Harrym27: Hi i m male 27 from India looking for ladies or girls for decent freindship if some one intersted join me ?or mail me at harrym_27@yahoo.com
fuglydotcom: what?
Harrym27: Hi i m male 27 from India looking for ladies or girls for decent freindship if some one intersted join me ?or mail me at harrym_27@yahoo.com
fuglydotcom: Are you kidding?
Harrym27: pls read it carefully
fuglydotcom: What's wrong with you? Are you serious?
Harrym27: y i m indian dear fuglydotcom: And am want to meet ladies from the US?
fuglydotcom: What kind of Indian are you?
fuglydotcom: Apache?
fuglydotcom: Sioux?
Harrym27: ?
fuglydotcom: What kind?
fuglydotcom: What tribe are you from?

Harrym27: hindu
fuglydotcom: Ohhh. I see.
fuglydotcom: Where do you work?

Harrym27: at gurgaon
fuglydotcom: Is that like a 7-11?

Harrym27: y u know it
fuglydotcom: Yeah. I go there all the time.
fuglydotcom: Do you know what a spoon-straw is?
Harrym27: no
fuglydotcom: How about a Slurpee?

Harrym27: i ddidnot get u ?
fuglydotcom: nevermind.
fuglydotcom: Do you have a picture I can see?

Harrym27: ok
Harrym27: but urs asl first
fuglydotcom: Oh. Ok.

fuglydotcom: I'm 28, Female, Blonde, about 5 foot 9". Big tits.

fuglydotcom: I live in Southern California.
Harrym27: wow
fuglydotcom: Yeah, i'm really hot.
Harrym27: ur name?
fuglydotcom: So will you send me the photo?
fuglydotcom: My name?
Harrym27: y
fuglydotcom: My name is Veronica.

Harrym27: ah fantastic
fuglydotcom: No, wait, my name is JonBenet.
Harrym27: right now i dont have but i will get it done with in couple of day s
fuglydotcom: Can't you send me one via email?
Harrym27: y sure
fuglydotcom: Ok. Send it now, and i'll send you one too.
Harrym27: ok
fuglydotcom: You want my email address?
Harrym27: mine add is harrym_27@yahoo.com
fuglydotcom: Ok. Mine is Veronica@fugly.com
Harrym27: ok
fuglydotcom: Ok.
Harrym27: u said u r female na?
fuglydotcom: Are you going to send it now?
Harrym27: y
fuglydotcom: Right. I'm Female.
Harrym27: but u said ur name?
fuglydotcom: Why, do you know many men named Veronica?
Harrym27: no
Harrym27: but u said ur name is john
fuglydotcom: I'll send you my photo as soon as i get yours.
fuglydotcom: No, I was kidding.

fuglydotcom: Do you know who JonBenet is?
Harrym27: no?
fuglydotcom: She's a hot porn star from the U.S.
fuglydotcom: She does snuff films mostly.

Harrym27: oh really
fuglydotcom: Yeah. Hey, if you steal something and get caught, do they cut off your hands?
Harrym27: u r really too good
Harrym27: not at all dear
fuglydotcom: No? I thought that they did that in India.
Harrym27: that means its there like this
fuglydotcom: Huh. I don't understand what you're trying to say.
fuglydotcom: Do you like to eat Hamburgers?

Harrym27: means?
fuglydotcom: How about cheesesteaks?
fuglydotcom: What?
Harrym27: hemburgers?
fuglydotcom: Hamburgers! The cornerstone of every nutritious breakfast!
Harrym27: ah
fuglydotcom: I guess you guys don't worry too much about Mad Cow disease there huh?

Harrym27: u r really intellegent dear
fuglydotcom: Yeah?
fuglydotcom: Not really. I have big tits and I'm stupid.
Harrym27: its my pleasure to have freind like u
fuglydotcom: Are you going to send me your picture now?
fuglydotcom: Oh, thank you.
Harrym27: i told u i wil send u dear
fuglydotcom: Ok. Send it now.
Harrym27: after a coulple of day as right now i have to get it scan
Harrym27: u pls send me at my add
fuglydotcom: Aww.
fuglydotcom: Ok.
fuglydotcom: Well I have to go. Will you email it to me when you get it?
Harrym27: is it ur nude photo?
fuglydotcom: veronica@fugly.com
fuglydotcom: What?
Harrym27: should i addu in my freind list?
fuglydotcom: Yeah yeah. I'm completely nude in my photo.
Harrym27: ohhhhhhh
Harrym27: u send me now dear
fuglydotcom: Send me one of you nude too.
fuglydotcom: Ok?
Harrym27: ok
fuglydotcom: Ok. I'm so horney for you blah blah blah...
Harrym27: lovely to find freind like u fuglydotcom: Don't forget to email me ok?
fuglydotcom: Uh huh.

