on
cheesedog: I start to tickle your ass with my tounge
cheesedog: I can feel your loins moisten as I...
cheesedog: cummmmmmmmiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggg
Jenniferuk: Fuck you
cheesedog: yes say it again
Jenniferuk: Fuck you asshole
cheesedog: cummmmmmmmmminnnggggggg
Jenniferuk: i hate stupid blokes like you who dont know who to please a woman
Jenniferuk: you arent cummin your just being a dickhead
cheesedog: no hun. I really am. My keyboard is all sticky right now.
Jenniferuk: your full of shit
cheesedog: please hun. Just one more time. I'll let you type this time.
Jenniferuk: do you think you can restrain yourself?
cheesedog: Yes. Please continue. I really want you.
Jenniferuk: ok. I slowly move my hands down the front of your pants.
Jenniferuk: I feel your cock start to stiffen as my fingers touch the head.
cheesedog: Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiinnnngggggggggg
cheesedog: I'm so sorry. This is the first time this has ever happened to me.
cheesedog: please answer me.
cheesedog: I want to marry you.
cheesedog: r u there?
Jenniferuk: <<User Has Logged Out>>

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