CheezeDawg: Hello. My name is Charles and I am doing a survey for my company, CBS Broadcasting.
CheezeDawg: Would you be willing to answer some questions for me?
cheekybabiee: why not
CheezeDawg: Thank you.
CheezeDawg: How much television to watch each day?
cheekybabiee: um maybe like 2 hours between school and work
cheekybabiee: is this some joke
CheezeDawg: No, I'm very serious. This is for CBS.
cheekybabiee: hmmm.
CheezeDawg: Can we continue?
cheekybabiee: ok
CheezeDawg: Would you watch a new TV series starring Abe Vigoda?
cheekybabiee: ??WHO??
CheezeDawg: He was the older gentleman on Barney Miller.
CheezeDawg: Phish.
cheekybabiee: UM YEAH SURE
CheezeDawg: What if he was involved in a nude scene during the pilot episode.
CheezeDawg: Would you be offended by his nudity?
cheekybabiee: i guess not
CheezeDawg: Would you watch a new comedy series involving Burt Reyonlds as a helpless vegatable who is repeatedly beaten by his three children?
cheekybabiee: nope i cant say that i would
CheezeDawg: What if we cast the three members of Hanson as his children?
cheekybabiee: nope not that one either
CheezeDawg: Who would be best suited to create the opening themesong for a Romatic Comedy starring Ice Cube?
CheezeDawg: The Insane Clown Posse or Elvis Costello?
CheezeDawg: are you there?
cheekybabiee: Is this for real?
CheezeDawg: Of course it is.
cheekybabiee: Insane Clown Posse
CheezeDawg: Would you watch a television show that featured Max Headroom making out with a crash test dummy that had your name printed on it?
cheekybabiee: Your sick
cheekybabiee: What kind of question is that anyway?
CheezeDawg: I'm sorry. I have to ask these questions or I'll get fired.
cheekybabiee: The answer is no
CheezeDawg: What if he pulled out a giant rubber cock and began twirling it around like a baton?
cheekybabiee: i'm leaving
CheezeDawg: Please wait. I only have one more question.
cheekybabiee: what
CheezeDawg: Would you watch a TV series that starred John Ritter in which the plot involved him living inside of a giant inflatable vagina?
cheekybabiee: sure
CheezeDawg: Great! The series is called "Vagina is a Rockin" and it airs this fall on NBC starting September 10.
cheekybabiee: great
cheekybabiee: is that it?
CheezeDawg: Yeah, thanks.
cheekybabiee: k
CheezeDawg: wanna cyber?
cheekybabiee: where did that come from?
CheezeDawg: I don't know. You're turning me on.
cheekybabiee: I can't. I'm at work right now.
CheezeDawg: Your not at work.
CheezeDawg: Come on. Let's go.
cheekybabiee: What turned you on?
CheezeDawg: The thought of John Ritter in a blow-up Vagina.
CheezeDawg: Hang on. Let me take these pants off...
cheekybabiee: no thanks
CheezeDawg: How old are you?
cheekybabiee: 18
cheekybabiee: u?
CheezeDawg: I'm 63.
CheezeDawg: God dammit..
CheezeDawg: I'm turgid!
CheezeDawg: I haven't felt this way in 30 YEARS!!
cheekybabiee: Are you really 63?
CheezeDawg: Yes, I am.
CheezeDawg: Wow. Maybe it was the Oysters I had for lunch today.
CheezeDawg: Don't mind the wrinkles in my cock, ok sweetie?
cheekybabiee: gross
CheezeDawg: They'll go away once you pulled the skin down.
cheekybabiee: you are not 63
CheezeDawg: Okay. Maybe I lied a little.
CheezeDawg: I sometimes pretend to be younger to get hot young teens like you to suck me off.
cheekybabiee: your pissing me off now. fuck you
CheezeDawg: ooooo yeah. That's right baby. keep talking...
CheezeDawg: mmmmmmmmmm
CheezeDawg: please don't stop.
CheezeDawg: Hello?
CheezeDawg: Ok... I've got my pants down now.
CheezeDawg: I'm wearing those old-man sock suspenders.
CheezeDawg: I'm wearing a white, v-neck tshirt and a pair of dress shoes and socks.
CheezeDawg: Are you still there?
cheekybabiee: yeh
CheezeDawg: Ok. Here we g...
CheezeDawg: Oh, crap.
cheekybabiee: what?
CheezeDawg: I think I just shit myself.
CheezeDawg: Hang on for just a minute whil I clean up.
cheekybabiee: no. bye
CheezeDawg: No, It's ok, I'm wearing an adult diaper.
CheezeDawg: I have a can of those baby wipes so you won't even smell my crap while you're down there.
cheekybabiee: your sick goodbye
CheezeDawg: Awwwwwww. Don't go.
CheezeDawg: Please!
CheezeDawg: Hello?
CheezeDawg: Will you let me rub my wheelchair across your tits?
cheekybabiee: <User Has Logged Out>

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