fuglydotcom: Whatever.
Harrym27: u have added me in ur list na
Harrym27: sorry i m aeivng
fuglydotcom: Sure. I'll stalk you... err, I mean talk to you later.
Harrym27: bye
fuglydotcom: mmmm buh bye.

Day 2
: Hey Harry.
Harrym27: hi dear
fuglydotcom: Dear?
Harrym27: how ru ?
Harrym27: freind i mean
fuglydotcom: I'm ok. Do you know who I am?
Harrym27: ya i think
fuglydotcom: Oh. I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else.
Harrym27: let me refresh ur memories
fuglydotcom: Ok. Go ahead.
Harrym27: i m male 27 from india , my name is Harish
fuglydotcom: Right. Right.
Harrym27: working as Res Engineer in Gurgon
fuglydotcom: Ok. I remember.
fuglydotcom: Hey, are you going to ever send me a photo?
Harrym27: u did not receive my mail ?
fuglydotcom: No. When did you send it?
fuglydotcom: I had trouble with my email for about a week.
Harrym27: i have clarigy there . it was not accepted by ur server as being M.S.Documents picture
Harrym27: i sent two mails infact
fuglydotcom: Can you send them again? I didn't get them.
Harrym27: it will be returned or deleted automatically
fuglydotcom: What did you do with it? Erase it?
Harrym27: any way have u another email add ?
fuglydotcom: No. It's working now so I will get it.
Harrym27: ok & have u got ur picture ?
fuglydotcom: Yeah, I'll send you mine too. I'm dead sexy.
Harrym27: ok i will wait dear anxiously
Harrym27: u know my email add is harrym_27@yahoo.com
fuglydotcom: Ok. So are you going to send me yours again or not?
Harrym27: ya sure i will send
fuglydotcom: Ok. Send it now and i'll send you mine when I get yours.
Harrym27: ok dear sure
Harrym27: can u give me ur alternative e mail add
fuglydotcom: Send it to info@fugly.com and i'll get it.
fuglydotcom: Are you nude in yours?
Harrym27: no right now i will send u my sexy one
fuglydotcom: Ok! I can hardl wait.
fuglydotcom: You're going to shit when you see mine.
Harrym27: can u handle that sexy
fuglydotcom: Yeah man. I'm pretty sure i've seen worse.
Harrym27: ok let me try for u sexy
fuglydotcom: Ok. Hurry up.
Harrym27: ok pls wait
fuglydotcom: Did you send it already?
fuglydotcom: I haven't got it yet.
Harrym27: i m sending ur my pic when i was fucking
fuglydotcom: Really? Ok.
Harrym27: ya pls wait a moment
fuglydotcom: Wow. Man, you must be crazy.
Harrym27: ya i m sexy
fuglydotcom: Yeah, I bet.
fuglydotcom: I just got it. *PIC* Very funny. That's not you.
Harrym27: is it not me?
Harrym27: how u can say that babe
fuglydotcom: Come on. Quit fucking around. Send me your real picture.
fuglydotcom: You're making me mad.
Harrym27: have u enjoyed it by the way
fuglydotcom: I'm not going to send you mine unless you send me yours first.
Harrym27: i m trying sexy
fuglydotcom: Ok.
Harrym27: its not a jpg file dear ,its in ms word only
fuglydotcom: OK. Go ahead and send it anyway.
Harrym27: i have send it already i said
Harrym27: but it has returned to me believe me dear
fuglydotcom: What address are you sending it to?
Harrym27: its not going smoothly
Harrym27: but u must have got pls check
Harrym27: frankly speaking i m an ordinary man
fuglydotcom: Ok. I got it. *PIC*
Harrym27: i think its not clear na
: It's clear. You look like Mario from Donkey Kong.
: Ok. Are you ready for mine?
Harrym27: ya sure
fuglydotcom: I'm going to send you mine now, ok?
Harrym27: ya aahhhhhha
fuglydotcom: Are you ready?
Harrym27: ya
Harrym27: go ahead
fuglydotcom: Ok.
fuglydotcom: There you go. *PIC*
fuglydotcom: Did you get it?
