Fugly 07/26/20 10:29 AM Hey man.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:29 AM You there?

Fugly 07/26/20 10:32 AM Answer me, you asshole.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:45 AM Hey. Give me a call when you get a chance. I want to talk to you about porn.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:46 AM Cheesedawg isnt here.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:46 AM Who is this?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:46 AM his friend Kristin

Fugly 07/26/20 10:46 AM Hi Kristin. This is Martin.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:46 AM Where is he?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:46 AM hi martin

Fugly 07/26/20 10:46 AM Will he be back soon?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:47 AM im not sure. i know hes in annapolis.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:47 AM Ok. How old are you?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:47 AM 23

Fugly 07/26/20 10:47 AM Want to be on a porn site?

Fugly 07/26/20 10:47 AM Who would you say is the celbrity that you think you most resemble?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:47 AM no. hes asked me already.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:48 AM He did?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:48 AM yeah

Fugly 07/26/20 10:48 AM damn.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:48 AM haha

Fugly 07/26/20 10:48 AM What's he doing in Annapolis?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:48 AM seeing some girl.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:48 AM Are you jealous?

Fugly 07/26/20 10:49 AM Are you his girlfriend or something?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:49 AM no. im not seeing him

Fugly 07/26/20 10:49 AM Oh. Are you looking for a boyfriend?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:49 AM were just friends

Fugly 07/26/20 10:49 AM Cause I am looking for someone to cheat on my girlfriend with.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:49 AM She's a dirty whore and she lives too far away from me anyway.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:49 AM Do you like angry drunk white guys?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:50 AM uuummmm?

Fugly 07/26/20 10:50 AM Here's my picture

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:50 AM i dont know what to say

Fugly 07/26/20 10:50 AM I'm a real prince.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:51 AM Come on.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:51 AM It'll be fun.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:51 AM uummm i dont think so.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:52 AM i dont usually fuck guys i dont know.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:52 AM Good. That means you're not some kind of a slut.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:52 AM I like that.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:52 AM Well we'll hang out and stuff for a while first.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:52 AM thanks

Fugly 07/26/20 10:53 AM So it won't be weird.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:53 AM I'll take you to McDonald's and buy you a happy meal like I do most of my dates.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:53 AM Whadda you say?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:53 AM haha

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:53 AM where are you from?

Fugly 07/26/20 10:53 AM Brazil.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:53 AM oh

Fugly 07/26/20 10:53 AM Your friend cheesedog is my employee and if he's not back soon I'm going to fire his lazy ass.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:54 AM i dont know. im kinda seein somebody right now. yeah. i know. hes shown me some of his stuff. hes got a sick mind!!

Fugly 07/26/20 10:54 AM Yeah he does.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:55 AM hes cool though

Fugly 07/26/20 10:55 AM Well look. This is perfect. You're seeing someone and I have a girlfriend that I've never even seen. We'll both cheat on them together.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:55 AM What do you think?

Fugly 07/26/20 10:55 AM You never answered me. Who is the celebrity that you think you most resemble?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:55 AM well, i just stated seeing him

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:55 AM started. sorry

Fugly 07/26/20 10:56 AM Ahh, so you're probably still fucking him every day. That stage will only last a few months.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:56 AM And then what will you do?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:56 AM lol

Fugly 07/26/20 10:57 AM You have any pictures of yourself that I can see? You might be really fucking ugly and I might be wasting my time here.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:58 AM no. i dont have any pictures. but you can ask cheezedawg next time you talk to him.

Fugly 07/26/20 10:59 AM Why won't you answer that question about the celebrity you most resemble? Is it Rikki Lake?

Fugly 07/26/20 10:59 AM Or Oprah?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 10:59 AM i dont think i look like ANY celebrity!!!

Fugly 07/26/20 11:00 AM Ok.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:00 AM You must be a dog.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:00 AM I look like Corky from that show Life Goes On.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:00 AM You know? That retarded kid.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:01 AM If we were ever to have sex, I'd slobber all
over you while we were doing it.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:01 AM It would be really gross.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:01 AM yeah. im a dog. yeah. your pisture did kinda resemble Corky!!

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:01 AM I dont think we would ever do it!!

Fugly 07/26/20 11:01 AM Hmm. We might.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:02 AM i dont think so.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:02 AM You might be unconcious from all the date rape drugs, but we might do it.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:02 AM You might be bound with duct tape too, but it could happen.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:02 AM ooooohhhhh, ok. that would be the ONLY fuckin way!!!!

