evil_sarah_bitch: Hi there.
evil_sarah_bitch: Do you know anything about Voodoo?
godisdeadtome: what?
evil_sarah_bitch: Voodoo.
evil_sarah_bitch: Know anything about it?
godisdeadtome: a little, but no offense, i'm in no mood 2 talk
godisdeadtome: sorry
evil_sarah_bitch: But you've got to help me.
evil_sarah_bitch: I've been searching for an hour for someone who can help me.
evil_sarah_bitch: Please?
evil_sarah_bitch: Pritty pleae with sugar on top?
godisdeadtome: sorry 2 disappoint u
godisdeadtome: but i'm busy
evil_sarah_bitch: This is an emergency.
evil_sarah_bitch: if you can't help me, please tell me someone who can.
godisdeadtome: look, i cant help u okay!.
godisdeadtome: I cant even help myself at moment
evil_sarah_bitch: I'll make a deal with you.
evil_sarah_bitch: You help me and I'll help you.
godisdeadtome: how can u help me?
evil_sarah_bitch: Whats your problem?
godisdeadtome: hmmmm....cant narrow it down that easly
godisdeadtome: *easily
evil_sarah_bitch: Give it your best shot.
godisdeadtome: i just don't wanna live anymore, okay!
evil_sarah_bitch: That's it?
evil_sarah_bitch: I can help you.
evil_sarah_bitch: What are you doing about it?
godisdeadtome: about what?
evil_sarah_bitch: About getting rid of your problem.
godisdeadtome: thinking of different ways to end it
evil_sarah_bitch: Have you thought about the rope method?
godisdeadtome: rope method?
godisdeadtome: hanging myself?
evil_sarah_bitch: No. Tie a rope to your penis and tie the other end of the rope to your bedpost..
evil_sarah_bitch: Then jump out of your window
godisdeadtome: very funny i dont think that will work
godisdeadtome: goodbye
evil_sarah_bitch: Wait! I've got an even better idea.
evil_sarah_bitch: You could make some money at the same time.
godisdeadtome: ?
evil_sarah_bitch: Check this out
evil_sarah_bitch: Hug a tree, and chain yourself to it.
godisdeadtome: and?
evil_sarah_bitch: Then sell tickets to people for five bucks a piece.
godisdeadtome: who would pay to see me die being chained to a tree?
evil_sarah_bitch: No dude. You don't get it.
evil_sarah_bitch: The tickets aren't for people to watch you die.
godisdeadtome: i don't get it
evil_sarah_bitch: The tickets you sell are for people to kick you in the ass...
evil_sarah_bitch: ...for being such a whiney little bitch.
godisdeadtome: piss off
evil_sarah_bitch: Each person that pays five bucks, gets to kick you in the ass.
evil_sarah_bitch: Twice.
evil_sarah_bitch: And they just keep kicking you in the ass until you die.
evil_sarah_bitch: That way, you get to die...
evil_sarah_bitch: And you can at least pay for the funeral with kicks to your worthless ass... evil_sarah_bitch: ..instead of continuing to be an embarrassment to your family.
godisdeadtome: suck my dick you cocksucker whore!
evil_sarah_bitch: Hey listen, i'm just trying to help.
evil_sarah_bitch: There's no need to get nasty about it.
godisdeadtome: you're not helping. you're being a bitch
evil_sarah_bitch: I just wanted to help see you off in a unique way.
evil_sarah_bitch: Since you're such a unique individual.
evil_sarah_bitch: Just like the multitudes of other pussies that look JUST like you.
evil_sarah_bitch: Whats wrong with that?
evil_sarah_bitch: Hello?
evil_sarah_bitch: Can I buy a ticket for 5 bucks?
godisdeadtome: you know what. I changed my mind. I don't need your help.
evil_sarah_bitch: So you don't wanna die anymore?
godisdeadtome: no
evil_sarah_bitch: C'mon man!
evil_sarah_bitch: Snap out of it!
evil_sarah_bitch: You know you're not cut out for this world.
evil_sarah_bitch: Where's that "I wanna die" spirit
evil_sarah_bitch: huh?
godisdeadtome: Up yours
evil_sarah_bitch: I'll help you get back in the mood...
evil_sarah_bitch: No one likes you.
evil_sarah_bitch: Your fucking ugly.
evil_sarah_bitch: Girls think your gay...
evil_sarah_bitch: You'll be a virgin until you're 40.
godisdeadtome: yeah like your so beautiful you fucking cunt
evil_sarah_bitch: And then you'll have to pay for it.
evil_sarah_bitch: You've got a little dick. It's pathetic.
evil_sarah_bitch: You're scared to take showers after gym class.
evil_sarah_bitch: You'll do anythng to get attention.
evil_sarah_bitch: You're never gonna amount to anything.
evil_sarah_bitch: Ready to die yet?
evil_sarah_bitch: C'mon. Let's talk business.
evil_sarah_bitch: Can I have your stereo when you're dead?
godisdeadtome: PISS OFFF!!!!!!
evil_sarah_bitch: I bet you have a ton of The Cure records..
evil_sarah_bitch: Got any Bauhaus, or Morrisey?
evil_sarah_bitch: How about the Cocteau Twins?
godisdeadtome: <User Has Logged Out>

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