fuglydotcom: Hey. Did you get it yet?
fuglydotcom: Hey. Harry.
Harrym27: let me check
fuglydotcom: ok.
fuglydotcom: Hurry up.
Harrym27: I did not get it
Harrym27: u can send to me at harrym_27 again pls
fuglydotcom: Give it a minute. You're all the way in fucking India for crying out loud.
fuglydotcom: Did you get it
Harrym27: no yaar u have not sent i know that
Harrym27: i think u r pulling my legs now
fuglydotcom: Did you get it or not?!
Harrym27: pls say frankly ifu dont want to send
Harrym27: no i have not received dear
fuglydotcom: I just sent it to harrym_27@yahoo.com !!
Harrym27: really
fuglydotcom: Yeah. Really. Dumbass.
Harrym27: ok i think its there
fuglydotcom: Ok.
fuglydotcom: So do you recognize that guy?
Harrym27: are ye is it u
fuglydotcom: No man. That's Harlan.
fuglydotcom: Have you ever seen www.fugly.com?
Harrym27: is it ur picture really or .......
Harrym27: harlan whos that
Harrym27: no dear
fuglydotcom: Nevrmind. Ok. You want me to send you my real picture?
fuglydotcom: I'll send it right now.
Harrym27: i have logged in by the way
fuglydotcom: Are you ready?
Harrym27: pls send dear
Harrym27: ya i m ready
fuglydotcom: Ok. Here it comes.
Harrym27: i have taken off my pant too
fuglydotcom: Yuck.
fuglydotcom: I bet you're super hairy right?
Harrym27: whats that in fugly dom com
fuglydotcom: Nothing. Don't look at it. It will burn your eyes.
Harrym27: again harlan
Harrym27: whats happeneing dear
Harrym27: u dont want to send
fuglydotcom: No. Wait. I just sent it to you. This is me.
Harrym27: ok as u wish
Harrym27: r u harlen dear?
fuglydotcom: Ok. Here it comes.
Harrym27: ya go on
fuglydotcom: So you have your pants off?
Harrym27: hay whats this babe *PIC*
fuglydotcom: That's me. Aren't I sexy?
fuglydotcom: You know what that stuff on my mouth is?
Harrym27: ah its so ugly really
Harrym27: really is it u
fuglydotcom: You think I'm ugly?
fuglydotcom: Fuck you.
Harrym27: pls tell me is it u
fuglydotcom: Yeah. That's me.
fuglydotcom: You know what that stuff on my mouth is?
Harrym27: no whats that tell me
fuglydotcom: It's puke.
Harrym27: puke?
fuglydotcom: Yeah. Puke.
Harrym27: who is harelen by the way
fuglydotcom: I like to throw up and then eat it again.
fuglydotcom: Isn't that sexy?
Harrym27: ya too much
Harrym27: by the way how young ru
fuglydotcom: Harlan is my boyfriend. He's retarded.
Harrym27: oh really
fuglydotcom: I'm 14. How old are you?
Harrym27: i m 27
Harrym27: where r u from
fuglydotcom: So. Do you still have your pants down?
Harrym27: no no
fuglydotcom: Why not?
Harrym27: i thought u musst be sending something exciting to me
fuglydotcom: Oh.
Harrym27: do u have ur other pic too?
fuglydotcom: Yeah. Hey. I was just kidding. That's not really me.
fuglydotcom: You want me to send you my real picture?
Harrym27: so pulling my leg
Harrym27: ya dear i really want to see u
fuglydotcom: Yeah. I pulled your legs.
fuglydotcom: Ok.
fuglydotcom: I'll send you one for real now.
fuglydotcom: Are you ready?
Harrym27: whatever u r pls send me
fuglydotcom: Ok.
Harrym27: i m ready 100% dear
Harrym27: go ahead now
fuglydotcom: Are you sure?
Harrym27: ya ya aya ay yaaaaaaaa
Harrym27: dont tease me dear
fuglydotcom: Ok. Here it comes!
Harrym27: i m sqeezing my hairs now otherwise
fuglydotcom: What?
Harrym27: pls send my ur pic real now dear
fuglydotcom: Ok. Here it comes!
Harrym27: ok
fuglydotcom: Did you get it?
Harrym27: let me check
Harrym27: ok its bye its too much now
Harrym27: r u really intersted
