mikewilliams27: Hey, can you help me.
doctordannny: Hi.
mikewilliams27: I really need your help.
doctordannny: What's the matter.
mikewilliams27: Are you a doctor?
doctordannny: I'm an OBGYN.
mikewilliams27: What the hell is that?
doctordannny: It's a baby doctor.
mikewilliams27: Oh.
mikewilliams27: Ok. You'll do.
mikewilliams27: I swallowed a fishhook.
doctordannny: omg! call 911.
mikewilliams27: I can't.
mikewilliams27: Can't you just help me get it out?
mikewilliams27: There's still some fishing line attached to it.
doctordannny: Aren't you in pain?
mikewilliams27: Nahh. Not really.
doctordannny: There's nothing I can do for you from here.
doctordannny: How did it happen?
mikewilliams27: I don't know. I was just playing around.
mikewilliams27: I was waiting for something to download.
mikewilliams27: I was leaning back and dangling the hook into my mouth.
doctordannny: Why?
mikewilliams27: It got caught in my throat and I just figured I would swallow it.
doctordannny: Well I strongly advise you to call a doctor.
doctordannny: Is it a large hook?
mikewilliams27: It's one of those three-pronged ones.
mikewilliams27: I use it to snag frogs.
doctordannny: How big is it?
mikewilliams27: I don't know. It's about as big as a matchbox car I guess.
mikewilliams27: I have an idea.
doctordannny: Go to the hospital.
mikewilliams27: It's pretty late.
mikewilliams27: Hospitals are probably closed by now.
mikewilliams27: I'm going to just yank it out with the string.
doctordannny: No!
mikewilliams27: What?
doctordannny: Don't do that!
mikewilliams27: Why not?
doctordannny: If you pull it out, you're liable to cut your throat or get it lodged further.
mikewilliams27: Oh. Yeah.
mikewilliams27: I guess you're right.
mikewilliams27: How about if I drink some milk first.
mikewilliams27: Hold on a second.
doctordannny: ok

mikewilliams27: I'm back.
mikewilliams27: Are you still there?
doctordannny: I'm here.
mikewilliams27: Ok. I'm going to pull it out now.
doctordannny: Mike, don't do that.
doctordannny: Think about what will happen.
doctordannny: What happens when a fish swallows it?
doctordannny: Can you just pull it out?
mikewilliams27: uh oh.
doctordannny: Mike?
doctordannny: Are you ok?
mikewilliams27: Oh man. I shouldn't have done that
doctordannny: What did you do? Are you ok?
mikewilliams27: oh my god.
doctordannny: Mike?
mikewilliams27: oh my god there's so much blood
doctordannny: Mike call 911 right now.
doctordannny: Call 911 immediately.
mikewilliams27: I cant
doctordannny: This isn't funny. You could be seriously hurt.
mikewilliams27: I'm still downloading something.
doctordannny: What? Mike, hang up the phone and call 911 right now.
mikewilliams27: Oh geeze
mikewilliams27: I just coughed and a whole bunch of blood came out.
mikewilliams27: it sprayed all over my mom's computer screen
doctordannny: Mike, hang up the phone and call 911 right now.
doctordannny: Is anyone there with you?
mikewilliams27: No my Mom's at bingo.
mikewilliams27: I have to clean this off.
mikewilliams27: hang on a second.
doctordannny: k

doctordannny: Mike?
doctordannny: Mike are you ok?
doctordannny: Give me your address and I will call 911 for you.
doctordannny: Hello? Mike?
mikewilliams27: heh
doctordannny: Give me your address and I will call 911 for you.
mikewilliams27: i'm so tired
doctordannny: Give me your telephone number.
mikewilliams27: i'm on the computer so it will be busy
doctordannny: Listen to me. Hang up the phone.
mikewilliams27: but im still downloading something
doctordannny: It doesn't matter. If you are coughing blood you need to get medical attention right now!
doctordannny: Hello?
mikewilliams27: ok
mikewilliams27: I think I'm going to go rest now.
doctordannny: Mike give me your number and I will call 911 for you.
mikewilliams27: im so tired.
doctordannny: Mike give me your phone number.
doctordannny: Hello?
mikewilliams27: 275
doctordannny: 275 what?
doctordannny: Mike what is the rest?
doctordannny: Hello?
doctordannny: What's the rest of your phone number?

mikewilliams27: 275 4277
doctordannny: What is the area code?
doctordannny: Mike, what state do you live in?
doctordannny: Mike?
mikewilliams27: 1800
doctordannny: 1800, is that your address?
doctordannny: Mike.
mikewilliams27: no. phone
doctordannny: 800-275-4277 ?
doctordannny: Mike, is that your phone number?
doctordannny: Mike , answer me.
mikewilliams27: yeh
doctordannny: Mike I just called 911.
doctordannny: They should be able to find your house from that phone number.
doctordannny: Hello?
doctordannny: Mike I'm going to try and call you ok?

doctordannny: You fucking asshole.
doctordannny: Is that some kind of a joke?
doctordannny: I just called 911 and gave that number to them.
doctordannny: ANSWER ME!
doctordannny: JACKASS.
doctordannny: ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
doctordannny: <<has logged out>>

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