Gorthorare: Helo
cheesedog: hey there
Gorthorare: sex?
cheesedog: OK! Sure!

Gorthorare: no
cheesedog: What?
cheesedog: Why not?
Gorthorare: you girl?
cheesedog: Oh, I see.
cheesedog: Ummmm.. yeah, sure
Gorthorare: you want me?
cheesedog: Do I want you?
cheesedog: That depends. What do you look like?
Gorthorare: i asain. good looking
cheesedog: Are you packing?
Gorthorare: packing???
cheesedog: Yeah. You got a big dick?
Gorthorare: dick very big
cheesedog: I don't believe you.
cheesedog: Japs don't have big dicks.
Gorthorare: I not japan. I Chinese
cheesedog: So, Chinks have big cocks huh?
Gorthorare: I do
Gorthorare: it big
cheesedog: Hmmmm.. .Well, ok then
cheesedog: Your fucking head is certainly big enough.
cheesedog: Got a nude pic of yourself?
Gorthorare: what is pic?
cheesedog: A picture.
Gorthorare: Yes I have picture
cheesedog: Let's see it, big guy
cheesedog: Are you there?
cheesedog: HEY Bruce Lee!
cheesedog: ARE YOU THERE?
Gorthorare: i looking
cheesedog: You don't speak English very well, do you?
Gorthorare: I speak good Englis
cheesedog: Well you could have fooled me.
Gorthorare: it take time
cheesedog: So does wiping my ass...
cheesedog: But I need it done by next Sunday.
Gorthorare: haheha
cheesedog: How about that picture, Jackie Chan?
cheesedog: hello?
cheesedog: Wake up you slant-eyed fuck!
Gorthorare: yes i will fuck
cheesedog: You don't have any idea what the fuck I'm saying to you, do you?
cheesedog: You're using an English to Chinese translator aren't you?
Gorthorare: I know some word
cheesedog: Great, then I can call you a cock-blowing son of a shit-bag, and you won't understand a fucking bit of it.
cheesedog: Right?
cheesedog: Isn't that right, you zipperhead motherfucker?
Gorthorare: what zipperhead?
cheesedog: Its another word for sexy.
cheesedog: I'm gonna call you that from now on you dusty sack-licking jackhole.
Gorthorare: I no understand
cheesedog: Ok, lets get to the sex you zipperheaded, bucktoothed, chink.
Gorthorare: i want sex you
cheesedog: Sure. But first I want to try something.
cheesedog: I only have rough sex.
cheesedog: Ok, zipperhead?
cheesedog: Are you ok with that?
cheesedog: Zipperhead?
Gorthorare: I like hurt sex
cheesedog: Good, let's get it on.
cheesedog: First I whip out the dental floss.
cheesedog: *Blindfolding you with it*
cheesedog: You got a brick handy?
Gorthorare: I have cock
cheesedog: Not a cock, dickhole. A brick.
Gorthorare: what brick?
cheesedog: Jesus.
cheesedog: Are you this stupid in person?
Gorthorare: oooo want you suck it.
cheesedog: *Whips out a vacuum.*
Gorthorare: oooo mmmm sucky
cheesedog: *Smashes brick on the side of your face.*
cheesedog: *Leaves huge, red scuff-mark on yellow forehead.*
cheesedog: *Kicks you in the nuts...*
Gorthorare: oooo blow head
cheesedog: Shut up.
cheesedog: You can't talk.
cheesedog: I just bashed you in the head with a brick.
Gorthorare: goddby
cheesedog: There's blood all over the place and your...
cheesedog: Goodby?
cheesedog: Are you finished already?
cheesedog: Come on. This is really turning me on.
cheesedog: Did I say something to offend you?
cheesedog: Hello?
Gorthorare: <User Has Logged Out>

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