johnnycheesedog: I'm having some trouble in here and no one seems to want to help me.
HeDied4Uand4Me: what do you mean ?
johnnycheesedog: I came here to this Christian Chat room for help.
johnnycheesedog: I thought someone in here might be able to tell me about Jesus and Forgiveness.
johnnycheesedog: are you religious?
HeDied4Uand4Me: not really
johnnycheesedog: ok then. If you're not, can you point me in the direction of someone who might?
HeDied4Uand4Me: who might what
johnnycheesedog: who might be reliious and know about Jesus and stuff.
HeDied4Uand4Me: I know a little
johnnycheesedog: Do you know anything about Jesus?
HeDied4Uand4Me: yes
johnnycheesedog: Can you help me with a problem. No one else here seems to care
HeDied4Uand4Me: I could try
johnnycheesedog: You see, I have these nasty urges.
johnnycheesedog: I can't seem to stop them.
johnnycheesedog: I've tried therapy and everything else, but nothing seems to work.
johnnycheesedog: I thought that this chat room might help me.
HeDied4Uand4Me: ok go on
johnnycheesedog: I have these "Feelings" that I can't get rid of.
johnnycheesedog: I need to find some way to release them in a productive way.
johnnycheesedog: Its so embarrassing talking about this. Forgive me if I have trouble
HeDied4Uand4Me: ok
johnnycheesedog: I have this thing for little boys. It's driving me crazy.
johnnycheesedog: I know I shouldn't feel like this, but I can't help it.
johnnycheesedog: I wanted to know if the Church could help me.
johnnycheesedog: Hello?
johnnycheesedog: Are you still there?
johnnycheesedog: Did I scare you away?
HeDied4Uand4Me: no I just dont know what to say
johnnycheesedog: Please say you can help me. Do you go to church?
HeDied4Uand4Me: yes
HeDied4Uand4Me: but I dont know if I can help you
johnnycheesedog: Please! I roam the streets at night and pay young men and boys to...
HeDied4Uand4Me: to what?
johnnycheesedog: to let me smell their underpants.
johnnycheesedog: I PAY THEM, do you understand me?
johnnycheesedog: I can't believe I do this
HeDied4Uand4Me: neither can I to be honest
johnnycheesedog: Can Jesus help me with my problem?
HeDied4Uand4Me: he can help you with *any* problem
johnnycheesedog: How often do you go to church?
HeDied4Uand4Me: weekly
johnnycheesedog: Does your church have a choir?
johnnycheesedog: Can they help me?
HeDied4Uand4Me: yes
HeDied4Uand4Me: I am sorry but i don't know
HeDied4Uand4Me: All I can tell you is to pray.
johnnycheesedog: I have been praying, but my church doesn't have a choir.
HeDied4Uand4Me: what does that have to do with it?
johnnycheesedog: You don't understand.
johnnycheesedog: I REALLY don't want to have to pay these people anymore.
johnnycheesedog: I mean, all they're doing is letting me smell their dirty underwear.
HeDied4Uand4Me: then dont
johnnycheesedog: Thats the whole problem though!
johnnycheesedog: I'm running out of money and I need to find boys who will let me do it for free.
johnnycheesedog: I was thinking if your church had a choir...
johnnycheesedog: you could give a few of the boys in the choir my number...
johnnycheesedog: and they could give me a call when they got lonely.
HeDied4Uand4Me: You are sick! Get help! Leave little boys alone!
johnnycheesedog: Awww c'mon. Don't you find them attractive?
johnnycheesedog: Not even a little bit?
HeDied4Uand4Me: You disgust me. You're going straight to hell.
johnnycheesedog: Are there little boys in your choir who look particularly dirty?
HeDied4Uand4Me: GET LOST!!
johnnycheesedog: Because I might be able to just join the choir and smell the underpants while I sing.
johnnycheesedog: I could save a fortune.
HeDied4Uand4Me: you think that is funny?
johnnycheesedog: Do you know anybody who would be willing to just SELL me their underwear?
HeDied4Uand4Me: your going to burn in hell.
johnnycheesedog: Does your church have a men's softball team or something that I can join?
HeDied4Uand4Me: you r a disgusting pig
johnnycheesedog: Because if I was, let's say ...the catcher?
johnnycheesedog: I could be right down there near the groin area.
johnnycheesedog: Can I borrow 15 bucks?
HeDied4Uand4Me: FUCK OFF!!!!
johnnycheesedog: HELP ME PLEASE!
johnnycheesedog: I'm begging you!!

johnnycheesedog: Ok.
johnnycheesedog: I'm sorry.
johnnycheesedog: What are you wearing right now?
HeDied4Uand4Me: <<has logged out>>

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