deerhunter992001: hello
evil_sarah_bitch: You hunt deer?
evil_sarah_bitch: That's awful.
deerhunter992001: no white tail
evil_sarah_bitch: White tail what?
evil_sarah_bitch: White chicks?
deerhunter992001: yes
deerhunter992001: is that ok
evil_sarah_bitch: You only like white girls? Is that what you're saying?
evil_sarah_bitch: You're not making any sense.
deerhunter992001: no i like them all but i am partical to white
evil_sarah_bitch: Yeah, but I asked you if you were a deer hunter.

evil_sarah_bitch: Is English your first language?
deerhunter992001: no i dont hunt deer
evil_sarah_bitch: You don't?
deerhunter992001: no
evil_sarah_bitch: So your screen name is a euphemism for chasing chicks?
evil_sarah_bitch: That's very clever.
deerhunter992001: i know it is a saying me and my old man have
evil_sarah_bitch: Oh, I see.
evil_sarah_bitch: You and your father hunt deer together.
evil_sarah_bitch: How old is he?
deerhunter992001: 47
evil_sarah_bitch: I like older men.
evil_sarah_bitch: I'll bet he has a way with women, doesn't he?
deerhunter992001: if he is anything like me i am sure he does
evil_sarah_bitch: Really?
evil_sarah_bitch: Have you ever seen him in action?
deerhunter992001: well I do believe penis size is genitics right
evil_sarah_bitch: Are you saying your dad is hung well?
deerhunter992001: i don't really know i do know that i am though
evil_sarah_bitch: You're hung well?
deerhunter992001: yes i am
evil_sarah_bitch: What about your dad?
deerhunter992001: i don't know is it genitics
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm sure it is.
deerhunter992001: then i am sure he is too then
evil_sarah_bitch: Where are you from?
deerhunter992001: Texas
evil_sarah_bitch: Really?
deerhunter992001: yes why
evil_sarah_bitch: No reason.
deerhunter992001: would you believe me if i were to tell you i am 8 inches soft
evil_sarah_bitch: Sure.
evil_sarah_bitch: Do you lie a lot?
deerhunter992001: and closer to 10 hard and thick
deerhunter992001: not at all hate liers
evil_sarah_bitch: That's interesting.
deerhunter992001: what is interesting
evil_sarah_bitch: That you're 10 inches hard and hate liars.
evil_sarah_bitch: What did you think I meant?
deerhunter992001: don't know
deerhunter992001: want a pic
evil_sarah_bitch: Sure. Would you consider a threesome?
deerhunter992001: sent
deerhunter992001: threesome ???what 3
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm figuring, 10 inches on you, and another 10 on your dad.
evil_sarah_bitch: That makes 20 inches of hardcore redneck cock.
evil_sarah_bitch: Come on. I'll make it worth your while.
deerhunter992001: ok sent
evil_sarah_bitch: I got the pic. [PIC]
evil_sarah_bitch: Wow.
deerhunter992001: the other one?
evil_sarah_bitch: Yeah.
evil_sarah_bitch: Nice hat, cowboy.
evil_sarah_bitch: You can leave that on, ok?
deerhunter992001: yes
evil_sarah_bitch: While we do it.
deerhunter992001: now i guess you would like to see it hard
deerhunter992001: Dont matter youre gonna see it in person soon enough
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm gonna see it in person soon?
deerhunter992001: yes u are....sent
evil_sarah_bitch: Ok. Let me know when you and your dad are available.
evil_sarah_bitch: And I'll get my Mom and we can all have a big orgy.
evil_sarah_bitch: Doesn't that sound like fun?
evil_sarah_bitch: My Mom sure is one horny broad.
evil_sarah_bitch: Hello?
evil_sarah_bitch: Are you still there?
deerhunter992001: we can just both take you
evil_sarah_bitch: Yeah. That's what I'm trying to tell you.
evil_sarah_bitch: You and your Dad can both fuck me with your huge dicks.
evil_sarah_bitch: Are you into that?
deerhunter992001: yes do u suck cock
evil_sarah_bitch: I haven't had a lot of experience yet, but i'll try.
evil_sarah_bitch: Do you wand me to try that on you?
deerhunter992001: yes
evil_sarah_bitch: Maybe I should practice first.
deerhunter992001: as much as you can
deerhunter992001: do u have big tits
evil_sarah_bitch: Not really. Not yet. I might one day.
evil_sarah_bitch: You like little girls?
deerhunter992001: yes
evil_sarah_bitch: oh good.
deerhunter992001: i can hurt you with mine its so big
deerhunter992001: will take it easy on you thouhg
evil_sarah_bitch: Wow. You're scaring me.
evil_sarah_bitch: I don't know if I can take a dick that big.
deerhunter992001: baby mine is but i will be genle on you
deerhunter992001: im a real gentleman dont worry
evil_sarah_bitch: Ok. I'll trust you.
evil_sarah_bitch: Tell me what else you're going to do with me.
deerhunter992001: im gonna make you scream.
deerhunter992001: you have a pic
evil_sarah_bitch: Are you telling me that I have a picture or are you asking me for one?
deerhunter992001: asking
evil_sarah_bitch: Do you want em to send one to you?
deerhunter992001: yes send me nude ones
evil_sarah_bitch: Are you asking me to send naked photos of myself to you?
deerhunter992001: yes
deerhunter992001: send me nude ones and ill send you more of mine hard
deerhunter992001: did u send
evil_sarah_bitch: Yep. I just sent it. [PIC]
deerhunter992001: so u have a digital cam or web cam
evil_sarah_bitch: No that pic was taken by my Mom.
evil_sarah_bitch: At my 15th birthday party.
evil_sarah_bitch: …last Wednesday.
evil_sarah_bitch: You like it?
deerhunter992001: no
evil_sarah_bitch: What's the matter? I'm not your type?
evil_sarah_bitch: What is your type then? Curly hair?
evil_sarah_bitch: Yeah. I have straight hair but I can curl it.
evil_sarah_bitch: You like bigger boobs?
deerhunter992001: one that can feel me in them
evil_sarah_bitch: are you making fun of me?
evil_sarah_bitch: That' s not nice.
evil_sarah_bitch: Here I was all set to come down there and give you and your dad a real show.
deerhunter992001: no
evil_sarah_bitch: No? Why not?
evil_sarah_bitch: I can take you both at the same time.
evil_sarah_bitch: You want to have cyber-sex to try me out?
evil_sarah_bitch: hello?
evil_sarah_bitch: HELLO?!
evil_sarah_bitch: Can I put you on my buddy list?
evil_sarah_bitch: Hello??
evil_sarah_bitch: Answer me, you redneck.

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