fuglydotcom: Of course I am. Did you get the picture? *PIC*
Harrym27: areye again
Harrym27: is it u really
fuglydotcom: Yeah. you like me?
Harrym27: frankly speaking its....
Harrym27: not up to my expectation pls dont mind
fuglydotcom: I live right under some power lines so.. you know.
fuglydotcom: What are you saying?
Harrym27: is it reallly you
fuglydotcom: You think i'm ugly don't you?
Harrym27: can i ask u
fuglydotcom: Ask away my dimwitted friend.
Harrym27: but that is not clear i supose
fuglydotcom: Do you have a better one?
Harrym27: i will try
fuglydotcom: Ok. Listen. Do you want to know the truth?
fuglydotcom: None of those pictures are really of me.
Harrym27: sure pls tell me
fuglydotcom: I lied.
Harrym27: so whose is these
fuglydotcom: Do you really want me to send you a real picture of myself?
Harrym27: i was knowing that
Harrym27: pls tell me truth now dear
fuglydotcom: Because I will, but only because I really like you.
Harrym27: yes dear
Harrym27: pls now send me ur pic
fuglydotcom: I have a photo of me wearing some slinky lingerie.
fuglydotcom: Do you want me to send you that one?
Harrym27: ya dear
fuglydotcom: Ok. But you have to promise never to show anyone else, ok?
Harrym27: i promise
fuglydotcom: Ok.
Harrym27: like a real freind
fuglydotcom: Do you have your pants down again?
fuglydotcom: Because i'm really sexy and you should get ready.
Harrym27: if u say u r sending i will take off my under wear too
fuglydotcom: Ok.
fuglydotcom: Take them off now.
Harrym27: taking my big dick in my hand i m waiting dear
fuglydotcom: What are you doing?
fuglydotcom: Cursing at it?
Harrym27: shaking infact dear
fuglydotcom: You mean like screaming obcinities at it?
Harrym27: now pls send ur photo dear
fuglydotcom: Yeah. I do that sometimes too.
fuglydotcom: Ok.
fuglydotcom: Are you ready?
fuglydotcom: I'm so nervous.
Harrym27: ya
Harrym27: go on
fuglydotcom: I've never done this before.
Harrym27: u do it now for me
fuglydotcom: Do you have your pants off?
Harrym27: yes
fuglydotcom: Where are you, at work or at home?
Harrym27: home
fuglydotcom: Oh. This would be so much better if you were at work.
fuglydotcom: Ok. Are you ready?
Harrym27: ready
fuglydotcom: Are you sure?
Harrym27: haaaaaan sure
fuglydotcom: Ok.
fuglydotcom: Here it comes!
Harrym27: ggggggggggggooooooooooooooo on
fuglydotcom: Tell me what you're doing?
Harrym27: waiting ur photo
fuglydotcom: Did you get it?
Harrym27: have u send
fuglydotcom: Yes. I sent it to harrym_27@yahoo.com
Harrym27: no i have not
Harrym27: i think we should leave now
Harrym27: i m going dear
Harrym27: anyway its nice chating with u
fuglydotcom: No. Did you get it?
Harrym27: bye
fuglydotcom: NOO!
fuglydotcom: Dont' go!
Harrym27: i have not received
fuglydotcom: Well give it a minute.
Harrym27: ok say
fuglydotcom: Say what?
Harrym27: u want to send me or not ]
fuglydotcom: I did send it. i sent it to harrym_27@yahoo.com
Harrym27: say frankly
fuglydotcom: Did you get it?
Harrym27: no dear
fuglydotcom: Well. I sent it.
Harrym27: no u have not
fuglydotcom: I have to!
fuglydotcom: Are you calling me a liar?!
Harrym27: pls dont lie now
Harrym27: if u dont want to send
fuglydotcom: Did you get that?
Harrym27: no really i have not
fuglydotcom: I sent it by email and through Yahoo. What is your problem?
Harrym27: ok dear i gotta go now
Harrym27: bye for now & take care
fuglydotcom: Wait!
fuglydotcom: Did you get the photo or not?!
fuglydotcom: Did you get it?
fuglydotcom: HEY!

