bandleeder619: Do you know MBorkofski?
cheesedawg: Are you a cop?
bandleeder619: no
cheesedawg: Then yes. I know her.
bandleeder619: are you screwin with me?
cheesedawg: No. Why would you say that?
bandleeder619: because you asked if i was a cop
cheesedawg: So what? Maybe I don't like talkin' to cops
bandleeder619: forget it
cheesedawg: Forget what?
bandleeder619: that I asked you
cheesedawg: Why did you want to know if I knew her?
bandleeder619: cause she told me some things and I didn't know if they were true
cheesedawg: What did she tell you?
bandleeder619: just things
cheesedawg: Well how the hell can I help you if you don't tell me, dickhead?
bandleeder619: fuck you too
cheesedawg: Is that anyway to talk to someone who is trying to help you?
bandleeder619: you called me dickhead first
cheesedawg: because thats what I think of you.
cheesedawg: Now tell me what you want to know.
bandleeder619: fuck you prick
bandleeder619: Im not telling you shit
bandleeder619: You probally dont even know her
cheesedawg: Oh yeah?
cheesedawg: Watch this.

From the chat room...

cheesedawg : HEY MBorkski!!! How you been doing girl?
Prestije : I dun think jacker means it flower
flowergirl1129 : Yes he does
Prestije : thats not the impression i got

MBorkofski : Hi cheeze! How are you?
flowergirl1129 : he doesn't tell me anything
Howardducky : HI ROOM! Any girls wanna chat?

cheesedawg : I'm doing a lot better since yesterday.
Prestije : he will sissy. He just needs to find it out for himself
MBorkofski : That's good. You seemed down yesterday.
flowergirl1129 : he needs to do it quickly
cheesedawg : Be right back.
MBorkofski : Ok.

Back to Im..

cheesedawg: what did I tell you?
cheesedawg: Now apologize.
bandleeder619: ok so I was wrong
cheesedawg: That didn't sound very sincere.
bandleeder619: sorry
bandleeder619: ok?
cheesedawg: Much better. Now...what did you want to know?
cheesedawg: bandleeder?
bandleeder619: sorry had a phone call
cheesedawg: If you leave like that one more time, I'm telling MBorkofski that you're an asshole.
bandleeder619: look dude. I couldn't help it alright.
cheesedawg: Stop wasting my time and ask me what you want to know.
bandleeder619: She said she was a model from Victoria's Secret.
bandleeder619: that true?
cheesedawg: Yes. Completely true.
bandleeder619: Where does she live?
cheesedawg: What did she tell you?
bandleeder619: She said VA
cheesedawg: True again.
bandleeder619: can you do me a favor?
cheesedawg: Depends
bandleeder619: can you ask her if she likes me?
cheesedawg: Dude, I'm not in the eighth grade anymore.
cheesedawg: If you wanna find out, just ask her.
bandleeder619: no it's not like that
bandleeder619: she keeps playing secretive shit with me.
cheesedawg: Have you been stalking her?
bandleeder619: no
bandleeder619: I've been talking with her for about a week now
cheesedawg: Maybe you should try that.
bandleeder619: Stalking her???
bandleeder619: Or talking?
cheesedawg: Yeah.
cheesedawg: She likes that.
cheesedawg: Shows her that you mean business.
bandleeder619: I don't think i can do that.
cheesedawg: Sure you can. Wherever she goes, you follow her.
bandleeder619: she'll think I'm desperate.
cheesedawg: Well you are!
cheesedawg: Face it buddy! You're a grade A psycho!
bandleeder619: Hey fuck you man. I only wanted some help
cheesedawg: No you don't! You aren't listening to me.
cheesedawg: I said STALK her, god dammit!
bandleeder619: I'll just find my own way to handle it.
cheesedawg: You must jerk off a lot.
bandleeder619: WHAT???
cheesedawg: Chasing poor girls around in the chatrooms.
cheesedawg: You should be ashamed of yourself.
cheesedawg: I warned you. Now feel my wrath...

From the chat room...

cheesedawg : Hey MBorkski.
cheesedawg : This asshole here says that you keep pestering him to cyber with you.
Prestije : WOOHOO! I just found it!
cheesedawg : He says you like it up the ass.
cheesedawg : Want me to kick his ass for you?
MBorkofski : Who?
cheesedawg : bandleeder. He says you've been stalking him for a week.
flowergirl1129 : is there a problem?
bandleeder619 : he's lying MBorkofski. I didn't say any of that!
cheesedawg : Oh yeah? Let me paste this im for you...
MBorkofski : bandleeder what is going on?
cheesedawg : Here you go.
cheesedawg : bandleeder619 : She's one hot piece of ass. I hope she doesn't find out I'm 13
cheesedawg : he's been in im with me for the past 20 minutes trying to get me to show him my ass.
Prestije : BUSTED!!!!!!
bandleeder619 : Dont believe him mborkofski. He's a fucking lyer!
cheesedawg : "Liar", you asswipe. Leave MBorkofski alone!
MBorkofski : why are you telling me this?
cheesedawg : Cause he's trying to hack into your computer and get your address.
cheesedawg : bandleeder619 : I'm gonna hack this little slut and find out where she lives.
cheesedawg : He's a sick freak.
Prestije : thats fucked up
flowergirl1129 : damn band. You're fucking sick!
cheesedawg : Tell me about it.
cheesedawg : Some kids just can't wait to grow up.
Prestije : lol
MBorkofski : did he leave?
cheesedawg : Yep. Sorry about all that. I just thought you should know.
MBorkofski : thanx cheeze

Back to Im...

cheesedawg: Hey now. You're the guy stalking chicks.
cheesedawg: Who's the asshole here? Me or you?
bandleeder619: FUCK YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!
cheesedawg: Look dude. I feel bad. I really do.
cheesedawg: Let me make it up to you.
bandleeder619: TELL HER I DIDNT SAY THAT SHIT!!!
bandleeder619: THAT WAS FUCKED UP MAN!
bandleeder619: WE WERE FRIENDS!
cheesedawg: I was never your friend, you chick-stalking shit-stain!
bandleeder619: NOT YOU FUCKWAD!
cheesedawg: I know you probally haven't had any in awhile...
cheesedawg: So I'm gonna help you.
bandleeder619: THEN TELL HER NOW!
cheesedawg: No. She's my friend. Thats not what I'm saying.
cheesedawg: I'm gonna let you cyber with me instead.
cheesedawg: What do you say there Long Dong?
cheesedawg: I'll dress up like Darth Vader and you can show me your lightsaber.
cheesedawg: I slide my hand down your pants, rubbing your love muscle.
cheesedawg: I slowly ease it in my mouth...
cheesedawg: mmmmmmm
bandleeder619: YOUR FUCKING SICK!
cheesedawg: I feel your cock tingle around my lips...
bandleeder619: STOP FUCKHEAD!
cheesedawg: Do you know what snoodling is?
cheesedawg: mmmmmmmm
cheesedawg: yeahhhhhh
cheesedawg: fuck me in my ass...
cheesedawg: See my balls hangin down?
cheesedawg: bandleeder?
cheesedawg: Sweetheart?
cheesedawg: Are you touching yourself?
bandleeder619: <User Has Logged Out>

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