Fugly 07/26/20 11:03 AM What?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:03 AM Christ. You really know how to hurt a guy's feelings.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:03 AM I'm sad now.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:03 AM Thanks a lot.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:03 AM and you really know how to pick up a woman!!!

Fugly 07/26/20 11:03 AM Hey, I don't get out much, ok?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:03 AM I'm trying.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:04 AM What should I have said?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:04 AM Give me some tips.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:04 AM well you dont have to fuck with ME!! I didnt do a damn thing to you!!

Fugly 07/26/20 11:04 AM I'm not fucking with you. I'm trying to flirt.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:04 AM well, you suck!!

Fugly 07/26/20 11:05 AM I thought you'd think that stuff about the Roofies and the duct tape was funny.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:05 AM God damn.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:05 AM Oh. Ok. I get it.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:05 AM I know exactly how to handle this situation.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:05 AM A lot of girls say stuff like that because they want to make it a challenge.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:05 AM its cool

Fugly 07/26/20 11:05 AM Like this one time..

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:05 AM a challenge?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:06 AM I had this girl tied up and I was burning her ass cheeks with cigarettes...

Fugly 07/26/20 11:06 AM And she was screaming, "Noo noo ! Stop it! Stop it!"

Fugly 07/26/20 11:06 AM But I knew she really liked it.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:06 AM So I kept on doing it.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:06 AM I don't think so.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:07 AM i guess your fucked up in the head , huh?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:07 AM And I told her how I was going to cut off her arms and legs and throw her in a ditch and she was all, "NO!! leave me alone!"

Fugly 07/26/20 11:07 AM She kept threatening to run back inside the school and tell her teacher on me, but I didn't fall for it.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:07 AM Girls are so weird like that.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:07 AM Your an asshole.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:08 AM So come on. Let's hook up.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:08 AM I'll drive down there and rape you.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:08 AM What do you say?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:08 AM yeah sure!!!!

Fugly 07/26/20 11:08 AM I'll break into your house while you're asleed and we can role play.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:08 AM Sound like fun?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:09 AM I'll knock you unconcious with a baseball bat and when you wake up, you'll be in a bathtub full of ice, missing a kidney.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:09 AM actually i live at cheezedawgs!!!!

Fugly 07/26/20 11:09 AM Ok. Cool. I know where that is.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:09 AM I'll come over this weekend.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:09 AM Ok. Now you pretend like you really don't want me to.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:09 AM Ok?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:10 AM And when I comeover, scream stuff like "Get the hell out of here you freak, I'll call the police!"

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:10 AM yeah that sounds like fun. no thanks.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:10 AM Ok?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:10 AM Alright. I'll pull your nipples off with a pair of pliers too.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:10 AM This will be great.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:10 AM I'm really glad we met.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:10 AM SURE!!!!

Fugly 07/26/20 11:10 AM This will be fun.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:10 AM Hey, what's your name, by the way?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:10 AM yup!

Fugly 07/26/20 11:11 AM Oh, Kristin. That's right.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:11 AM Ok.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:11 AM Well I'll see you this weekend sometime, Kristin.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:11 AM i dont think so

Fugly 07/26/20 11:11 AM I'll be wearing a pair of pantyhose over my face so you'll recognize me.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:11 AM Ok. I get it.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:11 AM Say , "no" again so we can get this role playing thing started.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:11 AM Don't worry, I understand.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:11 AM No means yes.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:12 AM This is so much fun.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:12 AM i am not roleplaying you sick asshole

Fugly 07/26/20 11:13 AM Hahah! You're good at this.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:13 AM I guess we should have thought of a safety word, but it's too late for that now. Since we've already started and all.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:13 AM I'll bring some trash bags so we don' t make too much of a mess, ok?

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:13 AM do not come here or I WILL call the police.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:15 AM Ok. See you probably Saturday or late Friday night.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:15 AM I'm serious dick. I'll get a gun.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:15 AM Whooooooo. You're really turning me on. Save that for when I come over.

CheezeDawg 07/26/20 11:15 AM fuck you.

Fugly 07/26/20 11:15 AM Wear somethgn sexy for me, Ok?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:15 AM Ok Kristen?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:16 AM But nothing that you don't mind getting ruined, Ok?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:16 AM Cause there will most likely be stab holes in it and blood stains, ok?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:16 AM Ok? Are you still there?

Fugly 07/26/20 11:16 AM I've got a boner right now.
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