evil_sarah_bitch: Yo.
coolcarl110671: Yo
evil_sarah_bitch: wasssup?
coolcarl110671: U
evil_sarah_bitch: What makes you so cool?
coolcarl110671: What makes you a bitch
evil_sarah_bitch: Somebody already had evil_sarah.
evil_sarah_bitch: What are you doing?
coolcarl110671: ROFL Good comeback
coolcarl110671: Chillin at work
coolcarl110671: u?
evil_sarah_bitch: Cillin at home.
evil_sarah_bitch: Eating a chilidog
evil_sarah_bitch: You like white girls?
coolcarl110671: Yeah, I love me some white girls. You like brothas?
evil_sarah_bitch: Some.
evil_sarah_bitch: is it true what they say?
coolcarl110671: u should come find out
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm trying to find out. That's why i asked.
coolcarl110671: well u have to judge
evil_sarah_bitch: What should i do, give you a test?
coolcarl110671: yeah
evil_sarah_bitch: I guess you already passed.
coolcarl110671: how u figure
evil_sarah_bitch: I mean, if you couldn't read, you wouldn't be able to type to me would you?
evil_sarah_bitch: What did you think i was talking about, the size of your dick?
coolcarl110671: Naw, my nose
evil_sarah_bitch: Oh.
evil_sarah_bitch: You like massages?
evil_sarah_bitch: Why aren't you answering me?
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm sorry. I was only joking.
evil_sarah_bitch: ANSWER ME!

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