Day 3
Harrym27: hi have u really send ur photo
fuglydotcom: I told you fifteen times that I really did send it.
Harrym27: ok whats the name of file
fuglydotcom: trailert.jpg
Harrym27: ya thats there
Harrym27: but i m not able to open it dear
fuglydotcom: Why not?
Harrym27: i dont know
fuglydotcom: I just sent it to you as a .gif file.
Harrym27: i received some file
fuglydotcom: Ok. Well open it.
Harrym27: i m not able to it has been saved in desk top
fuglydotcom: Ok. Well i just sent it as a .gif
fuglydotcom: GOD DAMNIT you're a pain in the ass!
Harrym27: gif?
fuglydotcom: Yeah. .GIF file!
fuglydotcom: GIF GIF!!
Harrym27: ok
Harrym27: i m sorry i m not able to open it
fuglydotcom: Ahh, forget it.
fuglydotcom: Fucking idiot.
Harrym27: really i m
fuglydotcom: Yeah. i know.
Harrym27: but can u tell me how to open it
Harrym27: i know how to fuck only
Harrym27: nothing else
fuglydotcom: go to http://www.fugly.com/mypic/trailert.jpg
Harrym27: ok
fuglydotcom: get it?
Harrym27: its loading dear
Harrym27: whats ur name by the way
fuglydotcom: Veronica. I told you.
fuglydotcom: Dumbass.
Harrym27: is it ur real name
fuglydotcom: Yeah.
Harrym27: ok
fuglydotcom: Do you thik i'm sexy.
Harrym27: i think too much
fuglydotcom: I don't think that's what the problem is man.
Harrym27: hay tell me
fuglydotcom: What?
Harrym27: how young are you
fuglydotcom: I told you. I'm 28.
Harrym27: u said u r 18
fuglydotcom: Don't you remember.
fuglydotcom: No i said i was 14 but I was only kidding.
Harrym27: ya 14
Harrym27: but tell me now
fuglydotcom: Yeah. Well that was a lie. Go figure.
Harrym27: r u really 28
Harrym27: ya i m going to get ur pic too
fuglydotcom: Yes.
fuglydotcom: Do you see me yet?
Harrym27: is it really you veronica
fuglydotcom: yeah. I'm dead sexy huh?
Harrym27: no its half the way still down loading
fuglydotcom: Ok. Tell me when you get it.
Harrym27: its up to ur tits now
Harrym27: wearing suit
Harrym27: hairs up to shoulders
Harrym27: r u there
fuglydotcom: yeah.
Harrym27: ohoooo
fuglydotcom: You like me huh?
Harrym27: too much
fuglydotcom: Too much woman for you huh?
Harrym27: u r really sexy veronica
fuglydotcom: You think so?
Harrym27: ya
Harrym27: ur tits are 48 i suppose
fuglydotcom: Yeah. Exactly.
fuglydotcom: So are your pants down again?
Harrym27: i want to squeze them
fuglydotcom: What would you do to me if i was there?
Harrym27: my underwear too has gone down now
fuglydotcom: Uh oh.
Harrym27: i will take ur boobs in my mouth sexy
fuglydotcom: Yeah well be careful because I have some tumors in my left one and it hurts. Be gentle.
Harrym27: ok i will take care dear
fuglydotcom: I can't beleive you think that fugly bitch is sexy.
Harrym27: whay do u mean
fuglydotcom: Nothing. Do you like my tattoos?
Harrym27: ya too much
Harrym27: have u got another pic of u rs
fuglydotcom: Yeah. but you have to send me one of you first.
Harrym27: u have not received mine
fuglydotcom: No.
Harrym27: but u said in red border
fuglydotcom: Yeah. i got that one. Don't you have any more?
Harrym27: u mean nude
fuglydotcom: No. i don't want to see your skinny ass nude.
