private message:

bitchin_christian: why do you say that
bitchin_christian: what are you talking about?
evil_sarah_bitch: What? What are YOU talking about?
bitchin_christian: in the chatroom. you were talking about Jesus not loving you
evil_sarah_bitch: Oh, that... what do you care?
bitchin_christian: Jesus loves everyone
evil_sarah_bitch: Okay
bitchin_christian: he does
bitchin_christian: you don't believe me
evil_sarah_bitch: Did I say that?
bitchin_christian: no
bitchin_christian: you didnt have to
evil_sarah_bitch: Are you a C.P.?
bitchin_christian: what? whats a cp?
evil_sarah_bitch: Christian Psychic.
bitchin_christian: No. why?
evil_sarah_bitch: Nevermind.
bitchin_christian: why?
bitchin_christian: why did you ask me that?
evil_sarah_bitch: No reason. Don't worry about it.
bitchin_christian: ok
bitchin_christian: are you a cp?
evil_sarah_bitch: No, not hardly. I don't believe in god.
bitchin_christian: what? why are you here then
bitchin_christian: why would you say that
bitchin_christian: are you kidding
evil_sarah_bitch: No, I'm not kidding.
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm here because I was hoping someone could help me.
bitchin_christian: help you? how?
bitchin_christian: I'll try
evil_sarah_bitch: How old are you?
bitchin_christian: why? i'm 19
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm afraid you're too young.
bitchin_christian: too young for what?
bitchin_christian: what are you talking about?
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm looking for someone who's been a christian for a while.
bitchin_christian: 19 years? that's nota while?
evil_sarah_bitch: This is a serious matter.
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm afraid you're too young to help. You wouldn't understand.
bitchin_christian: what are you talking about?
bitchin_christian: what wouldn't I understand?
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm sorry. Really I am. It's hard to talk about it.
evil_sarah_bitch: I don't want some kid laughing at me.
bitchin_christian: did something happen to you?
bitchin_christian: it's okay to talk about it.
bitchin_christian: i'm not a kid! i raised my brother and sister.
bitchin_christian: i grew up fast there were times I doubted Jesus.
bitchin_christian: But I always knew he loved me. he loves you too
evil_sarah_bitch: Stop! Stop it!!!!
bitchin_christian: stop what?
bitchin_christian: are you there?
bitchin_christian: what happened?
bitchin_christian: sarah?
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm here.
bitchin_christian: what happened? why did you tell me to stop?
evil_sarah_bitch: I didn't.
bitchin_christian: yes you did. look
evil_sarah_bitch: Oh. I did. Listen kid, I gotta go.
bitchin_christian: stop calling me a kid! where are you going?
evil_sarah_bitch: I don't know. I need a beer.
bitchin_christian: you don't need a beer. you need jesus. i can help you why won't you tell me?
evil_sarah_bitch: You can't help me. I've never told anyone.
evil_sarah_bitch: I can't do this. Goodbye.
bitchin_christian: wait!!!
bitchin_christian: I want to help
bitchin_christian: you are hurting
bitchin_christian: that's why you drink beer
bitchin_christian: you need to numb the pain
evil_sarah_bitch: You DO seem pretty mature… but I'm afraid.
bitchin_christian: don't be afraid. jesus will help you
evil_sarah_bitch: I killed my little brother 15 years ago.
bitchin_christian: what? you did not. youre lieing
evil_sarah_bitch: I wish I was lying. He was 4 years old. He would have been your age
evil_sarah_bitch: … and I killed him!
evil_sarah_bitch: God damn it, I’m crying.
evil_sarah_bitch: oops, sorry
bitchin_christian: why?
bitchin_christian: how?
bitchin_christian: you're lieing
evil_sarah_bitch: You know those blue things you put in the back of the toilet
evil_sarah_bitch: to keep the bowl smelling clean?
bitchin_christian: yes
evil_sarah_bitch: I told him it was a lollipop and he ate it.
bitchin_christian: no he didn't
evil_sarah_bitch: Well, you're right. He didn't eat the whole thing.
bitchin_christian: this isn't funny
bitchin_christian: this is sick
bitchin_christian: are you serious?
evil_sarah_bitch: He passed out and I got scared and put him in his bed.
evil_sarah_bitch: His lips were all blue.
evil_sarah_bitch: I was afraid I'd get in trouble, so I tried to clean it off.
evil_sarah_bitch: Soap and water wouldn't work, so I got some bleach and poured it on a rag
evil_sarah_bitch: luckily his face came clean.
bitchin_christian: youre not kidding?
evil_sarah_bitch: Then I put a bottle of Draino by his bed.
evil_sarah_bitch: I waited for my mom to get off work and by that time, he was dead.
evil_sarah_bitch: Everyone thought he did it to himself.
bitchin_christian: this really happened? That’s awfull
evil_sarah_bitch: I knew I shouldn’t have told you.
bitchin_christian: does your mom know you did it?
evil_sarah_bitch: No. She never knew. No one knew. No one can help.
bitchin_christian: jesus can help you
bitchin_christian: he loves you anyway
evil_sarah_bitch: Stop! Stop it!!!
bitchin_christian: Why?
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm actually glad the little bastard is dead.
evil_sarah_bitch: He was always trying to play with my barbies and shit.
evil_sarah_bitch: Probably would have turned out queer anyway.
bitchin_christian: what?
bitchin_christian: what are you saying?
bitchin_christian: thats horrible
evil_sarah_bitch: I'll tell you what's horrible.
evil_sarah_bitch: They used the money that they were supposed to use for my braces on his casket.
evil_sarah_bitch: I should have set his ass on fire in the woods somewhere.
evil_sarah_bitch: Now I have crooked teeth!
bitchin_christian: you are not funny
evil_sarah_bitch: I'm not trying to be. I wonder if I can pull it off again?
evil_sarah_bitch: The neighbor's kid has really been getting on my nerves.
evil_sarah_bitch: He came over to my house the other day and was trying to sell me shit...
evil_sarah_bitch: he could go on some trip with his church's youth group.
evil_sarah_bitch: Fucking idiot bastard!
bitchin_christian: I've leaving now
evil_sarah_bitch: He'll probably turn out to be one of those preachers who molest little kids.
evil_sarah_bitch: Why are you leaving?
evil_sarah_bitch: I was starting to trust you!
bitchin_christian: you need help
evil_sarah_bitch: Yeah, and you said you would help me.
evil_sarah_bitch: You're a fucking liar.
evil_sarah_bitch: That's why I hate Christians.
evil_sarah_bitch: They're all a bunch of backstabbers and liars.
bitchin_christian: go drink your beer
bitchin_christian: i'll pray for you
evil_sarah_bitch: I thought you were different.
evil_sarah_bitch: Will you pray for the little boy next door instead?
bitchin_christian: I will pray for him to
evil_sarah_bitch: Yeah, pray that the little cocksucker gets leukemia!
bitchin_christian: goodbye
evil_sarah_bitch: No wait!! I can use your help.
evil_sarah_bitch: Could I use you for a character witness?
evil_sarah_bitch: I may need one
bitchin_christian: no goodbye
evil_sarah_bitch: Are you busy this Sunday?
evil_sarah_bitch: Where do you live?
evil_sarah_bitch: Can I join your church?
bitchin_christian: <<has logged out>>

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