fuglydotcom: Hey, do you see that scar on my thigh?
Harrym27: ya
fuglydotcom: I can open beer bottles with my thighs.
Harrym27: really
Harrym27: how its possible
fuglydotcom: Yeah. I drink a lot of beer.
Harrym27: really thats why u r sexy
fuglydotcom: Do you think I'm fat?
Harrym27: not at all
fuglydotcom: You want to have cyber sex with me now?
Harrym27: sure
fuglydotcom: Ok. You start.
Harrym27: u know i m virgin
fuglydotcom: Really?
Harrym27: its better u take the lead sexy
fuglydotcom: I'm not.
fuglydotcom: I've had sex with probably 150 guys.
Harrym27: i know that thats why u take leed
fuglydotcom: This week.
Harrym27: 150 ?
Harrym27: ah reallly
fuglydotcom: Uh huh.
fuglydotcom: Sometimes 4 a day.
Harrym27: ahhhh
fuglydotcom: But I'm a little shy, so you tell me what you wan to do, ok?
Harrym27: i want to love fuck u no doubt but first
Harrym27: to fore play with u sexy
fuglydotcom: Oh yeah? So tell me what you are doing.
Harrym27: im szqeezing my long dick
fuglydotcom: Yeah. I'm fisting myself.
Harrym27: fingering inside ur pussy lovely
fuglydotcom: I used to just finger myself, but now I use my entire forearm.
fuglydotcom: I have a wiffle ball bat that I use sometimes too.
Harrym27: what do u do wtih that
fuglydotcom: I stick it in my ass while I'm fisting myself.
Harrym27: ohhhh
fuglydotcom: The handle is still yellow, but the top part...
fuglydotcom: ... is brown.
Harrym27: wow
fuglydotcom: Uh huh.
Harrym27: then
fuglydotcom: It smells like limburger cheese.
Harrym27: ahhaa
Harrym27: u put this in ur pussy sexy] f
fuglydotcom: So come on. Let's get it on now Punjab.
Harrym27: u know Punjab too f
fuglydotcom: Right. I'll put anything in my pussy.
Harrym27: oh lovely my big dick too
fuglydotcom: No. I was calling you Punjab. Are you going to fuck me or not?
Harrym27: why not its my pleasure
fuglydotcom: Ok. First I want you to suck on my toes.
Harrym27: okkkkkk
fuglydotcom: Ok.
fuglydotcom: Oooohhhh. that feel sso good.. blah blah blah.
Harrym27: yyyyyyyymmmmm
fuglydotcom: iiiiieeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!
Harrym27: smochhhh
Harrym27: lovely
Harrym27: u take off u r remaing gown too
fuglydotcom: Ok. Now, I',m lying on my back.
fuglydotcom: It's off. Everything except that sexy garter belt I'm wearing.
Harrym27: wow
fuglydotcom: I made it out of an old pair of panty hose.
Harrym27: aaaaahaaa good
fuglydotcom: Ok.
Harrym27: its very sexy
Harrym27: now next
fuglydotcom: I am. I'm completely nude.
Harrym27: wow i m nude too
fuglydotcom: Ther are flys bussing around my vagina, so just swat them away.
Harrym27: ok]
fuglydotcom: Ok. now I want you to climb on top of me.
Harrym27: that goes it
Harrym27: wow sure
fuglydotcom: Ok.
Harrym27: i m licking ur pussy sexy
fuglydotcom: Ooooohhh...
fuglydotcom: I'm running my fingers through your hair.
Harrym27: LOVELY
fuglydotcom: Now I'm forcing your face into my groin.
Harrym27: go on
fuglydotcom: It's hard for you to breathe.
fuglydotcom: Poooot. Whoops I just farted.
fuglydotcom: Sorry.
Harrym27: ahhhhh u r really sexy
fuglydotcom: Get back down there!
fuglydotcom: I didnt' tell you that you could stop!!

Harrym27: up to my kneek
fuglydotcom: Ok.
Harrym27: i m bending down to take off u sexy
fuglydotcom: ooooohhhhhh.
fuglydotcom: ahhhhhhhhh
Harrym27: my finger is inside ur pussy
fuglydotcom: Oooh. Yhat feels so goooood.
Harrym27: yyyyyyyyymmmmmm
fuglydotcom: Now. Shove your whole arm up there!!
Harrym27: its wet now
fuglydotcom: DO IT!
Harrym27: ur pussy is wet i mean
fuglydotcom: God damn, It smells like a wet dog in here.
Harrym27: ahhhhh
fuglydotcom: oooohhhh..
Harrym27: ahhhhhhhhhhaa
fuglydotcom: dont stop.
Harrym27: my two fingers in side now
fuglydotcom: NO! SHOVE your WHOLE ARM in me !!
Harrym27: oh reallyyyyyy
fuglydotcom: YES. DO IT !
fuglydotcom: NOW!!!
Harrym27: that goes whole arm
fuglydotcom: AHHHHHHHHH!
fuglydotcom: Ok... keep going!
Harrym27: lovely
Harrym27: i m squeezing ur boobs now sexy
fuglydotcom: Where's your other arm?
Harrym27: ah sexy changing shapes
fuglydotcom: Ok.
Harrym27: i mfonding them babe
fuglydotcom: Now I'm putting my chubby ankles behind my head.
fuglydotcom: pfffffffttt.
fuglydotcom: Excuse me.
Harrym27: hhhhha
fuglydotcom: What are you laughing at?!
Harrym27: no sorry i m enjoying thats aaaaaaahhhha
fuglydotcom: OK.
Harrym27: go ahead
fuglydotcom: Now.
fuglydotcom: Punch me in the face!
Harrym27: what
fuglydotcom: Do it! Punch me hard.
fuglydotcom: I'm pulling the wiffle ball bat out of my ass.
Harrym27: harder more harder
fuglydotcom: now I'm smacking you in the head with my wiffle ball bat.
fuglydotcom: keep punching me.
fuglydotcom: Harder!
Harrym27: go on sexy
Harrym27: takje
Harrym27: take my cock and suck babe
fuglydotcom: PUNCH ME IN THE FACE!!
fuglydotcom: Now I'm forcing the wiffel ball bat up YOUR ass.
Harrym27: ok
fuglydotcom: You like that don't you.
fuglydotcom: I flip you over onto your stomach.
Harrym27: i love u to suck my cock
fuglydotcom: Now i have my knee on the back of your neck.
Harrym27: wow
fuglydotcom: I have a hacksaw.
Harrym27: what for
fuglydotcom: And I start sawing off your hands.
Harrym27: aryyyyye why
fuglydotcom: You're getting blood all over my fucking sheets.
Harrym27: no dont do that
fuglydotcom: Shut up.
Harrym27: ok ok go on
fuglydotcom: I'm stuffing a sock in your mouth to muffle the screams.
Harrym27: okok
fuglydotcom: I have your arms completely sawed off
fuglydotcom: And you're almost unconscious from the loss of blood.
Harrym27: how do u feel my cock in ur mouth babe
fuglydotcom: Now I'm working on your legs.
fuglydotcom: You don't have a cock anymore. Ii just sawed it off.
Harrym27: no no
fuglydotcom: I tossed it over in the corner with the hands and arms.
fuglydotcom: Once I get these legs off I'm going to take you our back and throw you in a ditch.
Harrym27: pls dont do that
fuglydotcom: It's too late now.
fuglydotcom: You're already dead.
fuglydotcom: I stuck all of your body parts in a sack and am taking them outside.
Harrym27: hay u r really
fuglydotcom: now i'm sprinkling lye on your body to dissolve it.
Harrym27: not goodd
fuglydotcom: Noone will ever find you out here in the woods.
Harrym27: i dont want to talk wtih u now
fuglydotcom: Shut up. you're supposed to be dead.
Harrym27: but want to fuck you
fuglydotcom: I cut off your dick. You can't fuck anyone now.
fuglydotcom: And SHUT UP!
fuglydotcom: One of your hands fell out of the sack Ii was carrying them in.
fuglydotcom: I have to go back and get it.
fuglydotcom: My dog is chewing on it.
Harrym27: BYE BYE
Harrym27: BYE
fuglydotcom: He just ran behind the shed.
fuglydotcom: Fucking dog.
fuglydotcom: I'm covering your body with dirt now.
fuglydotcom: The wiffle ball bat is still sticking out of what's left of your ass.
fuglydotcom: Only now I can see the top of it sticking out of where your head used to be.
fuglydotcom: Hang on, I have to go get another bag of lye.
fuglydotcom: hello?
fuglydotcom: Are you still there?
Harrym27: <<Harrym27 has logged out>>

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